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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Frantic for her brother's life, Lola rush toward the research facility that was badly damage more on the outside than in. She ran inside seeing that they left the unit intact when upon reaching it she climbed up the ladder and onto the lift, which brought her up to the unit's midriff.
“Gundam…” she whispered, seeing the name on its side. To her surprise the cockpit wasn't there on the Gundam's chest, but there sticking out of the back like a filing cabinet was the cockpit and noted control panels. It must have been in use since the hatch was open and thankfully the unit was still intact from the collapsing Tower and its engine was hibernating like a computer in sleep mode.
As she climbed aboard and maneuvered her fit frame into the cockpit, she began searching the controls. Being a member of her squadron, Lola was no stranger when it came to mobile suits, but this giant mecha sparked her interest for it had lots of unusual bells and whistles than any other mobile suit she'd piloted.
She checked out the hand written notes that it seemed the Development Team were in a rush and made last minutes corrections attached to the instrument panel. Lola noted that the seat she was sitting in was the outer cockpit which controlled most of the Gundam's functions. One thing she had to do was to check and see if the control system had been switched from defense to a manual setting.
THE SYSTEM RESPONDED as Lola stepped on the right and left pedals which caused the outer cockpit to swoosh inward, closing the Gundam's circular double-layered backpack hatch. Lola turned her head, looking around the pitch black oval-shaped insides. After hearing a “click” noise from the back, her controls lit up and out in front of her above the lap was a digital LCD keyboard. This had to be the inner cockpit.
She flicked a few switches thanks to the illuminating blue lighting coming from the keyboard and suddenly a huge helmet came down and attached itself, swallowing Lola's entire head. The helmet then powered on, seeing that this was a VRM helmet (Visual Reality Monitor).
The VRM provided the pilot with a main focus screen of a central orthoscopic video view of his surroundings. There were also six smaller monitors under the larger image of the research facility that displayed on the screen. These single monitors provide the Gundam with a 360-degree panorama if any individual monitor could be easily switched and appear on the main screen.
SHE BEGAN TYPING away, accessing the operation system as words started to appear on the main screen, (General Unilateral Neuro-Link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver). When it was all done the name Helloid appeared on then off the screen as she firmly pulled on the left and right operation levels to start the Gundam. Seniors in the giant machine's legs took scan of the environment, and activated the main system drive. The exhaust nozzles belched forth pent-up gas.
While watching the monitors in the cockpit, she used the Helloid's cameras to scan the trailer and its environs, but she could see not one sign of a visible weapon for this machine. The Helloid stood up as debris from the roof toppled down to the floor. The Jackal held onto both a beam saber and a heat strike sword and it locked on the Zodac's sword. One would think that they were both evenly match, but it was obvious to Lola that Zan's mobile suit was heavily damage as sparks started to fly from its joints.
“Shit!” cussed Zan when his MS' left leg snapped like a twig, thrown off his sense of equilibrium. The Jackal fell down giving Mitch the perfect opportunity to strike, pulling back his sword,
“Nooo!” screamed Lola as the Helloid thrusters jetted to life, moving the Gundam to charge forward. Its right forearm opened up, revealing a beam dagger about half the size of a beam saber, the pocket literally spat it out. The moment as she grabbed the dagger hilt using with its right hand electronically, a particle beam nearly five meters long was drawn. Screaming, trying to get Mitch to stop, unaware of the Zodac's damage communication link, Lola brought the Helloid's secured beam dagger slashing downward in a smear of light.
The Helloid came at Mitch's Zodac with such versatility that didn't allow him to react in time as the beam dagger entered his Zodac's left shoulder and glimmered for a brief second, slicing halfway through to the right side. The Zodac began sparking violently; Lola knew that was a warning sign as she grabbed Zan's MS and turned the Helloid's chest verniers on full, and jumped forward as The Brothers of Solomon's Zodac mobile suit piloted by Ensign Mitch Rise finally blew, carving a hole that marked where it stood as a gut wrenching high pitch echo pieced Lola's ears, causing them to bleed.
“Ah! That sound, what is that horrific sound? It sounded like…death. I…I just killed my own partner…my…hands. I did something I can never take back…” stuttered Lola in shock, realizing what had taken place. The way Gundam Helloid was positioned afterward; Zan was able to climb it as the outer cockpit opened up in the back, revealing the passed out Lola. The Quin-La made its way by the mobile suits as MS pilot Chris Damis was the first to hop out of the tank and headed over to help Zan while the rest attended to the Helloid; soon a van with three passengers approached the tank cautiously.