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Over the time of his escape, La'har had recently setup one of the most powerful defense base called Arkam'sul, solely for The Brothers of Solomon Earth movement.
“Sir Prince, the negotiation meeting takes place in two hours,” informed Thai-Long. He and La'har had been friends from some time now, meeting before King Solomon passing. Out of the brothers he felt more closer to La'har because of the fact they were closer in age. However, what they have in age, they don't have in personalities. Unlike his other two brothers, La'har being the youngest is still in away child-like and Thai-Long wish he would grow up finally. That everything and even what they are doing and about to attend isn't a total game.
La'har stepped into the main room wearing an all white with green outlining suit-like top and bottom. Because of his haircut he didn't have to do anything with it. He made his way to the bar and while pouring himself a drink he asked,
“So Thai-Long, you consider me as a friend more than a price of our people?”
“Why no, I try to keep both equal and yet separate,” he answered.
“Then considering our friendship, I've known you for a long time now and yet I haven't seen you take off those shades not once. I…don't even know what the color of your eyes is,” pressed La'har, taking a sip of his drink.
“I have my reasons and I thank you for respecting them.” For the longest ever since La'har father died, Thai-Long felt more like La'har's shadow rather than equal. No mere child should have this much power in possession.
“Hmm right. By the way, you're not coming to this meeting,” informed La'har, placing his glass on the black countertop.
“What? But Sir I—”
“You're going to insure that this meeting arises in my favor. See to it that no one gets in your way understood?” explained La'har, placing his gold band-like crown on his head.
“As you wish,” said Thai-Long, walking La'har out the door.
“Any word on Lola?”
“No, once we rescued you is when we lost her MS signal,” said Thai-Long. They approached the limo as the driver stepped out and opened the door.
“Hmm…I'm worried. She should have been back by now.”
“She's a strong woman…and hardheaded at that. She's fine, I'm sure.”
“Maybe…” signed La'har, stepping inside the limo. The limo driver closed the door as Thai-Long went his separate way as the limo driver proceeded to the negotiation meeting.
Meanwhile, the Quin-La was heading toward a town called New Kentbere. An underground Legion of Earth base disguised as a farming facility. The town's people, unaware of the underground base that dealt with mobile suit parts. Once underground, the crew helped the mechamen with supplies and food for their tank. Lola stayed close to Zan while still being under watchful eyes.
“Why the hell are the here again?” asked Lola, folding her arms.
“You don't know?” asked Zan.
“Like they would tell me.”
“It was planned. See, the Helloid Gundam is missing its long-range weapons. The higher ups thought it would be best if the Gundam was stolen to separate its full equipment,” explained Zan.
“Oh,” said Lola while messing around with the ankle bracelet the captain put on her.
AT THE NEGOTIATION MEETING, La'har was surrounded by loyal guards, making his way in an oval shaped room. The Legion of Earth committee was made up of some of the most important people via video, while the people who were actually in the room hold important power as well.
“Now presenting…His Highness Prince La'har Solomon.” La'har took a seat at the round table and was prepared to negotiate. The meeting went on for two more hours as the Legion of Earth's vice Admiral started to irritate La'har by talking down to him, causing him to stand up abruptly while slamming his hands down on the table.
“Vice Admiral, I am here representing my two older brothers thus you have once choice and only one choice. Hand over the Bion crystals now and forever beheld responsible for your actions,” threatened La'har.
“What kind of choice is that?” said Jones from the leadership board. “The Bion crystals were found on Earth soil!”
“However they originate in space, in our district in case you've forgot. Thus making them rightfully belonging to us, the spacenoids.” La'har looked down at his watch and signaled a guard over. The video screens suddenly started to flicker and then the channel was switch to a small town.
“New Kentbere!?” said Jones.
“So be it, on this day let there be war between the spacenoids and the earthlings. Now witness and live with the choice you all made this very day!”
“Shit! What is going on?” asked Lola as she and Zan rocked back and forth do to a violent tremor caused by an explosion above.
“They found us! We're under attack!” shouted a mechaman.
“Lola!” yelled Captain Etrius, giving her the signal to take the Helloid. Alyist ran over and grabbed Lola by the hand, leading her toward the Gundam. They boarded the lift and it took them to the outer cockpit of the Gundam. Lola hopped in,
“Okay now look. The Helloid has been tweaked up a bit. It now equipped with a beam rifle and shield—”
“What about a beam saber?” she asked with him giving her a look. “Let me guess…different weapon, different town.”
“Use your senses, not just with your eyes. Focus on your feelings and less on tactic. Come back to me alive okay,” he said with a smile. Before she could say anything back to him the outer cockpit closed.
ZODACS STARTED DESTROYING the farms, eliminating civilians in their path unknowing who's innocent and who's working for the enemy. Lola eyes started to tear up seeing the people she associated with, her own team slaughtering human beings like animals for fun.
“Ahhhh!” screamed a pilot in a Zodac as the red beam from the beam rifle pieced straight through its armor, causing the suit to explode on contact. The Helloid started moving around through the burning town as two Zodacs caught sight of it. Shells flew from their strike machine guns. Lola moved the controls around, lifting up the shield that withstood the blows from the shells. The Helloid went around a building and lifted up its right leg, slamming it into the first Zodac as it crashed into the one behind it, both falling on top of a house.
Lola for some reason her breathing started to increase. As if she ran a two mile run straight. The Helloid's response timing was improving and she felt more comfortable with the Gundam itself…too comfortable to the point where she is changing. Why now…why here she asked as not for from here a dark red mobile suit followed up and commanded half his troops to now take down the base in hand to hand combat.
!!! Huh!?” hesitated Thai-Long, as he felt a sensation similar to a spark deep within his brain, and a spectrum of light shot through his consciousness, forcing time to slow down, vibrant colors around him now consumed by a cold blue tone. “Wha…what is this sensation…” he asked himself, hearing deep breaths, the deep pounding of a heart beat.
!!! What!?” asked Lola, feeling a cool-like light sensation boring inside her forehead. Her awareness suddenly expanded to 360-degress, pointing her to a specific direction. The Helloid Gundam turned and Lola's ruby eyes widen in complete fear, seeing a red mobile suit rising up off the ground.
Through her awareness she saw fire coming out of the mobile suit's back, twisting around the MS as if trying to smother it. The suit was hot and destructive as the screams of the farmers who lost their lives were being swallowed up in this hellish glow. The fire twisted and turned, transforming into what she could only describe as a devilish phoenix of some kind…a personification of the evil in the pilot's heart. Its face darkened with its grim looks, raging infernos struck the ground and in Lola's eyes, the embers consumed everything on its burning path not realizing it's stretching out its wings. Thai-Long zeroed in on his target,
“Come…show me the capabilities of your new mobile suit, and I'll show you why I am called…the Devil's Phenix….”