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Glossary of Terms
Hey there. In the world of Gundam there are many different jargon and technical aspects that would be new to first time readers who might have not seen Gundam or are a little rusty on their Gundam trivia. This chapter, no, this glossary is designed to help those who are in need of clarification or just want to know about certain things I have included in GGeneration Dreams. The glossary is listed in alphabetical order for your convenience (which means more work for me).
Please note that the places, factions, mechs and technology listed here might not match up with the original Gundam series that they are from because I like to make things up ^_^;;
The glossary will be constantly updated as the story progresses. The glossary is currently at CHAPTER 8. In other words there are certain entries that for later chapters so if you do not wish to be spoiled then only read the entries that you need.
Aegis Gundam (GAT-X303) - The lead mobile suit of the five GAT Gundams. Painted pinkish-red to honour the UN's Red Comet (pilot of the Zaku). The only GAT Gundam that can change into a much faster Mobile Armour mode made this suit deadlier than all the others. With a Scylla Cannon (an advanced miniature mega particle cannon) in the centre of its claw like mobile armour mode gives it long-range firepower while in its mobile suit mode a normal beam rife and multiple beam sabres (either mounted on its body or separate) makes it an all round fighter. Piloted by Ryan Steigen.
Alexandria-Class - The main warship used by the Titan space forces and designed for carrying mobile suits (up to 12). Armed with main guns all around its hull this ship not only is a carrier but also a small fortress and not many other battleships can go one-on-one with an Alexandria-Class ship.
Anti-Earth United Government (AEUG) - A group of colonists who were sick with the constant wars waged between the Earth and colonists decided to create the AEUG in order to oppose, including ZAFT, all sides of the war so peace can be achieved much faster. With backing from major companies such as Nord Industries, they have received prototype mobile suits for field-testing during their guerrilla style attacks on Earth's forces. They also have an Earthbound sister organisation, the Karaba, who has similar goals and visions as the AEUG. Their only problem is having the technology while not the personnel to operate them.
Argama-Class - One of the newer adaptations of the original Pegasus-Class ship from the Zeon War. The Argama-Class can carry a greater complement of mobile suits and small mobile armours than its predecessors while sporting a greater range of weaponry, ranging from four main guns to a hyper mega particle gun.
Aries (OZ-07AMS) - The first Oz mobile suit that was designed solely for aerial combat. One of the first transformable mobile suits, though it is only foldable legs, it was still a pioneer in variable geometry in mobile suits. Armed with missile pods and machineguns the Aires is deemed rather out of date without beam technology and is currently being slowly replaced by the more advanced Taurus units. However the number of Aires units being used is vast so the Aires will continue to function as Oz's main flight unit.
Ashtaron, Gundam (NRX-0015) - Using plans for the GAT Gundams, the Titans secretly built two additional units without the aid of Nord Industries. The Ashtaron was built around the idea of transformable mobile suits and mobile armours. Its main armament is a pair of Atomic Scissors Claws that also contain an inbuilt beam cannon to provide long-range firepower. Though bulky, the Ashtaron has thrusters placed around its body and provide enough thrust to allow it flight capabilities and also carry the Gundam Virsago on its back in mobile armour mode. Stolen by Neo Zeon Special Forces Joseph Fin as the Titans finished the unit.
Astray - Prototype units created by Orb and Nord Industry to progress Orb's current mobile suit technology. The three prototype units are identical apart from their colour scheme: Red, Blue and Gold. These units are manufactured with similar designs as the GAT Gundams in mind but without the Phase Shift armour and individual weapons designs.
Axis - The name of the asteroid that the remaining Zeon military left on at the end of the Zeon War.
Barge Mobile Fortress - Oz's space headquarters. The Barge Mobile Fortress, as its name suggests, is a mobile base that can either orbit the planet Earth, Moon or travel independently across the Earth-Moon system. Supporting a gigantic beam cannon at its front, it is a symbol of fear and hate to many colonists. The base is also used for research and development of new mobile suits.
Beam Rifle - In order to work around the mega particle cannon's energy demands, the Earth Federal Forces (with the help of Dr. Minovsky, who had left Zeon and joined the EF) develop the E-cap (a contraction of "energy capacitor"). This device stores Minovsky particles in a high-energy compressed state, so that only a small amount of additional energy is required to trigger their fusion into mega particles. The E-cap is charged by energy condensers at the mobile suit's home base or carrier ship, and then functions like a battery until its supply of particles is exhausted, at which point the weapon becomes useless. During the One Year War the Federal Forces perfected the E-cap and used it to create a miniaturized mega particle cannon called a beam rifle, with which their first prototype mobile suits are equipped.
