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Within the subbridge of the Quin-La, Lola entered in asking, what was the situation as the Captain Etrius began shouting commands, “Back up Zan and Landon if the enemy proceeds too close. And where the hell his Harold?”
“His mobile suit had taken damage, they're working on it as fast as they can,” said Malik, clinging to the tank's W-shape control wheel. Cici walked in then Etrius turned to the tank's operators who were twin sisters, strategically seated over him atop of a crane-like arm for prime monitoring capability, he ordered, “Keep me informed on any reinforcement activity.”
The operators, Petty Officer 1st Class Stacy Kegge and Chief Petty Officer Tracy Kegge were young, but handle their job very seriously.
“Right, I'm going out there in the Helloid.” And as fast as Lola said it, Cici grabbed her wrist,
“You're not going anywhere.” Lola pulled back her arm, setting free her wrist.
“My little brother is out there and I refuse to let him even participate in this battle. Now special agent or not, but we are AFB zone free so me hitting you right now…would so be in my favor,” expelled Lola, looking Cici straight in her icy blue eyes.
“Lola go now!” yelled Etrius. Lola headed down to the loading deck while Cici threw a fit.
“What the hell is wrong with you people?! She's the ENEMY!”
“Cici! What Lola said is correct, we are not in the AFB zone so what you say isn't law. I would suggest you close your mouth and take a seat at the comm. panel and be of some use,” said Etrius.
“Sir! There's a…cameraman shooting outside on the tank,” informed Stacy.
“WHAT!” Gundam Helloid was already position for ejection. The VRM came down upon Lola's head and on one of the individual monitors appeared Cici's face, switching a switch to activate a voice channel.
Oh by the love of all that is Solomon, please tell me Cici you are not controlling the comm. panel?” questioned Lola.
“Better for me to keep my eye on you. Anyways, you're clear to launch, but…technician Wess added that because the Helloid isn't equipped with its shield, beam rifle, and actual backpack you're going to have to uses its leg and shoulder thrusters. If they overheat then it'll take three minutes to cool and two extra minutes to power back on.” But before Cici could explain anything else, she heard “Launch!” and saw the Helloid blasting into toward where the action was taking place.
THE HELLOID'S BACK legs opened up from the sides, revealing three thrusters, which kicked in. The legs were kicking up and down, but as the suit was approaching more and more toward the ground the balancer kicked in. The circular double-layered backpack hatch started glowing a light green color, allowing the Helloid to land on the ground with a jolt. Lola's eyes darted, something was giving off an IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) laser signals. This triggered something in Lola as she jammed the joystick forward activating the right shoulder pad thruster and the leg thrusters, moving the Helloid out of the way as shells came at it.
Gundam Helloid dodged the shells, bye gliding around and countered by firing the Vulcan cannons in its forehead. The Zodac moved out of the way, giving Lola the opportunity to see if the Gundam had any other weaponry.
“C'mon….come on….” She typed rapidly on the LCD keyboard as an image of the Helliod appeared on an individual screen. “What?” questioned Lola, not believing what the information was pointing out. She felt her way and flicked a few switches as the thigh of the Helloid began outlining and then once done it popped open. Stored in the hip armor was the weapon shaped as a skinny isosceles triangle, the weapon popped out and directly went in the left hand as the data revealed it being a beamberang.
Lola jerked the joystick as the left arm of the Helloid drew back and then released, throwing the beamberang directly at the Zodac in front of her.
“Huh?” asked Adam, the weapon was not registered in his mobile suit and it was coming right at him. He moved out of the way as the weapon span right by him. He then moved his Zodac by the Helloid with its strike machine gun drawn and ready. Sudden his scanners were beeping like crazy realizing something was coming at him from the side. The Zodac jumped back as the beamberang came back and sliced the side of its right leg.
“Ahh, shit!”
