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Episode 09: To The Forsaken World (Part 02)
“Are you sure you really need to do this?” Sumeragi Lee Noriega asked as Ave just nodded as he stared at his Exia's communication device sub-monitor before replying back. “It would take another hour or so for Ptolemaios 2 and Euclid to descend to the Earth's surface…and in the meantime, I believe my friends and comrades in Karafuto Base really need my help…” the young wishful fanfic author replied back as Sumeragi just remain silent when she heard the reply. “Ave, do you realize…this would make me to readjust the mission plan one more time as we would have less fighting power since your Gundam Exia won't be there when we perform this mission…” Sumeragi just calmly replied back toward Ave as she asked the question as well toward the young wishful fanfic author that remain silent for a while before replying back.
“I fully understand that my absence might jeopardize this mission, but unfortunately I just follow my own personal judgement about what should I do if this kind of situation happened in front of me, like how Aeolia Schenberg want us to act not just because we are Celestial Being members or Gundam Meisters, but as ourselves with our own judgement as well…still, I apologize for all the trouble that might be happen because of me…” Ave replied back meanwhile Sumeragi just sighed. “Sumeragi Lee Noriega, I believe we should leave Ave and his Gundam Exia to perform his own mission this time…” Setsuna suddenly interrupted from his 00 Gundam as his face could be seen appearing on the small sub-monitor screen above Sumeragi's sub-monitor screen. “Setsuna…” Sumeragi just stared at the 00 Gundam's Gundam Meister as she decided to remain silent.
“By using one of the two linear catapults installed on Ptolemaios 2 as trajectory device…we could send Exia to Earth's surface faster, and I also believe…its appearance would proven to be useful in order to lead our enemies in disarray and give us greater opportunity to strike Mishima Zaibatsu directly before they could possibly launch an attack against space colonies…” Setsuna added his answer as Sumeragi nodded in agreement. “I think I would like to use this little extra time to revise my mission plan one more time, and for you Ave…permission already granted but make sure if possible for you…please rejoin us to the rendezvous point I will later on send to your Gundam Exia…” after Sumeragi finally gave the young wishful fanfic author permission to return to Mirror Moon's Earth first, Ave quickly thanked to the tactical forecaster and commander of Ptolemaios 2. The young wishful Innovator fanfic author then is getting ready for the launching sequence of his Gundam Exia.
“Sumeragi, Feldt, Mileina, Mr. Ian, Mrs. Linda, Setsuna, Lockon, Chall, and everyone else…I will definitely come back and help you all during the main mission…just wait for me…” as Ave muttered inside his heart, his enhanced Gundam Exia finally was launched from Ptolemaios 2's linear catapult and quickly descend through Earth's atmosphere to reach Karafuto Base. It was when his first real battle with his newly enhanced Gundam Exia is about to begin.
Sung By: Rica Matsumoto and JAM Project
Karafuto Base, in the meantime…
“No way…no way and no way! How could all my attack missed?” Excellen complained in disbelief as two Zaku II units easily dodged the entire ballistic rounds came from Rein Weissritter's Howling Launcher. “Those pilot must be really pro…let me test them!” Kyosuke added his comment as he charged into one of the Zaku II with commander antenna head there. “I take you down with my Alt!” Kyosuke shouted as he attacking with his Revolving Bunker but somehow the commander type Zaku II easily dodged the attack and returning fire using its 90mm machinegun. “Damn! He's really good!” Kyosuke cursed as he pulled his Alteisen Riese back and thanks to Alteisen's thick armor plate, those 90mm rounds just bounced back after making very light scratches on the armor surface itself.
“Kyosuke…Kyosuke!” Excellen suddenly called his name from her communication device. “What's wrong? Don't you see; we are being toyed by these two Zaku II units here?” Kyosuke replied back with cold and unhappy voice tone as he also realized prolonged battle like this would only exhaust not only Excellen and himself but also the rest of Karafuto Base's personnel. “I know that! But it seems everything have been turned from bad to worse!” Excellen replied again as her facial expression becoming serious this time. “What do you mean by that?” Kyosuke demanded as his Alteisen Riese using its plasma horn to parry the incoming heathawk attack from the commander type Zaku II. “The main force began to regroup and starting to overrun the first defense line of Karafuto Base! If we prolong our battle here, I'm afraid…” Excellen's voice was cut off as she was quickly maneuver her Rein Weissritter in order to dodge another bombardment from 90mm machinegun came from the second Zaku II unit.