Beam Sabre - The name "beam sabre" is somewhat of a misnomer; unlike other beam weapons, the beam sabre doesn't use mega particles. Instead, it emits high-energy Minovsky particles to form a blade-shaped I-field (via manipulation of electromagnetic fields), and then fills this I-field shell with superheated Minovsky particle plasma to produce a lethally effective cutting blade. The Minovsky particles are stored by E-cap in the beam sabre's hilt, which is recharged by the mobile suit's reactor when the sabre is returned to its socket. Thus, once activated, beam sabres don't rely on the mobile suit's reactor and can be thrown or discarded as decoys. The termination of the I-field along a solid contact surface (such as the skin of a mobile suit) allows the plasma to eat away at the offending material until the I-field re-establishes itself, allowing the weapon to "cut" through almost any target. Likewise, as the beam sabre's I-field enclosure repels plasma, it not only keeps the blade's contents in but also keeps other blades' contents out, allowing one beam sabre to block another.
Blitz Gundam (GAT-X207) - One of the five GAT Gundams created on Heliopolis. Built with melee and stealth combat in mind the Blitz Gundam's outer armour is coated with a variant of the Minovsky particle, Mirage Colloid, that can render the unit invisible to the enemy's sensors and also to the naked eye once active. Armed with a Trikeros Defensive/Offensive system that included several lancer darts and a high-energy beam rifle, mounted on its right arm, while a Gleipnir Anchor is attached to its left arm. Piloted by Vivian Oria, girlfriend to the Aegis Gundam's pilot, Ryan Steigen.
Bloody Valentine Incident, The - After the creation of ZAFT and their steady military build up, a small Titan Fleet was dispatched to investigate and destroy all possible hostile ZAFT forces. Due to misinformation and heavy resistance from ZAFT forces, the colony of Jenius 7 was destroyed by nuclear weapons. The death toll of that attack was officially 249,802 but there were several thousand that were missing. This moment sparked the full on assault by ZAFT forces on Earth territory, fuelled by hate and the need for revenge.
Buster Gundam (GAT-X103) - One of the five GAT Gundams developed by the Titans and Nord Industries. This one built specifically for long and medium range combat it was armed to the teeth with missiles, a gun launcher and a high-energy beam rifle and nothing else. Its only problem is that it lacks any close-range combat ability, though the missiles would help, it relies heavily on sniping attacks and the other GAT Gundams to provide it with cover. Piloted by Akito Hidasaki.
Colony - A self-sustaining artificial satellite that is around 2-5km long and able to sustain human life within it. The interior of the colony is similar to the conditions found on Earth, using a series of complex mirrors to reflect sunlight into the colony and using helium3 fuel to power almost every aspect of the colony. The colonies are placed in places where the gravitational pull of the Earth, Moon and the Sun is exactly equal or Lagrange Points, therefore the colonies never move positions thus making space travel and positioning much simpler. The first colony was created in 2077.
Colonial Year - The calendar to which once the people of Earth began migrating to space used to replace the old AD system. Though the old AD system worked fine, the UN felt that a new calendar was needed to signal a new start for mankind.
Coordinator - Any baby who is fertilised through artificial means and have their DNA altered before birth can be called a Coordinator. It is commonly believed that all Coordinators are superhuman, with greater speed, strength, mental abilities etc. or a totally different species. That is not the case. A Coordinator's abilities may range from a high IQ or just the ability to have 20-20 vision for their entire life but they are human down to the last DNA strand. The first Coordinator baby was successfully born in CY 036 and the Earth's population rushed to have these babies. However as the first generation of Coordinators tried to have children, it was found that there was 100 chance of a miscarriage at birth. Therefore, the Coordinator population became reliant on genetic and artificial births to continue their families. During the recovery period after World War III, recessions and economic downturns made normal born people jealous of the greater abilities of Coordinators. Persecution turned to violence, which forced the Titan and Oz governments to relocate their Coordinator population to space while some countries were recovering faster than others kept and took in a small number. However persecution of Coordinators have continued, even on the colonies the Titan and Oz space forces control their every move. After 3 years, a movement of Coordinators calling themselves ZAFT rose up and overthrew the Titan and Oz military on the Coordinator colonies so that Coordinators may govern themselves.
Crossbone Gundam (XM-X1, XM-X2) - The two mobile suits that was designed for Vandez Jenius and Nimbus Noa. These two Gundams are high performance mobile suits were developed with the help of the Zeonic Inc. engineers who left the Earth-Moon system with the defeated Zeon forces. Armed with standard vulcans and beam sabres, they are also armed with beam zanber (a cutlass style beam weapon) that can also double as a powerful beam rifle.
Crossbone Vanguard - A mercenary group that has existed since the late 1700's, who fought battles for the highest bidder, no matter who their clients are or their motives, just as long as they get paid. Lead by Thraw Nema (the sole descendant of the Nema family) on the Mother Vanguard.
