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“NO!” roared Lola, leaning forward. She began thinking that maybe this had all been a dream that maybe Mitch and her squadron was still alive. That's when Lola noticed she was on a bed that wasn't she didn't recognized. The room was plain with clean sheets, a desk, and a closet. Lola ran her fingers through her wavy cotton-candy purple hair, wondering if this was what a hangover felt like as she sat straight up in the bed. She swung her feet over the fluffy rug that was on the floor next to the bed and then stood up, trying to regain her focus and strength. She needed to get out of the room and figure out where she was. She placed her hand on what she thought was a wall, but in fact was a door that slid by, making the sounds of a whoosh noise. She stepped out, seeing that being an enemy she wasn't guarded and wondered why.
Back in Space Tower 8, she remembered in one of the mission briefing hearing about a developing tank more powerful and durable than any other the Legion of Earth had ever made. She wondered if this was it after remembering a tank that took down Gene's mobile suit with one shot from its cannon. Could this actually be the Phase Shift 7 program…the Quin-La?
Lola was wearing an all black with dark green strips on the each side's normal suit. Wherever she was, it felt similar like the inside of a battleship as she headed downward. Normally the procedure if captured was to either escape or radio your location. She would have jetted out of there, but she wanted…needed to find her little brother Zan. For her, there had to be away for him to no be apart of this battle.
Inside the captain's quarters, almost everyone associated with the program was there, but the operators and technician mechanics. The main laser comm. channel was open as a close-up of General Keegan's face appeared on the screen for everyone in the room to see.
The captain quarters was basically an office made for the captain so he may clear his head and do other things besides ordering around. “At ease, troops.” He began looking at the people closest to the screen, trying to size them up. “There's rumor going around that Prince La'har has set up a powerful defense base, the spearhead for The Brothers of Solomon's first Earth invasion.”
“Sir! We're currently moving east on our way to the cloud forest. It's our best bet in reaching Abalon,” explained Captain Etrius.
“Captain, tell me something…have you or even your troops heard of the word Anointed Beings before?” asked the general.
“I've heard stories, listening in on the enemy conversations,” whispered Petty Officer 2nd Class Harold Aldo.
LOLA HEARD VOICES coming from a door that didn't slide and marked as CQ. She placed her ear on the door, hoping to get an idea of where her brother was. The voices that were coming from the door sounded like whispers as she tried to make them out. General Keegan began exploring the theory,
“It is said that they are the new breed of human evolution, the neuro generation even. They said to possess heightened mental and physical powers. But not superpowers like in them olden days comic books. One could call it a spatial awareness, but on a higher intellectual level I guess. The Science Facility is looking more into this and on this so-called ability that some share which we are calling it Aura Control. Now I may be old and going crazy, but take Lt. Commander Thai-Long, pilot of the Devil's Phenix. He doesn't have any true superpowers, but could be considered an Anointed Being due to his performance in combat.
His skills are extremely high and probably the level of ability we assume that of an Anointed Being. If The Brothers of Solomon have accepted the Anointed Being theory and are deploying these humans in combat, then we better take full advantage of them. The reason why I'm telling you this is because I believe we found a true Anointed Being and he has been assigned to the Phase Shift 7 program,” explained General Keegan.
“An Anointed Being…with us?” questioned Captain Etrius, who for one, wasn't convinced for a second that there was an actual real person out there like the general described.
Lola was unable to listen to the rest, hearing a gun being cocked from behind; she began turning around slowly, with her hands in the air, seeing a woman.
“Freeze! Special Agent Cici Fiztroy, of the AFB.”
“Atlantic Federation Burrow? My…aren't we trigger happy,” smirked Lola, sizing Cici up.
“Once we reach our destination, I'm taking you down to HQ,” said Cici.
“Wait what? I didn't do anything wrong,” said Lola. Cici right eyebrow raised causing Lola to look at her normal suit, “aw dammit.”
“Yes, his name is Chief Petty Officer Alyist Huerta. Although he knows how to work a mobile suit, we see his talents best suited as a technician. See to it that he's welcome,” informed General Keegan as the screen went blank. The door opened as Lola walked in, her hands still in the air feeling the tension solely on her.
“Found her sneaking out,” said Cici.
“I wasn't sneaking out…ass,” Lola said with a smile.
“She…piloted the Helloid?” asked Petty Officer 2nd Class Trinidad Sollie. He looked at her with disgust, remembering her squadron killed two of his teammates.