“Excellen, there is nothing much we can do except trying to push these two persistent bastards back! We could only hope those reinforcements from NERV really can help after all…” Kyosuke replied back as this time, the legendary steel Beowulf made a decision to settle the score with his opponent inside commander type Zaku II unit as quickly as he could.
“Scheisse!” Asuka cursed as she keeps on shooting over the incoming enemies using her Evangelion Unit-02's palette rifle. In the meantime, both Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami already took a cover on the nearby riverbank, although it proven to be quite difficult since the size of Evangelion units were way bigger compare to common humanoid fighting machines such as mobile suits. “Asuka, please calm down…try to aim them carefully before you shoot…” Shinji made his remark as the red-haired half German half Japanese girl quickly glared at Shinji before retorting back. “Baka Shinji! Those enemies keep on approaching me! How could I be calm down and shoot them one by one, I get shot first idiot!” Asuka retorted back meanwhile Shinji just sighed when he heard the reply from the one supposedly become his girlfriend. In the meantime, Rei Ayanami just concentrating herself on shooting incoming enemies' mobile suits more precise than Asuka's panic attacks, by using her Evangelion Unit-00's simplified positron sniper rifle.
“Asuka is right, those enemies keep on approaching non stop…I personally would said this kind of thing really overwhelming…” Rei Ayanami replied back as she was still stayed in her position and keep on shooting toward the incoming enemies' mobile suits. “This kind of thing surely rare for you to agree with my remark eh, Wonder Girl!” Asuka commented back at Ayanami's remark as she smiled toward the albino girl with crimson eyes. “I'm just stating the fact Shikinami Asuka Langley…” Rei Ayanami replied back with her emotionless voice tone as she still keeps on shooting the incoming mobile suits, which somehow seem endless. “Strange…Asuka! Ayanami! This is really strange!” Shinji suddenly shouted. “Eh?” Ayanami wondered as she halted her assault for a few seconds before continuing her attack back. “Idiot! Baka Shinji! Now what happen!?” Asuka complained, as she was unimpressed for being surprised by random remark came from Shinji's mouth.
“No matter how big the size of enemies' force to begin with, it won't be impossible for them to keep on coming to our direction endlessly like this! Combined with other fighting forces we have, I believe we already destroy more than one hundred enemies! But they still keep on coming!” Shinji replied back as from his voice tone, Asuka and Rei could notice the Third Child of NERV was panicking. “Stop panicking Third Child! No matter how many more enemies keep on appearing, we just need to take them down anytime!” Asuka berates at Shinji as she throws away her empty palette rifle and took gatling gun she already put nearby her Evangelion Unit-02 and she begin to continue her assault toward the incoming enemies. “Ikari-kun, Asuka is right, we could never let ourselves fall here…moreover, after we manage to change our fate back then…” Rei Ayanami added her thought as she keeps on providing support with her Evangelion Unit-00's positron sniper rifle.
“I…I try my best then! Please support me!” Shinji finally made his decision as his Evangelion Unit-01 also took its gatling gun and begin to bombard the incoming enemies again, meanwhile both Asuka and Ayanami just smiled at him. “NERV reinforcement team…do you copy? This is Welkin!” it was Welkin Gunther's voice that suddenly could be heard as Asuka, Rei and Shinji remembered about how Edelweiss and Valkyria/ Valkyrur girl Alicia Melchiott trying to keep out enemies from the other side of Karafuto Base all by themselves. “Welkin! This is Asuka, and yes we can hear you loud and clear!” Asuka quickly replied back as she for all the sudden had a really bad feeling about something that happened on the other side where former Gallia/ Randgriz's Militia Squad-7 made their stand there.