Deathscythe Gundam (XXXG-01D) - One of the Gundams built from the GAT Gundam plans and sent to Earth by the AEUG. Built with mainly close combat in mind, the Deathscythe Gundam also incorporates a Hyper Jammer system that renders it invisible to all electronic equipment, making it perfect for stealth missions much like the Blitz Gundam. Armed with a beam scythe and a buster shield that can be launched at enemies.
Degwin Zabi - The leader of the Principality of Zeon. His family were loyal followers of Zeon Zum Deikun but after Zeon's death, they rose up and formed the Principality of Zeon, in honour of the dead philosopher however he secretly wished to rule over the Earth-Moon System. Their first act as leader was to declare war on the UN and thus starting the Zeon War. The war began in CY 079. He and his family were killed off one by one during the course of the war.
Duel Gundam (GAT-X102) - One of the more basic mobile suits of the five GAT Gundams. The Duel Gundam was designed for close combat only, armed with two beam sabres, a high-energy rifle and pair of Igelstellung cannons the Duel Gundam was the simplest of the five. After its capture by ZAFT, the Duel Gundam is upgraded with an Assault Shroud armour that incorporates the Phase Shift armour with increased outer armour plating. This upgrade includes several missile launchers and a railgun mounted on its right shoulder. Piloted by Riou Hajima.
Earth-Moon System - A name given to the areas that is between the Earth and the moon's orbit.
Earth United Federation (EUF), The - After the end of World War III on Earth, the Titans, Oz and many non-aligned countries came together to form another United Nations. A step to remind them not to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors was to change its name to the Earth United Federation. Like the old United Nations the EUF has its own military force except this one was tiny in comparison. With funding and support from the EUF members, the EUF military set up peacekeeping bases around the Earth-Moon System in order to prevent another Zeon War or World War III. However as good as this sounds the EUF council rarely agree on anything as its council members often have their own agenda. Under the pressure of bureaucracy and bickering leaders the EUF is seen often as a puppet used by Earth to oppress the space colonies before the Zeon War. One thing that they can agree on is banning between non-essential transportation between colonies to prevent the spread of ZAFT and AEUG personnel and materials.
Ele-Car - Standard issue colony used car. Owned by the Colony Maintenance Group on each colony there is a steady stream of cars available. If requested, a car will arrive either at a pickup point or at your home.
G-Cannon Magna (F71-B) - A prototype mobile suit from Nord Industries. A long range shelling mobile suit with a pair of advanced beam cannons mounted on its back. Can be armed with long to medium-ranged weapons the G-Cannon's firepower can be equal or surpass some battleships.
Gaplant (ORX-005) - The very first Titan mobile suit that was designed with speed in mind. This unit is aerodynamic and agile in both mobile suit mode and mobile armour mode. Originally designed for space combat only, the unit has also proved itself capable of atmospheric flight and combat. A pair of active thrusters is used in its mobile armour mode to provide it with flexible manoeuvring by allowing it to change direction of flight without the need to change the direction of its nose. Armed lightly with two beam rifles and two beam sabres to reduce mass to enable faster acceleration.
Gelgoog Marine( MS-14F) - A modified of the high performance Zeon unit during the Zeon War. Designed exclusively for Zeon marine and commando troops it was vastly improved over the original Gelgoog. Armed with wrist-mounted machineguns, beam sabre and a knuckle shield (for punching attacks) with an optional handheld machinegun, the Gelgoog Marine was designed with close range combat in order to counter the UN's Gundam.
Geminass Gundam(OZX-GU01A, OZX-GU02A)- Oz's answer to the five Gundams developed by the Titans. Only two units are known to exist and contain the PX System that reads the pilot's adrenalin and other hormone levels and to increase the system's own reaction.
Gerbera Tetra (AGX-04) - A one off creation of ZAFT. Many of the engineers of ZAFT originally worked for the Zeonic Inc. during the Zeon War or worked for the Titan Military Research branch. During their time of testing new designs, the Gerbera Tetra was created as a prototype to the GINN and other ZAFT mobile suits. Armed with a long-range beam machine gun and a large booster gave the Gerbera Tetra a distinct advantage in long-range and medium range combat while a beam sabre and wrist mounted machine guns provided it with enough protection for any close quarter engagements. Because of its high production costs only one unit was produced and given to the ZAFT ace Major Dena Nadist, a shadowy figure who wears a mask at all times.
GINN (ZGMF-1017) - The standard mobile suit that ZAFT assigns to most of its forces. Designed from the technical specifications of the original Zaku, ZAFT engineers have enhanced the performance of the suit in every aspect to bring out the full potential for its Coordinator pilot. The GINN's basic armament consists of a 76mm machine gun and a heavy sword, but it can also be equipped with a wide variety of weapons for specific battles. Because of its versatile design, there are many variations on the GINN's basic design, just like its Zaku predecessor.