“Yes!” shouted Lola ecstatically while the weapon came back in the Helloid's hand, beam still out. Out of nowhere the Zodac charged forward, not giving Lola a chance to throw the beamberang again. The Zodac fired a few shells and then tripped the Helloid as Lola's body shook in the cockpit. Adam pointed the strike machine gun at the Helloid's head when again his scanners were picking up something from behind. He moved, but it was too late and he was hit by a missile as his suit crashed into the ground.
Lola checked her monitors, seeing a red, orange, and yellow colored Core Fighter swooping by as the pilot image appeared on screen,
“This Alyist Huerta from the rogue organization Red Dawn, can you hear me?” Lola couldn't believe it; the guy she encountered at the lake only a few hours ago was piloting a Core Fighter and…talking to her. She was trying to figure out what he was doing here when he repeated his question a bit louder.
“Oh uhmm, I'm here, fine thank you.”
“A woman?”
“Yes a woman, Lola Kayleigh.”
“Well Lola, can you move?” he asked. Lola checked and saw that everything was in working order as the Helloid stood back up. “Where the Zodac go?” seeing that it was gone. She spoke too soon seeing an explosion up ahead.
BOTH ZAN AND LANDON slammed their mobile suits into two separate boulders as shells were coming at them by a Zodac.
“Yo Paul!” said Adam as his Zodac approached his teammate.
“Damn boy, what happened? Don't tell me these chumps ruffed you up?” asked Paul.
“A newer model, it was insane. And then a Core Fighter came out of nowhere.” Adam positioned his mobile suit next to Paul's so that they would have double the fire power to take out the two Jackal suits.
“Connecting four-way channel link,” replied Cici, linking Lola image to their monitor.
“Lola?” asked Zan.
“You guys, I'm transferring a formation called Trinity.”
“I never heard of such a formation. We would need time to do it,” complained Landon as his side screen began receiving the data.
“Don't ask questions, just do it,” she said.
“C'mon Lan, what we got to lose?” asked Zan.
“Our life,” whispered Landon under his breath. “Fine, she's your sister.” They briefly read the formation and quickly went into form as the shells kept coming from their two enemy suits.
“Go!” shouted Landon as Zan moved his Jackal out in the open with its beam machine gun drawn and began firing while Landon who was on the right, did a duck and roll under Zan appearing on the right side and fired his weapon too causing the Zodacs to hold up their shields. Zan then did a tumble roll allowing Landon to swiftly move over to the left side of the open field, both meeting at the center.
That's when the Helloid pushed its way in and jumped on the backs of Zan's and Landon's Jackal and pushed off of it, while in midair the Helloid took out its beam dagger and beamberang, appearing directly in front of the Sun as both Adam and Paul cameras looked up. The Sun caused a glare, but they pointed their guns at it anyways, hoping to hit it when all of a sudden they were hit from behind by a Core Fighter, which distracted them. The Helloid came down and sliced off both Zodac's heads.
“Ahh, dammit…retreat!” shouted Paul as him and Adam jetted.
Inside the Quin-La, the Core Fighter landed safely in the hanger as the pilot jumped out and climbed down the ladder. Everyone wanted to meet this suppose it “Anointed One.” He took off his helmet, revealing spiky orange hair and upon stepping on the floor; the people in the hanger approached him. Lola had her back against a small pillar, trying to figure out why this guy had such an impact on her.
She approached him consciously, removing her hair out of her face. He looked at her with a caring jester and smiled,
“Hi…Lola right?”
“Hey,” she said, unable to stop a smile from surfacing. Zan started to snicker, but she paid him no mine. “Thanks for saving me basically.”
“Anytime. You're a clever little pilot out there.”
“…excuse me?” she asked, puzzled expression on her face.
“The way you figured out a formation that they could do and make it work, clever.”
“…did you call me little?” she pushed. “I am not little and I just kicked some mobile suit ass, thank you very much…Mr. Huerta,” said Lola, moving back her hair. She then bumped into him as she was heading to talk to the captain.
“Ooo feisty…I like. Is she seeing anyone?” he asked Zan.
“Worst, she's engage,” Zan said while gagging.
“Sweet…that mean there's still time,” said Alyist slyly.