“Is there anything wrong there?” somehow Ayanami knowing about Asuka's worry, made a decision to directly asked Welkin about what is actually going on his side. “The defense…breached…reinforcement…” it was a static interference that made Welkin's message really unclear. “We can't really hear you Welkin-san! If you don't tell us exactly what is happening, it would be…” Shinji's voice suddenly was cut short as another explosion rocked nearby. This time the Third Child saw among the incoming enemies there are few hi-tier mobile suits such as Virsago, Belphegor and Astaroth Gundam units. “Asuka, Ayanami…it seems we are in a very tight position as well here…” Shinji muttered as he readying his Evangelion Unit-01's gatling gun once again to face the incoming enemies. “Scheisse! We also lost contact with both Excellen and Kyosuke! This situation really bad actually and although I confident with my skill, if this situation keep on like this…with those three Gundam units there, we really in a very bad situation!” Asuka made her remark, as both Rei Ayanami and Shinji Ikari quickly understand the fact that the German girl isn't joking at this point.
“Niisan…the treadmill of Edelweiss receiving damage, there are three Zaku units behind us!” Isara shouted as she doing her best to maneuver Edelweiss in order to outrun those three Zaku I units aiming at the Ragnite powered battle tank using their 180mm machineguns. “Isara could you shake them down for a bit, I'm worried about Alicia over there…” Welkin replied back as Isara glanced over her adopted eldest brother for a few seconds before replying back. “I'll do my best Niisan!” as Isara replied back, the young Darcsen girl quickly maneuvers Edelweiss even faster than before. As those Zaku I units begin to shoot over Edelweiss using their 180mm machineguns, successfully Isara dodge all those attacks. “Damn! This obsolete relic really agile, I can't believe mobile suit like our Zaku being outmaneuver by just a mere battle tank!” one of the Zaku I's pilot cursed. “Don't worry, that piece of scrap metal won't run any longer than now…let us show the differences between mobile suit's technology and obsolete battle tank!” the second Zaku I's pilot added his comment slyly as he activates the vernier of his Zaku I to match against Edelweiss' speed.
“Niisan!” Isara screamed as Welkin just remain silent with serious expression on his face as those two siblings notice, one of the Zaku I already outmaneuver their Edelweiss and now aiming its machinegun in front of them, straight to Edelweiss driver's seat.
“Don't blame us for doing this…since our coalition agreement with La Erde's sponsor is to eliminate everything related to Neo Arcadia Confederation, so…” before the second Zaku I's pilot could finish his sentence that mock over Isara and Welkin, for all the sudden, a single GN beam particle came from above like heavenly judgement and pierced through the second Zaku I unit right from the top of the mobile suit's head down to it's cockpit, killing the pilot instantly and disabled the said mobile suit without making it exploded. “We…we are still alive?” Welkin asked in disbelief as he wondered about what happened. “Niisan, over there!” Isara shouted as she pointing out over the sky in front of them where Gundam Exia floating on the sky armed with its GN Sword Kai being set-up on the Rifle Mode.
“Isara, Welkin…sorry to keep you two waiting…are both of you alright?” Ave asked as he was wasting no time since Gundam Exia quickly activates its GN Sword Kai into Sword Mode and charges over the remaining two Zaku I units. Without mercy, and before either Isara or Welkin could reply back, those two Zaku I units already being decapitated by Ave's Gundam Exia as the sleek Gundam unit landed beside the slightly damaged Edelweiss battle tank. “We are fine Ave-san, and thank you for saving us from those mobile suits…but, I think others also need your help if possible…” Isara quickly replied back as she smiled gently toward the young wishful fanfic author from Exia's communication device's sub-monitor. “It seems we are fighting against very large number of enemies that came out of nowhere, since the other side of the Base also suffered great casualties and we lost contact with Excellen-shoi and Kyosuke-chui…” Welkin added.
“It seem the situation is far worse than what I expected, if this kind of thing persist…I'm afraid, I should inform first lieutenant Kyosuke and second lieutenant Excellen to issue order to abandon Karafuto Base…this is a very sad and hard decision to be made, since I don't know what I and they should say later to major Guilliam, Kusuha, Bullet and Irui…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he glanced toward Edelweiss that still unmoved from its position. “Welkin, Isara…try to find Alicia…I will try to establish contact with Excellen and Kyosuke, since I'm afraid…we must abandon Karafuto Base…” Ave replied back as he took a deep breath before doing so. Both Isara and Welkin just remain silent, as they know this kind of decision is very heavy to be made, but judging from the situation happening there, even with the arrival of Gundam Exia, it would be almost impossible to turn the tide of war by using a single mobile suit.