GM - Otherwise known as Gundam Mass-Produced. Created during the Zeon War to counter the Zaku threat. Based upon the Gundam, the GMs were weaker than the Gundam in all respects but still held their own against Zeon's Zaku.
Grenada - The EUF Space HQ on the Moon's surface. Loaned to the EUF by the Titans as a gesture of unity and goodwill, the base is mostly used by the EUF while several sections are used for Titan operations.
Gunbarrel Striker (AQM/E-X04)- A smaller version of the Moebius Zero and built with the same concept of Gunbarrels mounted on its back. This version was much smaller and thus much faster and agile than its bigger brother however its weapons only included a Gatling machinegun mounted under the main fuselage with four gunbarrels that contained railguns.
Gundam - The name given to the powerful mobile suit that the United Nations produced. The original unit was known for its speed, its revolutionary Lunar Titanium armour and its young Newtype pilot who fought against the Zeon ace pilot in his Zaku. The name and the image of the Gundam became so legendary that several future lines of mobile suits were crafted in its image and name. Because of the Zeon's quick adoption of the Zaku mobile suit, which the UN initially designed, the Gundam was created from the data from the new Zaku II on the battlefield. The Gundam was superior in firepower, armour and speed to the Zaku II and ultimately helped the UN to win the Zeon War.
Gundams (GAT) - The first mobile suits to be co-manufactured by the Titan military and Nord Industry. These mobile suits were crafted after the original Gundam but each with its own distinct abilities to suit the user's fighting styles. There are five in total and are armed with unique weaponry with Phase Shift Armour. Each unit, though contains an ultra compact nuclear generator, also has an additional battery unit to power the Phase Shift system. Because of difficulties in working both generators together if the battery unit was drained of power the nuclear generator would only be able to power the GAT Gundam for a very limited amount of time.
Heavyarms Gundam (XXXG-001H)- One of the Gundams that was built from the plans of the GAT Gundams and sent to Earth by the AEUG. This mobile suit is basically an walking fortress with missile launchers and missiles stored in every conceivable location on its body. A single gatling gun mounted on its left arm, the Heavyarms Gundam was able to mow down any mobile suit within its range while a Swiss Army Knife embedded within its other arm to compensate for the lack of close range weapons.
Heliopolis - One of the neutral colonies that is owned by Orb.
Hyaku Shiki (MSN-00100) - One of the first units developed purely by the AEUG's own engineers. The Hyaku Shiki (which translates to Type-100) was the prototype to the Zeta-Project set up by the AEUG and Nord Industries to provide itself with a series of flexible mobile suits that could function both on land, sky and space. When the Hyaku Shiki was made, it was found that a transformation mechanism that was required by the AEUG for its mobile suits was too difficult to be incorporated so the model was abandoned. Only one unit is known to be in existence and is piloted by Aislin Blair.
Jegan (RGM-89) - One of the evolutionary designs that came from the original GM developed by the United Nations during the Zeon War. The Jegan is designed to be a light and manoeuvrable mobile suit. With its modular design units that use the Jegan can adapt it for any purpose. Being the standard mobile suit that is issued to EUF pilots, there are many variations made to customise these units to suit its pilot.
Karaba, The - The sister organisation to the AEUG who operate on Earth. Comprised of soldiers who have grudges against the Earth's governments, they operate with guerrilla tactics and are often seen as terrorists in the public eye. Under equipped and low on personnel, the Karaba enlists the help anyone they can. Recently, the Middle Eastern Alliance pledged a battalion of their troops to the Karaba (in absolute secrecy of course), named the Maganac Corps, because of the dissatisfaction of restrictions imposed on them by Oz and the Titans.
Leo (OZ-06MS) - Standard Oz issue mobile suit. Cheap and quick to manufacture it is a favourite amongst Oz pilots for its customisability. Though lacking in every department compared to many mobile suits, the mobile suit relies heavily upon the pilot's own ability which isn't that much of a problem because of the rigorous training that Oz gives to each pilot before handing them a mobile suit.
Lohar Shoal Zone - A shoal zone so dense in debris that not one ship has been able to traverse it successfully. However it is rumoured that the AEUG's headquarters is stationed within it and by installing engines onto pieces of debris, they are able to conceal their base within it and only allow friendly ships to enter.
Londo Bell Taskforce/Fleet - One of the five major fleets of the EUF. Each fleet is named after the admiral commanding it. The first of the five fleets to be created their reputation across the Earth-Moon system as the most efficient and loyal in the EUF Fleet. Though their battle with the Crossbone Vanguard dented that reputation but the fleet's crew is still able to perform their duties as expected of them.
Maganac Corps - A special ops team of the Middle Eastern Alliance. Their existence is denied by the Middle Eastern Alliance because of their deployment with the Karaba but the Maganac Corps still receive funding from them. They fight in order to rid the Middle Eastern Alliance countries of Oz and Titan troops.
