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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I recommend that before reading this that you have some knowledge about the following Mobile Suit Gundam series:
Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam Sentinel
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Duel Story: G-UNIT
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
After War Gundam X
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY
SD Gundam: G Generation F (mech only)
Some knowledge about their respective story and mechs would be helpful but it is not essential that you need any in depth knowledge about them. All mech information will be available on MAHQ. Search for it on google because the stupid program won't let me type in web addresses.
Thanks and enjoy!
Prologue: Valentine
Date: February 14th Colonial Year 089
“Hello there!” A woman with greying hair, who was tending to her flower garden, called out to several children on their way back home after a day of school and play. She felt content with her life even though her family rarely visits her and her husband but she knew that she was in their thoughts. Wearing a white and green apron, she carefully pruned the roses that grew magnificently out of the soil. There was an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity within that garden, vibrant with a magnitude of different colours and scents. Her husband was in the house trying to install a new shelf in the dining room.
She was amazed at how quickly her garden has grown in the new soil. She had just moved to the Jenius 7 colony only three months ago when her daughter's husband bought them the house on this ZAFT colony to move them away from the war. She was astounded about how much the colony felt like living on Earth.
She had visited Earth once in her lifetime, but the experience was permanently imprinted on her mind. The sun would shine directly onto your skin while you sit on the soft sands of the Mediterranean Sea while listening to the beautiful music of the oceans. None of the landscape was man-made and it felt like home.
Being on Jenius 7 seemed strange for her at first, unaccustomed to the beautiful architecture and the efficiency of the people on the colony. She supposed that it couldn't really be helped since almost every inhabitant here was a Coordinator. They were the so-called designer babies whose genes were altered and manipulated to suit their parent's wishes. Even though she was not a Coordinator, her daughter, her daughter's husband and their son was; and because of that she was able to move away from the war-zone to Jenius 7. But with the Titans, Oz and the Earth United Federation (EUF) controlling civilian movement between colonies, living anywhere apart from the ZAFT governed colonies would seem like living in a prison.
Wiping a trickle of sweat from her forehead, she glanced up at the sky, if you can call it a sky. Although it was blue with an occasional cloud drifting across, it was artificial. When it was colonial daytime a blue mask would appear over the colony's inner wall providing the feel of Earth's days, but at night the blue mask would disappear and the colony's inner wall would reveal outer space with the side of the rotating colony that is facing towards the sun shielded to preserve the darkness.
She peered at her wristwatch and realised it was only ten seconds until colony-night time. The blue sky suddenly dimmed to deep indigo and then black with the shining stars and the moon providing the only light for a brief second until the street lights switched on and provided illumination for the roads.
The old lady looked up out of the colony, her eyes fixated with the stars for they made her think of her grandson, Ryan, who had just joined the ZAFT military to fight for what he believed in. Though she personally disliked the idea of a seventeen year-old going out to fight in a war that he probably doesn't understand but she trusted him to make the right decisions for himself and wished him the best of luck. She wondered where he was now. Probably in one of ZAFT's mobile suits fighting against a holographic Titan mobile suit in a simulator somewhere in the military academy.
Streaks of yellow and green lights with small red orbs forming after them began to fill the space outside the Jenius 7 colony. They looked like a distant fireworks display for the lady. A blue dot darted in and out of the streaks of light and seemed to get bigger and bigger. It soon split into two blue dots, one large and one small. The larger one veered off to the other side of the colony while the smaller dot arced across the colony sky while growing larger and larger.
The lady watched the entire scene in with keen interest, wondering what was happening outside the colony.
Maybe it's a meteor shower She thought.
She kept her eye on the ever-enlarging dot that was approaching the colony but a blinding white flash and followed by a deafening boom. Suddenly a strong gust of wind whipped through the entire colony that swept her off her feet and into the air.
The date is April 2nd Colonial Year 089.