“I understand, Isara…let's rendezvous with Alicia as we let Ave to find others and begin to make retreat from Karafuto Base…” Welkin ordered as Isara just stared at her eldest brother before nods in agreement. “I understand Niisan…” Isara replied back as she stared over Ave's Gundam Exia before replying back toward the young fanfic author as well. “Ave-san, we will be waiting with you on the rendezvous area designated for evacuation…and please do your best with your enhanced Gundam Exia!” Isara replied back as she smiled toward Ave meanwhile the young Exia's Gundam Meister just nodded back before his Exia soaring back to the sky and left Edelweiss alone. “Did his Gundam Exia being modified?” Welkin asked at Isara meanwhile the young Darcsen girl just smiled back and nods toward her eldest brother. “Ave-san's new Exia doesn't have any energy feed cables and look more durable as well as equipped with extra verniers and thrusters to add mobility…not to mention its GN Sword also closer to 00 Gundam's GN Sword III instead the original and the prototype version one…” Isara replied back as she smiled and drove Edelweiss away from the area as well in order to find Alicia.
“I wonder…you indeed really have vast knowledge over mechanical things, even when you just saw them once in a very short brief moment…” Welkin commented as he smiled toward Isara, meanwhile the young Darcsen girl just smiled back toward Welkin as she keeps on driving Edelweiss. “Thank you Niisan…since that's the only one I would capable to do and I will be keep on doing my best in order to support you, Ave-san, Alicia-san and everyone else here…in Neo Arcadia Confederation…” Isara replied back meanwhile Welkin just nodded in agreement, as finally Edelweiss reached the location where Alicia waiting for their arrival.
Meanwhile, somewhere else near PLANT's orbit…
“Transmission from Celestial Being's Ptolemaios 2?” admiral Yzak Joule asked as his eyes widened in disbelief meanwhile his adjutant first lieutenant Shiho Hahnenfuss nodded in agreement. “I'm afraid that information really credible admiral…since, based from our experiences in the previous conflicts, Celestial Being's agents proven to be professional and accurate when it comes to information about impending danger and crisis admiral…I'm fully aware for PLANT's policy under supreme councillor Lacus Clyne for not getting involved into Neo Arcadia Confederation's policy…but as there are lot of inhabitant within their territory that now begin on aiming their sight over PLANT as well…I believe, we shouldn't just remain silent…” Shiho replied back as she stared at Yzak with serious expression on her face.
“I believe this transmission is not something that people would just speculating about happened…first lieutenant Shiho Hahnenfuss, please inform the rest of Sierra Lenore squad to get ready for level 4 combat condition…and also, if you personally could contact Minerva and relay this information to them as well…” Yzak ordered, as his face seems really concerned about where this worrying situation would lead them. “Aye admiral!” Shiho replied back as she nodded toward Yzak before she left the commander chamber. “Shit! The situation is getting more and more complicated here! Moreover, it seems Neo Arcadia Confederation still need more time in order to take care internal problem within Mirror Moon's Earth that should only act like a transition realm for travellers from one universe to another…” Yzak cursed alone as he glanced over the photo frame on his commander desk.
“Athrun, Dearka, and also Kira Yamato…those three together with Minerva should be aware about the impending crisis when Shiho's transmission finally reach them…question is, how they would respond over this impending crisis?” Yzak sighed as he stared on the picture frame where he along with other ZAFT members in white as well as red and green uniforms had their pictures taken together with the new supreme councillor of PLANT, Lacus Clyne right after the end of the conflict that put former chairman Gilbert Durandal's DESTINY Plan into the end. It was the path Kira Yamato and the others choose to live their life with freedom of choices even with inevitable conflict will for sure occur in the future over the path where humanity's destiny already chosen without freedom of choices, but in return humanity would be able to live their life peacefully as well as to the extend of their full potential. Not everyone in the pictures agree toward the choice made by Kira Yamato, and lacus Clyne back then, people like Shinn Asuka, Rey Za Burrel and Lunamaria Hawke decided to fight for chairman Durandal's ideal until the end, meanwhile people like Yzak himself, Dearka Elsman, Athrun Zala and Meyrin Hawke could be said remain neutral and willing to accept which change both chairman Durandal or Lacus Clyne might brought with them.