Maganac (WMS-03) - One of the new mobile suits developed by the Middle Eastern Alliance. These suits are basic but their design allows their pilots to customise their units without any limitations. With no fixed armaments, each unit is issued with a standard beam rifle and a shield so it is up to the pilot to decide upon their fighting style and modify their suits accordingly. A battalion of Maganac units and Middle Eastern Alliance soldiers was pledged to the Karaba.
Mega Particles - Due to the repulsive forces between positive and negative Minovsky particles, large amounts of energy are required to compress an I-field lattice. If enough energy is applied, and the I-field is sufficiently compressed, the Minovsky particles ultimately fuse into massive, electrically neutral mega particles. The energy used to create the mega particles is expressed as both mass and velocity. No longer subject to the electrical forces that maintain the I-field lattice, the particles burst out of the electro-magnetic field used to compress them. The weapon will have a second I-field forming a barrel shape to prevent the mega particle from destroying the weapon itself. This stream of heavy, fast-moving particles, unlike a conventional charged-particle beam, cannot be deflected with magnetic fields. In CY 070, UN researchers exploit this phenomenon to create the fearsome mega particle cannon.
Middle Eastern Alliance, The - The group of rich oil producing countries that is situated between Europe and Eastern Asia. Though the low consumption of oil on the planet has caused a decrease in their wealth, these countries have begun locating resource satellites from outside the Earth-Moon system and bring them into it for mining. These mining operations have again generated much revenue for these countries. In recent years, the Titans and Oz have pressured them to become a member of their state and without much money spent on their own military, the Middle Eastern Alliance began considering joining. However with the help from the Alliance of Orb Islands by exchanging mobile suit technology with a resource satellite the Middle Eastern Alliance rejected the offers from the Titans and Oz. These countries, like Orb, have remained neutral in the conflict between the Titans and Oz with ZAFT but in the interest of relations have allowed Oz forces to set up base in its borders. It is rumoured that the sister organisation of the AEUG, the Karaba, is based in the Middle Eastern Alliance.
Minovsky Physics - Created by Dr Y.T. Minovsky through years of research and experimentation to develop a clean and efficient nuclear engine to replace the human race's dependence on fossil fuels. Their result was the Minovsky-Ionesco Reactor that emits zero neutron radiation. By using an rare isotope Helium3 Dr Minovsky found that in addition to the stable reactor was strange electromagnetic radiation, soon named as Minovsky Particles, that can disrupt radio and radar signals by absorbing them and so began the use of Minovsky Particles in warfare. When scattered in an open space, these particles will form a cubic lattice structure, named I-Field, which slowly expands and dissipates with time. While this is happening all radar or homing weapons that rely on sensor data other than video or sight cameras are disabled. That is why nearly all ships in the CY era contain either Infra-Red Sensors or high definition camera sensors that identify objects by their shapes. There were several other uses for Minovsky technology, please see: Mega Particles, Minovsky Ultra Compact Nuclear Generator, and Beam Rifle and Beam Sabre.
Minovsky Ultra Compact Nuclear Generator - In CY 071, UN researchers created the Minovsky ultracompact fusion reactor. Instead of the conventional magnetic field, this improved version of the Minovsky-Ionesco reactor used an I-field to confine and compress the reactor fuel, triggering a fusion reaction. The Minovsky particles produced as a by-product of the helium-3 fusion reaction are thus recycled to keep that reaction going. The Minovsky particles that form the I-field lattice also help catalyze the fusion reaction, in a process similar to the muon-catalyzed fusion investigated by real-world scientists during the 1950s. This super-efficient design is only a fifth as large as an equivalently powerful Minovsky-Ionesco reactor, for this reason it was adopted for use on mobile suits as the standard power plant.
Mirage Colloid - A brand new technology developed by Nord Industries and the Titan military R&D department for the GAT project. Installed only on the Blitz Gundam, the Mirage Colloid technology was considered the pinnacle of stealth technology. Mirage Colloid science is an offshoot from Minovsky physics as it utilises Minovsky particles. Once the Mirage Colloid system is active, anything within the Mirage Colloid particle barrier will become invisible to all visual sensors, electronic detection system and the human eye. Even though whatever is inside the barrier might become invisible there are still fluctuations within the barrier, meaning that the Mirage Colloid can only be realistically be used against a black background making it slightly ineffective in all other terrains.
Mobile Armour (MA) - In addition to development of mobile suits, the military continued its research into fighters that could operate both in the sky, sea and space. Their final product was the mobile armour. Much larger (though some can be smaller) than the mobile suits, mobile armours were not designed with agility in mind rather power, weapons and speed. Many of the mobile armour designs were scrapped before mass production and not many have actually seen action but one design, the Moebius and the Ball, have seen battle many times during the Zeon War as supplements to mobile suits. Often shaped like fighters or as some described as sea creatures these machines rely on their size, armour or power to destroy enemies. Also the name mobile armour is also given to the fighter form of any mobile suit that can transform.
