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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“And with this glorious sight you—DIE!” shouted Thai-Long and with the giant bazooka he fired, causing the Helloid to throw its thrusters in reverse and jumped back from the blast.
“Ah, dammit,” cussed Lola, maneuvering the joystick around causing her unit to zoom backwards while firing the beam rifle. The Phenix moved forward and dodged every shot, firing back another rocket. The Helloid stopped abruptly and darted to the right behind an intact building as the rocket went right passed her. Lola's heart started racing, to her surprise she couldn't figure out if this was fear she was feeling or…excitement? She saw that she had a limited amount of ammo in her rifle.
“Gotcha!” shouted Thai-Long, whipping out his heat strike sword and sliced it through, causing a mild explosion.
“Who got whom!” yelled Lola as the Phenix turned around seeing the Helloid in mid air from behind with both hands on the beam rifle. And with one pull the beam went straight through the Phenix's left shoulder,
“Damn!” cussed Thai-Long, holding on to the controls as they shook violently from the blast. Thai-Long recovered and launched a rocket while the Helloid ran toward it, ducking under the rocket and slapped its beam rifle directly into the Phenix's face.
“HAAA!” screamed Lola as the rifle was swung back and forth at the enemy unit. The Phenix used its sword and sliced the rifle in half; the Helloid darted back.
“I know when to cut my losses. We're retreating…now!” he ordered his troops as they also took off with him, away from the area…or what's left of it.
THE FARMING FACILITY was in ruins, not a lot could have been saved with the underground base collapsed. The Quin-La was able to re-supply, but it was only a few days worth. Etrius directed his crew to head for the next town.
“You got to be kidding me,” said Lola, coming out of the Helloid in the hanger. “You mean to tell me that the Gundam Helloid is only 80% complete?”
“Yep, the other 20% is our next destination,” explained Alyist. “You did a nice job taking care of the gundam, just next time try and use the shield.” Alyist looked up at the machine seeing that he has a lot of work to do. He then looked back at her and smiled,
“What?” she asked.
“Did you…I dunno, sensed something?”
“Sense something?”
“Yeah or…predicted something by any chance?” asked Alyist curiously. Lola rolled her eyes and went along with his game. She thought for a minute about the battle,
“No I, although there was…a feeling.”
“A feeling? What kind of feeling?” he questioned.
“Like. Wait, what is this? You're acting like I'm turning into an Anointed One or something,” she laughed.
“I believe you are,” he answered.
“You're kidding right? I cannot be an Anointed One. Besides, you're not getting the big picture here that I just went up against my Lieutenant Commander. I shouldn't even be here,” she sighed, turning around, but Alyist grabbed her wrist and said,
“You can't…you cannot return. Because you're dead…”
“Dead? What do you mean I'm dead?” she asked while turning around slowly to face him.
“Yes Lola, you are dead.”