Unfortunately, differences only led into conflicts and conflicts only bear scars upon people. According to certain Celestial Being's Gundam Meister, there are many people's life should be lost during this conflict, but somehow they manage to unite people together to prevent many people that should be predestined to be perished during that conflict, similar to people who supposed to be killed during Gryps Conflict's Operation Maelstrom, Eve War, Black Rebellion, and/ or the operation to recapture Veda that led to the destruction of A-Laws happened on the other universes, including the one belong to Celestial Being as well. Those people supposedly already perished still living their life to the fullest and now could pursue perhaps those things like dream, ideal, and happiness. Yzak himself dare not to deny the fact he accepted the offer to helped out during the first day where Neo Arcadia Confederation's formation was formed is to establish a single haven where countless worlds could encounter each other and share their dreams and ideals together without any conflict if possible.
“I should realize this sooner, since the young Gundam Meister that took all the sins and reform his own home planet also realized this as well…he realized that he would never be able to create world without conflict, as long as mankind remain…he only could minimize it…not erase it…admiral Kira Yamato, and everyone else knowing this fact giving their support to this formation of Neo Arcadia Confederation, but in the end, PLANT decided to remain neutral and wishes upon prosperity of this brave new world…instead of involving themselves deeply in their political turmoil or internal affairs of Neo Arcadia Confederation itself…” Yzak took a deep breath as he sighed when he saw that picture and he remembered those who fought against one another as well as those who fought side by side together now could made an amend and forgive each other. He also remembered certain girl that supposedly came from enemy's side, the one that taint her hands with blood and sin somehow also becoming catalyst for every one in or not in the picture to be able to understand one another and share their goals as well as dreams and ideals together.
“Now I understand why people really care about Stella Loussier despite her being an enemy back then…and not only Shinn who treat her like his own sister, but also how the Gundam Meister that came from Mirror Moon's Earth told me once, that Stella was one of his motivation to become Gundam Meister back then…in order to change her fate as well as many others as well…still not really understand what he try to imply and how he would be able to achieve that, but at the end…I think everything work really close to the one he envisioned…” Yzak smiled as he remembered his conversation with the certain Gundam Meister that happened to be Exia's Gundam Meister back then during the formal Christmas Eve party in Aprilius 1's Cygnus Hall. “In order to change the world, one must change himself or herself first…because of that reason, I made a decision back then to become Exia's Gundam Meister…not only because I want to change the world, or making many differences…but the most joyful thing is to be able to help those people who deserve second chances in their life to be able to have those second chances…” Yzak muttered as he recalling the sentence spoken by Ave back then.
In the meantime, on Aprilius One's shopping district…
“Shinn! Shinn! Look at this…really beautiful isn't it…tee hee…” Stella smiled innocently as she pointing out to the wedding dress displayed on the display section of the boutique. “Really?” Shinn replied as he just glanced over the wedding dress with uninterested glance over the wedding dress itself. “Of course it is…of course it is! Shinn, you must understand maiden's heart or else Luna will leave you!” Stella pouted as she retorted back toward Shinn meanwhile Shinn Asuka and Lunamaria Hawke that happen to be there to accompany Stella just blushed in embarassement when they heard Stella's childish remark. “Stella! Why you!” Shinn glared at the blond haired extended-girl as he chased over Stella that just laughed and was running away from Shinn. “Yare…yare…” Lunamaria sighed as she just smiled when she saw both Shinn chasing over Stella.
“They're really close right Oneechan, like eldest brother and his youngest sister…” Meyrin suddenly made her remark as Lunamaria turned her head over her youngest sister. “I notice that Meyrin, sometimes it also leave me feel a bit jealous to be honest…” Lunamaria replied back. “Eh?” Meyrin stared at her eldest sister in slightly disbelief when she heard about that remark and Lunamaria blushed slightly when she realized that she made such remark about Shinn and Stella relationship to her youngest sister. “Eeer…it's not something…I mean…you know that…” Lunamaria tried to defend herself meanwhile Meyrin just nodded as she replying back toward her eldest sister. “Don't worry Oneechan…I understand that…” Meyrin replied back with serious expression on her face.