Mobile Suit (MS) - Giant 16m robots that are used for both military and civilian capacities. Initially designed and used for building the colonies and helping with construction of any large architecture but the UN military saw potential in them being turned into war machines. Therefore the very first mobile suit, the UN created the Prototype Zaku. However due to design flaws, the project was slowed and only about 70 were produced. Because of the limited functionality of the Prototype Zaku, it was mainly used as a policing tool on Earth and on the colonies. Before the start of the Zeon War, Zeonic Inc. redesigned the Zaku and produced the Zaku I and Zaku II, which were fully functional in battle. The start of the Zeon War saw little use of mobile suits but as both sides began using Minovsky Particles to block communications, radar and guided weapons the mobile suit's close range combat abilities was recognised and used by both sides.
Mobile Suit Carrier - A small transport designed to carry mobile suits into battle so that the mobile suits can save fuel for the actual battle.
Moebius Zero (TS-MA2mod.00) - A mobile armour that was designed especially for Newtype user. Armed with only with a linear gun and four gunbarrels (attached by wires) doesn't sound like it could stand up to mobile suits but the unit's strength is in its pilot. The four gunbarrels are able to separate from the main unit's body and attack via multiple vectors. With its specially designed cockpit, it enables the Newtype that pilots it mentally control the Gunbarrels so that the enemy never actually gets close to the main fighter section.
Mother Vanguard - The mother ship of the Crossbone Vanguard. Built to symbolise the old wooden ships that traversed the Earth's oceans, the Mother Vanguard retains many of their qualities (such as masts and cannon ports).
Natural - A name given to anyone who isn't a Coordinator. However most Coordinators within ZAFT use the name Terran or Terrans because of their enemy's Earth bound nature.
Nazca-Class - The main warship of the ZAFT space forces. Its standard colour is turquoise and armed with several railguns, beam cannons and can carry up to 6 mobile suits at a time. The Versailles Nazca-Class ship that was sent to capture the Gundams had an increased capacity, allowing it to carry 9 mobile suits by sacrificing weapons power.
Newtype - A person, who Zeon Zum Deikun, described as having great understanding of all physical and non-physical aspects of the universe. Zeon Zum Deikun said that these Newtypes were the next step in human evolution due to adapting to a new environment, space. Though no conclusive evidence have been found about the Newtypes that Zeon portrayed but there are a small number of the human race have developed greater mental abilities such as higher response rates and telepathic abilities. These people, though still not the Newtypes that Zeon spoke about, were labelled as Newtypes.
New York Treaty, The - This treaty between Oz and the Titan governments ensured that each government and military would not interfere with each other's affairs within their respective borders. However after the start of the war with ZAFT, infringements on this treaty have become frequent during skirmishes.
Normal Suit - A name given to spacesuits after the introduction of mobile suits. Basically done to avoid confusion between the two.
Nord Industries - A multinational company in manufacture of electrical goods to military hardware. Its HQ is based in Orb while its factories and research centres are based around the Earth-Moon system, such as the one on Heliopolis. It has links to many organisations with known ones like the AEUG and Karaba by supplying them with prototype units for field-testing and helping the Titans create the Gundams with Phase Shift Armour. It is rumoured that Nord Industries is involved with the Romefeller Foundation.
Oldtype - Anyone who is not an Newtype.
Orb (The Alliance of Orb Islands) - One of the smaller but influential countries that was created after the end of World War III. This country was formerly known as the Hawaiian Islands but many peace activists and high-tech manufacturers relocated there because of the Orb islands of non-aggression. With help from these high-tech companies Orb has managed to create its own army of advanced mobile suits and navy with a very well trained, voluntary, military force. One of the world's largest electronics manufacturer, Nord Industries, is based on Orb.
Oz (Organisation Zodiac) - Another organisation that was created at the end of World War III. This group was similar to today's European Union and Eastern Asia but the government system is based upon the old aristocracy and puts high emphasis on honour and class. The government of Oz is in the form of the today's UK government, the parliament. There are two tiers, the Commons and the Lords. The Commons is made up of civilian representatives from around Europe and part of Russia while the Lords is the high ranking military, people with connections to the secretive Romefeller Foundation and other multinational companies with links to royalty. Though the Lords parliament rarely intervenes with decisions of the Commons parliament it is still a well-known fact that the Oz military controls much of their functions.
Oz military, The - Though a third of the size of the Titan military, Oz troops are best known for their high skills in all forms of combat and spending on intelligence. Their mobile suits, though lack variation, are designed for all round combat, such as the Leo. The Oz troops are renown for their beliefs in honour and bravery. Oz troops have been known to self detonate their suits on the enemy to ensure victory. Under the sole command of Riken Holm, the Oz soldiers would gladly lay down their lives for him.
