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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“And we're back, this is TV-Xtreme news reporter Idalia Caparelli and we are live inside the courtroom in Raython town, the judge has heard what the jury had to say and has reached a final verdict.” Cameraman Elijah Mcspirit turned and pointed his camera at the judge along with every other news crew that was there.
“After hearing the jury and seeing the evidence, I sentence you to deat…” Suddenly the building began shaking as the lights flickered on and off. The double wooded doors opened with such a thump as an officer belted out, “Enemy Mobile Suits!” And at the moment the lights completely shut off only to come back on minutes later by the back up generator. You heard nothing but gasp and screams as everyone in the room saw that the defendant gone with both exits unguarded.
La'har knew that this would be his ticket out of here as he pressed his body against a wall. He rubbed the back of his hair missing his black locks, only to find the feel a buzz cut. His red eyes darted to the right as an officer called his name,
“Sup,” La'har greeted, coiling his body under, he gave the officer a very quick uppercut to the jaw. On contact the officer was dazed which La'har then quickly spun around and kicked him, sending the officer hard on the floor.
“Freeze!” shouted another officer, whipping out his handgun. La'har froze, trying to calculate a way to get out of this predicament when the build jolted again as a door flew right open. People that were inside the room ran out screaming, heading for the shelters as La'har jammed himself inside the crowed, running with them. The entrance doors were broken down by people constantly trying to get out of the build in fear of the building collapsing.
La'har upon running outside with the crowed headed west toward the cliff side where he hoped to catch his breath and think. When he reached the edge of the cliff he looked down seeing the jagged rocks and sharp waves crashing into them. His head popped up, hearing the crisp sound of a gun being ready to go off as he turned around slowly, seeing a woman in a short blue top and skirt. She had brown wavy hair, dark piercing eyes, and an ivory complexion.
“You wouldn't shoot little young me would you?” he asked.
“Try me,” she said, moving the gun up a few inches.
“Yes that's correct. You can try…” he said while leaning back. Her instincts kicked in and fired a single shot with her eyes accidentally closed. When she opened them she saw that he was gone and the thought of him jumping off the cliff was not on the path she mapped out. She ran over, but quickly stopped seeing a unique dark red Zodac rising up above the cliff over her. She snapped out of her awestruck at the monstrous machine and began firing her handgun as if it would slow the giant machine down some how, but instead it just took off.
“What took you?” asked La'har. In the middle of its head, behind a panel that was like windshield of an ele-car, a blue-colored mono-eye flashed and it was sighting down at him.
“Apology my prince, small delay in the entry,” said Thai-Long, holding La'har in the palm of his mobile suit's right hand. Two more Zodacs flew by and finished off the courtroom building,
“Dammit,” running back to the building, only to be caught off guard by a Zodac's large shells as the building blew up, knocking her to the ground. Small chunks of debris toppled over her. She pushed the debris aside, studding the area seeing the people who escaped unharmed either kept running away or ran back to the blown up building to try and help anyone that was trapped.
“Elijah c'mon,” said Idalia, heading over for her intact news' van. They loaded up and in only to be confronted by the woman with the gun who showed them her badge,
“Special Agent Cici Fiztroy of the AFB, I'm gonna need to borrow your van.” She jumped in and took hold of the wheel and took off as Idalia gradually lifted up her hand, coding Elijah to turn on his camera and keep on rolling.
BACK AT DOLUM'S Research Facility, Etrius couldn't wait any longer and had to assist his men out there. Etrius made his way up into the subbridge, seeing Malik at the wheel, waiting for orders.
“We're taking off.”
“Wait what? We're not done loading the rest of the equipment,” informed Malik. Etrius told him at this rate the enemy will be on to them and take down the entire building if they didn't leave and help out now. Etrius jumped in his captain's chair and pressed a comm link button,
“Zan, what's the situation out there?”