Lunamaria just sighed as she smiled toward Meyrin before she glanced back at Shinn and Stella. “Meyrin, don't you think somehow Stella manage to win your heart as you really want to be there to protect her like your own little sister?” Lunamaria asked as Meyrin just stared at her eldest sister before replying back. “Oneechan…” Meyrin paused her sentence as she stared toward her eldest sister meanwhile Lunamaria just smiled back at her before added her own answer to her own question. “She's really innocent and insecure…no matter how powerful and lethal Stella could be…deep down inside her heart, she still just an innocent little girl that wished to be protected away from everything that would scare her…and to think all of us including people from different realms work together because they want to protect her is certainly something that from back then until now I feel really grateful for…” Lunamaria finished her sentence meanwhile Meyrin stared at her eldest sister before continuing her sentence. “Is it because Stella become one of the reason that brought you and Shinn together, Oneechan?” Meyrin asked as Lunamaria blushed slightly when she heard that question and she took a deep breath before replying back toward her youngest sister.
“Maybe you could say something like that Meyrin, and I also care about Stella's wellbeing as how Shinn really care about her…” as Lunamaria finished her reply, Meyrin only nodded toward her eldest sister meanwhile Lunamaria smiled back at her before sprinted toward Shinn and Stella's direction. Meyrin in the meantime just smiled alone as she saw her eldest sister, Shinn and Stella finally come back to their old self after the conflict ended. She remembered vividly about how confusion and chaos happened back then draw quite a large rift between her and her sister, not to mention how Shinn and Rey to fight Kira and Athrun back then, since the later two together with ORB Union was on the opposition against PLANT's DESTINY Plan. Meyrin herself back then was involved into defection after she chose to side with Athrun and helped Archangel together with Eternal in order to thwart chairman Durandal's DESTINY Plan, as her eldest sister Lunamaria showing disagreement over that decision to the point of hostility to her and the rest of Three-Ships-Alliance.
At the end however, fortunately at the end everyone could make amend about what happened and forgive each other. Rey survived the last decisive battle along with Minerva's captain Talia Gladys, but not chairman Durandal. There was many different factions from different realms involved back then, even the conflict itself way too different toward how it intended to be happening. “But in the end, we manage to stay strong together and also thanks to the new endless frontier, we also learn a lot of new things that would help us with peaceful understanding with Naturals as well…” Meyrin muttered inside her heart as she sighed and smiled before she decided to follow her eldest sister. Although this momentary peace might not be last longer, at least she already determined to keep on protecting it, and more importantly she realized that she wasn't alone.
Meanwhile, on Mirror Moon's Earth, southern region area…
“Hey Adiroth! Don't you think that giant mechanical monster really look like a gigantic steel turtle?” Amal asked as his new mobile suit Jet Dagger asked his friend that piloting Aile Strike Gundam and hiding together with him while spying over the gigantic steel turtle rampaging the whole city in front of them. “Well, since this endless frontier was formed…crazy stuff always bound to exist…and this giant steel turtle perhaps one of them…” Adiroth replied back as he readying his Aile Strike Gundam's beam rifle. “Hey idiot, don't make that thing getting agitated you know!” Aldi quickly scolded his friend meanwhile his Sword Dagger's right hand pulled out Adiroth's Aile Strike Gundam from rushing toward the enemy. “Whoa…what! This would be fun you know, and if we could beat that monster, our name will getting even more famous as those Gundam Meisters from Celestial Being will be nothing compare to us…especially that Exia's Gundam Meister…” Adiroth replied back as he grinned toward both Aldi and Amal.
“It seem you still thinking about how to beat Gundam Exia somehow, don't really like the mess happened because of the selfish act to create endless frontier huh?” Amal asked. “Yea, can be understandable since we only get to pilot this bad mobile suit…not top-class so called third generation Gundam unit from 00 Region realm…” Aldi made his remark as well as Amal just remain silent and sighed. It was three days right after the incident on South Atalia's Macross Capital City happened, those three were transferred back to Oakleigh Base located in Australia region of Victoria. As part of local regiment, their main task also to prevent La Erde from causing a lot of disruption through terror acts on the southern hemisphere region, although since most of the officials for local regiment being assigned on the southern hemisphere secretly was La Erde's supporters, they only performing their job with minimal credibility and work ethic they could done before when they still serve in their local army.