Oz Prize Miltary, The - A separate organisation to the Oz military, Oz Prize is commanded by four Oz Prize Generals who work under the Romefeller Foundation, or the most of the Lords Parliament of Oz. The Oz Prize military are said to be fanatically loyal to the Romefeller Foundation, not to Riken Holm. They also have greater funding, often from the members of Romefeller Foundation.
Pegasus II-Class - Based upon the first Zeon battleship, Pegasus-Class White Base, the Pegasus Class was adopted by the EUF and improved upon. There are several lines created from the original, the Pegasus II-Class was the first. Armed with many anti-ground and anti-air guns with several main guns and two mega particle cannons.
Phase Shift - Equipped only on the Gundams developed by the Titans and Nord Industries on the Orb colony Heliopolis. The armour works by creating an electromagnetic field that polarises the entire outer armour of the Gundams. This electromagnetic field absorbs and deflects all physical attacks such as bullets but not beam technology such as beam sabres or beam rifle rounds. The downside of this technology is that it requires a massive amount of power, which a normal Minovsky nuclear generator cannot provide; therefore an onboard battery is installed on all 5 Gundam units thus limiting the operational time of the units (factors that limit the time includes use of thrusters, movement, use of weapons etc.). An interesting effect of the Phase Shift armour is its ability to change colour of the material it comes into contact with so that is why the five Gundams are grey when powered down and change colours when the electromagnetic field touches it.
Principality of Zeon, The - Created by Degwin Zabi after the death of Zeon Zum Deikun to complete his ideals. This organisation was similar to an aristocracy with the Zabi family held as the monarchs.
Project Exodus - The initial mass migration of the Earth's population to the colonies.
Re-GZ (RGZ-91) - A high performance prototype mobile suit that pioneered the transforming mobile suit concept. Able to dock with a Back Weapon System that was basically outer armour enabled the mobile suit to be piloted and used like a mobile armour. The Re-GZ mobile suit had a standard complement of beam rifle, beam sabre and vulcans while it's Back Weapon System comprised of missile launchers, a large and two smaller beam cannons.
Salamis-Class - The UN's main battleship during the Zeon War. Their design was taken from ocean going warships so that manufacturers could produce them quickly and easily. Not designed to carry mobile suits (due to design limitations) inside its hull, the battleship had to strap them onto its outer hull. Later designs during the Zeon War enabled them to carry mobile suits but these ships were few in number.
Shoal Zone - An area of space that is filled with debris, either space rock or destroyed man-made objects.
Strike Gundam (GAT-X105) - The only mobile suit in the 5 GAT Gundams to have a modular design. Its colour scheme is based off the original Gundam to honour the White Meteor of the Zeon War. Being one of the most advanced of the 5, the Strike Gundam has four different packs that enables it to excel in close range (Sword Pack), long rang (Launcher Pack and Lightning Pack) and medium range (Aile Pack) combat. These packs are mounted on the back of the Strike Gundam through a laser-guided system to ensure perfect docking. Its pilot, Marcus Kolin, uses this suit to pursue the other four stolen Gundams.
Tallgeese (OZ-00MS )- The very first mobile suit that the Oz military developed themselves. The mobile suit exceeded everyone's expectations however testing showed that the Tallgeese was far too powerful for the average to control. Therefore the Leo was developed as a toned down version of the Tallgeese. Soon after, the scientists who designed the Tallgeese disappeared. The Tallgeese is armed with a dober gun (an advanced bazooka) with two beam sabres. This might not seem like much but the Tallgeese's speed and manoeuvrability makes up for the lack of weapons. Major James Harris, the only pilot in the Oz military that can control the machine successfully, pilots the Tallgeese.
Taurus (OZ-12SMS) - Oz's second-generation space mobile suit. Hoping to replace the slightly outdated Leo Space-types, the Taurus is superior to the Leo in every aspect. Able to transform into mobile armour mode, the Taurus is able to travel longer distances and faster than its Leo predecessor. Armed either a beam rifle or beam cannon the Taurus is designed specifically for long-range scouting and sniping missions. Usually painted black for camouflage and for psychological purposes.
Titans, The - An organisation that was set up by civilians and politicians after the end of World War III. This group had influence and power that spanned through Africa, the Americas and parts of Oceania. This government abolished all borders between these countries and allowed free flow of people between regions, which in turn created economic and technological growth. Soon the Titans became the largest country ever to be seen on the face of the planet. The Titan government is based in Washington DC where each region has a seat within a senate and can express views and pass policies.