“Sir, four mobile suits have been spotted and it looks like they know what's going on. You got to get the tank out of there now,” he suggested.
“Right, we're heading out now,” said Etrius.
“Is everything loaded…shit Pal NO!” shouted Zan, seeing one of his fellow soldiers' mobile suit explode before his eyes. Outside, Zan being in his dark grey Jackal, fired shots from his beam machine gun, but once again missed every time.
“Wooo, look at these rookies go,” said Miles with joy while his Zodac torso turned, pulling out its heat strike sword. Brandon moved his joystick, Jackal's shield lifted up, taking in the heated blade. However, he missed judged the heat radiating from the blade, as it sliced down sideways, taking out Brandon in the process.
“AHHH!” yelled Zan, thrusting his shield into Miles' mobile suit, knocking it down. He then took his beam machine gun and fired four shots, taking out the enemy Zodac that murdered his friend.
“Sir, they're planted,” said Mitch, who placed four grenade launchers under the weak points of Tower Throncrest.
“Excellent, stand back Mitch,” commanded Gene, ready to take aim. Mitch did as he was ordered and in seconds, glass just shatter as the Tower fell, hitting the ground with such violence. Mitch was caught in the after effect as his communication panel was damage in the meantime Lola quickly grabbed her head, another migraine coming along which seem to get worse throughout the battlefield.
“FIRE!” shouted Etrius as the Quin-La pushed through the debris that laid in front of it and fired its mega particle cannon that went straight through Gene's Zodac.
Zan charged at Lola's Zodac, shaking the pain away she pointed her strike machine gun at the Jackal, but then realized she ran out of ammunition. Zan came at her with a blast in which her Zodac maneuvered toward it, got hit in the shoulder blade as it jabbed its strike machine gun into Zan's. Both guns flew out their hands, causing Lola to quickly pull out her heat strike sword and slammed it against Zan's beam saber. Do to the damage of both their suits they were pretty much even in a deadlock as both darted back from each other.
“Who is this guy?” asked Zan. He saw the Zodac coming at him and he did the same, but this time instead of locking blades again, his Jackal fell forward, turned around, and with his blade pointed west, sliced the Zodac's legs off. What was left of the Zodac started to fall as Lola turned over her sword and stabbed the blade in the Jackals right shoulder.
“Ahhh!” screamed Lola; the Zodac hitting the ground sideways first with intensity. She woke up groggy, trying to get the hatch to open. When it did, she summoned the strength to move and crawl out of her wrecked suit, landing butt first on the dirt path road.
Lola stood up in her dark green and black normal suit with the intention of taking her helmet off, only to be tackled by a stranger. They rolled around on the ground for a second as the guy who tackled planted himself on top of her, fist pulled back high in the air when the helmet came off.
“…Zan?” she asked. He looked into her purple eyes and asked,
“Lola? What the hell are you doing here?”
“I could ask you the same question little brother,” she said as he stepped off of her. He helped her up on her feet, flipping back her dark green hair.
“You're with The Brothers of Solomon?”
“You're so not in the Legion of Earth?”
“Yeah I am…I'm a soldier now,” he said proudly.
“The hell you are! I sent you to earth for one reason and one reason alone…for you to have a better future, one that I never had,” she protested. The tips of his dark hair were highlighted green as he pushed back the short curls, feeling a bit complex.
“I'm eighteen and who's you to tell what I can and cannot do. You joined the enemy!” he said with anger.
“Kinda had my reasons,” she said, while holding up her left hand.
“Huuuuuh! You didn't!” he heaved, looking at her engagement ring. Before she answered she turned around seeing the damage facility building and inside was a black and blue looking mobile suit that caught her eye. Her attention turned back to her brother seeing that he was gone. She scouted the area seeing his Jackal mobile suit removing the heat strike sword from its shoulder blade. Her eyes widen seeing Mitch's Zodac approaching,
“Zan…NO!” Lola hollered.