Without update report and request of proper equipments, supplies and armaments, this local regiment on the southern region was fall behind in term of technology and the incident happened today about “Gamera look-alike” giant steel turtle starting to wreak havoc outskirt Melbourne's region was perhaps highly staged by those La Erde's supporters to begin with. Adiroth, Amal and Aldi was assigned as routine patrol unit on their first day when they arrived in Oakleigh Base, and although those three deep down inside their hearts not really in favour of the reformation of Neo Arcadia Confederation as well as endless frontier on the Mirror Moon's Earth, they still trying to perform their task well enough as local regiment's soldiers. It was when the news about the assault on Karafuto Base was heard by those three and half an hour later, they experienced first-hand of another assault caused by gigantic steel turtle that seem came out from Kaiju movies such as Godzilla or Gamera.
“Man! I can't wait any longer!” Adiroth muttered, as he charged over the giant steel turtle.
“That Baka!” Amal and Aldi cursed as well as they also have no other choices except for charging toward the giant turtle as well. Aile Strike Gundam using its beam rifle to shoot over the giant turtle, meanwhile Amal's Jet Dagger also providing support attack using its beam carbine. On the other hand, Aldi's Sword Dagger leaped and unsheathes its Schwert Gewehr anti-ship sword, ready to cleave the gigantic steel turtle into half. It was when for all the sudden, rain of fire fall upon those three mobile suits and in the meantime the giant steel turtle using very huge three-barrelled cannons located on its back shell to attack those three mobile suits. It wasn't certain what happened next as huge explosion occurred while Melbourne was engulfed within sea of fire.
To Be Continued…
ED Theme Song: Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru
Performed By: Kaoru Mizuhara
Used Previously on: Ga-Rei Zero The Animation
“It has been a while Allelujah Haptism, Marie Parfacy…” Setsuna greeted both Allelujah and Marie as Ptolemaios 2 stopped outskirt Kiev's border in order to pick those two up. “Surely it is, Setsuna…how is everything going on in general?” Allelujah greeted back as he asked the question toward the 00 Gundam's Gundam Meister. “Are you two really sure that you want to do this? Since, you two not even Celestial Being members anymore…moreover, you two could live a peaceful life here…” Sumeragi Lee Noriega replied back with a very concerned look could be seen on her face. “Sumeragi-san, I and Allelujah already discuss this matter before and this is a decision we made together and please allow us to lend our strength once again…not just for Celestial Being, but also for this new endless frontier where there are still people that grateful over it and love it dearly…” Marie replied back as Sumeragi just remain silent when she heard that answer.
“Sumeragi-san, why don't we just let them to help us…we would be really need their help to give us additional power for our next mission desu…” Mileina commented as she smiled toward Sumeragi. “I do agree with her opinion, as long as you two ready for this, I would also welcome you aboard…” Lockon Stratos added, meanwhile Feldt Grace, Ian Vashti, Linda Vashti and Setsuna F Seiei nodded in agreement as well. “Everyone…” Allelujah's voice was trailed off. “So, one more time will I ask you…do you two still want to help us?” Setsuna asked again as both Allelujah and Marie nodded in agreement with strong determination on her faces. “Yes, we will!” both Allelujah and Marie replied back confidently.
“YAY! Finally almost all of the original Ptolemy 2 members reunited again desu!” Mileina exclaimed happily. “It's really a blessing…” Feldt added. “For both of you, I and Linda already preparing something for you two! Here!” Ian also happily exclaimed as the hangar gate was opened in front Allelujah and Marie. The two of them gasped in disbelief as two mobile suits standing there side by side as those two particular mobile suits really hold significant memories, meaning, dreams and ideals for both Marie and Allelujah. “GN-007 Arios Gundam…and…” Allelujah paused his sentence as Marie smiled and muttered as well. “GN Archer…” she finished her word and stared over Allelujah that also smiled back to Marie. As both Allelujah and Marie obtained back their Arios Gundam and GN Archer, both of them understand about the decision they made would led them back to the battlefield once again. But in order to protect his new endless frontier as well as people they hold dearly, and also keep their promise toward colonel Sergei Smirnov, both Allelujah and Marie made this decision fully aware about it consequences.
