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Universal Salutis Century 8-81, humanity growth and development in space over
the past century as has sparked a set of architectural design principles aimed toward the
design of enormous hyper-structures called Towers on earth. Each Tower can house up to
644,000 people and are divided into twelve circular levels that become smaller the higher you go, thus looking like a tower. Power over space and the earth has created two equal governments. The many unions associated with the planet, had come together in forming the Legion of Earth while the majority of earth is controlled by their forces, space however is controlled by the Constellational Union Association, lead by King Solomon.
Four years ago, the Legion of Earth developed a device able to enter the deep depths of the ocean long thought not possible. What they discovered was a new source of energy called Bion. Bions are considered to be pure energy locked in a crystallized form, able to power just about anything when harnessed.
After the death of the king, an enforcement guild was created by his three sons, The Brothers of Solomon who demanded the Legion of Earth to hand over the Bions for they felt since the crystals was originally from outer space, the energy source rightfully belonged to them. Mass production of mobile suits had started to come into the works, since negotiations were getting worse with The Brothers of Solomon gaining more allies, on earth and in space. After seeing the destructive power of The Brothers of Solomon's mobile suits, the Legion of Earth felt that it was time to develop their own secrete mega weapon code named Helloid.
Creed 01: The Battle It Begins
Within the courtroom of Raython town, the sentence of La'har was being delivered. The courtroom was made of an audience, a judge, and the jury. La'har was wearing an orange jumpsuit and with handcuffs, he really wasn't going anywhere.
“Prince La'har Solomon has been charged with the attempted destruction of Tower Kellindor in search for Bion crystals. In his attempt a total of hundred people were murdered along with three Legion battle ships. Has the jury reached a verdict?” asked the judge. The jury made up of middle class men and elderly women began whispering about for a second as La'har was placed in a seat next to the judge. A man in a blue suit with salt & pepper hair stood up and spoke for all of them,
“We the jury has found the defendant guilty of all charges.” La'har licked his lips, realizing that time was against him and that he had to think fast as he rubbed his silver ring on his ring finger.
LIGHT WAS REFLECTING from her silver ring. Twenty-two-year-old, Lola Kayleigh began adjusting her view scope which subdued the glare. Her 80x120 green viewing screen lit up, going around her cockpit like a C while she could here the conversations of other fellow pilots that were next to her.
“You think they're going to put up a fight?”
“I heard La'har took out four MS by himself.”
“I just want to get this done so I can eat.” She just rolled eyes, thinking the conversations were meaningless after she pulled down the keyboard, typing in last minute data adjustments.
“Ready to engage in aerial assault,” informed Lieutenant Commander Thai-Long, while placing his dark sunglasses on his face. These shades had a particular style as the legs attached to his cheeks in the form of a skinny V-shape.
“Counting…3…2…1…opening all hatches…now,” echoed the computer system inside the grey rectangular carrier as all four of them opened up length wise at the same time. Four mobile suits called Zodacs in each carrier were falling down toward earth's surface as the pilots realized the talk about earth's gravity was no joke.
The Zodac Mobile Suits were coated in dark white paint and had flatten skull-like heads with a C-shape half disc going along to back of the head. Usually equipped with much more than a strike machine gun and grenade launchers, these mobile suits are suited for ground, aerial, and space combat.
“Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma go!” commanded Thai-Long in his dark red mobile suit code name Phenix as all sixteen mobile suits jetted off, separating in the cardinal point directions.
“Delta, formation Triple-D,” ordered the Squadron Leader Gene Stakes.
“Roger!” said his squadron as they closed in on the following Towers: Fresnia, Throncrest, and Dolum. The Delta squadron commanding leader's mobile suit rotated up as they all followed. At the right timing they came together with the mobile suit's backs touching each other, forming a closed circle.
“Formation Triple-D successful made,” Lola said, looking at her main screen. The mobile suits used the gravity to their advantage and started twirling in a downward slant spiral while firing their SSA-F3X 135mm strike machine gun.
Buildings and Towers were being bombarded by death defining explosive attacks. Civilians were being caught in the crossfire as the four enemy mobile suits separated and landed on the ground when suddenly Mitch was picking up something on his radar.
“Mobile suits! Must be a military facility close by.”
“What? Would they really be in a place like this?” asked Lola.
“Damn them Legion,” said Miles with disgusted in his voice.
“Look alive squad, Jackals coming right at us,” said S.L. Gene.
WITHIN DOLUM'S Research Facility the soldiers and Development Team were hard at work trying to launch Phase Shift 7 program. Since the battle by La'har, Etrius Forté was promoted to captain and is crew was assigned to the program as they load up in the Legion of Earth's newest battle tank called the Quin-La. This newly designed tank is the first of hopefully many in carrying mobile suits and fighters. Inspired by insects, it has three body segments the head, thorax, and abdomen. Thin in frame the Quin-La's front has a gap in the middle and made up of three levels. The first level is considered the body that stores the mobile suits, while the second level is considered the bridge which holds the mega particle cannon, and the third level called the subbridge that maintain command and control all time.
“What the hell are you two doing! Keep the damn equipment leveled or we all gonna die before we have to chance to kick some Solomon ass,” barked Etrius seeing that the rookies weren't keeping the equipment nice and straight, even under these circumstances.
“Sir, the Development Team needs more time, the Helloid is not ready,” informed Warrant Officer Malik Curry.
“…are they smoking or getting high on something over there? We do not have the time nor do I have the patience to wait for them to get that damn Gundam ready,” Etrius yelled, trying to control his temper. All of this was suppose to have been done two days before in fear of an attack like this was setup.