“Now that she's awake, she'll be going into solitary confinement like the rest of her people,” said Cici.
“Before I go into confinement can someone tell me where Zan is?” asked Lola, not seeing him in the room.
“We sent him along with Landon to go out and scout ahead,” said Malik.
“What! You let him out?”
“That's really none of your concern,” said Etrius.
“He's my little brother so yeah, it kinda is. Oh and sweetie…rule one of holding a gun. Never point a gun when your target has room to stretch,” said Lola as her right leg lifted back making contact with Cici's hand, kicking the gun out of Cici's hand. It flipped in the air and when it came back down; Lola not only caught it, but also spun around, wrapping her arm around Cici's neck in a headlock, pointing the gun at her head. Lola then pushed Cici in front of Harold and Trinidad and ran out.
She fired a few shots at the oncoming soldiers that were coming at her. No one was injured as she searched for a way out, finding herself in front of twins. She ran passed them as it felt like she was being guided, finally finding a door that led to the outside. The door whooshed up just as the Quin-La stopped in its tracks. She jumped out landing roughly on the dirt path. Lola then jetted into a wooded area toward the direction she felt Zan was in, hoping to reach him because something terrible goes wrong.
Suddenly, a cosmic white bolt flashed across her forehead with an accompanying sound effect as Lola felt a presence that she thought was her brother. This led her over a small hill and the closer she got the more the presence distinguish itself from that of her brother's. At the topped, she peeked down seeing a house by a lake. She wondered if anyone lived there and if so, do they know that there's a battle going on.
THEN IT HAPPENED, a man sprouted from the lake as water draped down from his shirtless six-pack abs. It was an unusual sight to see as she questioned if she was just seeing things. He ran his hands through his wet orange hair that unbeknownst Lola, usually stood up. From her perspective, his sapphire blue eyes were devastatingly beautiful, almost transparent and glowing, and she sensed something indefinable powerful and vast within them.
The man began doing some exercises first starting with a few pushups and then moved to sit-ups. Thinking that this was all in her head, she tried shaking off the feeling that she was imagining things. But there he was in the flesh, bobbing his tan colored body up and down with ease.
She felt herself being swept into a spatial environment, wondering if he was casting out his own conscious thoughts on her as awareness began building between the two even from afar. Without verbalizing, something within Lola's mind shouted out:
“Who are you?!” A simple question was pleading out to a level of a manifesting physical yell.
“What do you want from me?!” Could he really hear her mind? Then another thought occurred, realizing that he was the same age as she was. It was an undeniable physical sensation that could only be true. She knew by the sense of his presence that his name was Alyist and that they shared an unspeakable bond that both she and La'har never had or shared. Then she felt a jolt in this awareness structure that seemed to surround the two as a shadow-like force created a new sensation that run down her cerebral lobes. She imaged a Zodac.
As fast as the awareness appeared between the two it soon subsided as Lola's attention went toward the sky now, seeing a giant Zodac mobile suit zooming passed her. She looked back and to her surprise the guy was gone. It puzzled her that he was there one minute and then gone the next as if but a dream. Maybe she did imagine him, but he seemed so real…maybe too real. Lola slid down the hill, stumbling toward the bottom as she crossed the flatten land. She made her way toward the lake, scouting around, but saw nothing, but birds and few animals.
Lola then shrugged and turned around and there inches from her was him, Alyist, with his tan body glistening from his dip in the lake as his curved chest started breathing heavily as a result of his excursion. Awestruck, she lost her footing and started falling into the lake when he reached out and grabbed her hand. Her body laid bent, inches from going into the water and on contact they shared a strange Anointed experience. She felt the energy rise. It coiled around them, building and thickening as it swirled. It felt like if he let go of her, she would fly off into the sky. He pulled her toward him; she was so close to him she could feel his heart pounding as hers synced in tune.
“Hi,” he said so softly, his sapphire eyes piercing her very soul.
“Hi,” she said back to him, her ruby eyes gazing into his. She kept wondering who this guy that came into her life was, and then a scary thought crossed her mind. Could this guy also be a threat to her life? Her attention drifted away once again, hearing and seeing another Zodac flying away over her. She looked back and saw that the guy was gone. She couldn't ponder where he went off too as an explosion occurred a few miles from her, feeling the vibrations of the ground quivering.
“Shit, Zan,” she said, running back up and over the hill to the Quin-La.