In the meantime, somewhere else near Izu Peninsula…
“Damn! I never expect that I need to discard those Musha Armor behind!” Tokio Kurono cursed as his RX-78-2 Gundam standing on the top of G-Fighter as those two units left the battlefield behind them. “Tokio, I have a bad feeling about what happened until now, moreover those creatures that suddenly appeared after those mysterious red crystals appearing as well…and also the curse lifted by that gigantic monster…” Aiko replied back with worried expression on her face meanwhile Tokio just remain silent without even saying a single word. “I just saw that creature once, and that woman…she mentioned the name…Dust of Osiris and the curse known as…” Aiko paused her sentence, as she gritted her teeth when she remembered how many people she knew died during this mission. Those GM Command and GM Sniper II Custom pilots who were killed in order to obtain significant data about those vermilion crystals known as Kusabi-Ishi.
The only thing both Aiko and Tokio Kurono never expected to be happening before was the appearance of those Einst creatures as well as Dust of Osiris from another dimension. After trying to put a brave fight that resulting the death of the entire MS Platoon as well as the sacrifice made on Musha Armor for his Gundam, Tokio and Aiko have no other choice except to make their escape from the battlefield. It was really frustrated for both of them, but unfortunately there is nothing those two could do. “I'm sorry for not being able to be much help here…” Tokio Kurono replying back as he begins to cursed his incapability to fight back and protect those soldiers as well.
It was when there is no other option left for both Kurono and Aiko, except to return to Nishimikado in order to regain their own fighting spirit that already lost and fight back. As the impending crisis started to destroy every foundation of the new established endless frontier, both Kurono and Aiko understood fully about everything that would later on lead into the path of destruction and crisis is about to begin. “Tokio…I hope, everything will be end up fine and nobody need to be saddened because they won't be able to see those they hold dearly anymore…I hope, this tragedy would be the last…” Aiko muttered as she pilots her G-Fighter meanwhile Kurono just nodded as he glanced over the ravaged battlefield he and Aiko left behind. “I won't let it happen anymore…” with that answer came out from his mouth, Kurono made a new determination to fight back once again so this kind of tragedy won't be happened again in the future.
Preview of The Next Episode
As La Erde begin to regain more and more power due the support from other unknown forces behind them, the position of Neo Arcadia Confederation, PLANT and Republic of Zeon started to get jeopardized for that. In the meantime, Katharon members Klaus Grad and Shirin Bakhtiar along with other surviving members of Katharon as well begin their rescue operation toward Mirror Moon's Earth that somehow hunted down by La Erde due their relationship with the Exia's Gundam Meister and/ or other people supporting the establishment of Neo Arcadia Confederation. Although Katharon received assistance from former Order of The Black Knights members as well as Special Honorary Foreign Regiment “Irregulars” members, they realized that in order to stay alive and rendezvous with others in the old Langley Base where certain Crossgate located really difficult.
In the meantime, Mishima Zaibatsu successfully begin their assault on PLANT and Republic of Zeon even after Celestial Being's Ptolemaios 2 and Euclid trying their best to prevent this tragedy to repeat itself. As the young wishful fanfic author in the meantime failed to rendezvous with Ptolemaios 2 on time, he decided to move to Langley Base and asked assistance from his other newfound friends and comrades from other worlds for help. In the middle of confusion and thickened conspiracy, Kusabi-Ishi and TATARI begin to spread in very fast pace leaving fear within people's hearts behind. It's when Ave realized the true meaning of survival and to stay alive no matter in any situation.
Next Episode on End of The Eternity F.F.G's Episode 10: Escape For Tomorrow…
“What's the meaning of winning and victory as there is no meaning at all left behind…since the true meaning lies on how we stay alive, no matter what happened in any situation regardless…to be able to stay alive is the true meaning of winning and victory to me…” by: Layfon Wolfstein Alseif.