Titan military, The - The official armed forces of the Titans. Because of the huge area that the Titan government controls, the number of men and women who serve is immense. Because of high budgets given to military research and development, the Titan's forces are envied as being the best-equipped force ever. However due to the emphasis on technology, the men and women who serve do not receive the highest quality training and there are often disagreements between different regional armies.
United Nations (UN), The - The exact same organisation that exists today however this United Nations has far more military power than it has now. Since every country on the planet is a member, the UN Council became a world government, influencing economies, laws and politics of all its members.
Vernier(s) - The nozzle of a mobile's suits engine that pumps out waste gasses and steers the mobile suit.
Virsago, Gundam (NRX-0013) - Using plans for the GAT Gundams, the Titans secretly built two additional units without the aid of Nord Industries. Though it lacks the Phase Shift armour on the GAT Gundams the Virsago includes a megasonic gun on its chest, which has an output of several beam cannons. It also has two strike claws for grappling attacks and claw beam cannons mounted on their palms. Stolen by the Neo Zeon's Special Forces Nicolas Fin as the Titans finished the unit.
Vulcan - Contrary to common belief this is not a pointy eared alien. A vulcan cannon is a high-powered machinegun mounted onto battleships. On Gundams, vulcan cannons are usually mounted on the mobile suit's head while on other mobile suits vulcan cannons can be found anywhere on its body. A variation of the vulcan cannon is the new Igelstellung cannons, which are built into the GAT Gundams for testing.
Wing Gundam (XXXG-001W) - Built from the plans of the GAT Gundams and sent to Earth by the AEUG. This Gundam, like the Aegis Gundam, has the ability to transform into a mobile armour except the Wing Gundam transforms into a bird-like mobile armour. Armed with a large buster rifle (a portable and more powerful version of the mega particle cannon found on battleships), a shield and beam sabres make the Wing Gundam an all round combat machine. Its wing like thrusters mounted on its back enables it to control its flight and to help heat dissipation when entering the atmosphere.
World War III - Occurred after the end of the Zeon War with the collapse of the United Nations. Although the colonies were not directly involved, resources were still pulled from them to fund and fuel each of the countries. The war mainly involved the American continent and the East Asian continent but other countries were dragged into it due to threats of nuclear and biological weapons. Eventually the people of Earth got sick and tired of war. They overthrew the old governments and set up their own. The war lasted 5 years and the death toll topped two hundred million.
ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) - The very first Coordinator nation and military. Formed to rid the Titans and Oz from oppressing Coordinators on colonies, the group was formed by rich Coordinators and a mass desertion of Coordinator soldiers and officers from mainly the Titan and Oz militaries. This government currently rules a cluster of colonies that only house Coordinators and very few non-coordinators who sympathise with them. Their troops are far more able in combat than any soldier in history because of their altered DNA and funding by wealthy Coordinators enabled them to create mobile suits to combat any threat. Ever since ZAFT's creation, several countries on the Earth have given their support to them and offered their bases as a beachhead for ZAFT forces (this is mainly because of dissatisfaction of the aid these countries are getting to rebuild by the EUF and felt that ZAFT would offer more help to them). From there, ZAFT forces have begun overwhelming Titan and Oz troops in Africa, Oceania and Eastern Asia.
Zaku - The very first mobile suit to be created. Versatile and powerful, the design of the Zaku was quickly adopted by Zeon forces during the Zeon War because of its low production costs and easily modifiable design.
Zeon War - The name of the war between the Republic of Zeon and the United Nations to free the colonies from Earth's rule. Even though it lasted only a year, quarter of the human race became casualties, civilian and military. The war also saw the use of Newtypes in battle and how their expanded consciousnesses was able to use remote weapons on mobile suits. After the defeat of Zeon at the A Boa Qu asteroid fortress, most of the remaining Zeon forces left the Earth-Moon system on an asteroid called Axis.
Zeon Zum Deikun - A philosopher who lived on the colonies who advocated the notion of Newtypes. He was imprisoned by the UN for encouraging terrorism and violence but was later freed by pressure from every colony and many countries on the Earth too. His ideas were about the evolution of the human race while preserving the planet Earth. However he died under mysterious circumstances soon after his release. It has been rumoured that he had two sons that only his closest friends knew about but after his death, both of them disappeared.
Zeta Plus A1 (MSZ-006A1) - The second generation of the Zeta-Project. After a long period of development and testing by the AEUG and Nord Industry to create an all round mobile suit, the Zeta Gundam series was perfected. The Zeta Plus A1 is one of the first descendants of the original Zeta Gundam. Armed with two beam cannons, a pair of beam sabres and vulcans, the Zeta Plus A1 also included the Waverider mobile armour mode of the original. The Zeta series allowed its suits to be used on land, sky and space to lessen the cost of producing specialised units.
Zondo Gei - The standard issue mobile suit of the Crossbone Vanguard. Though few in numbers, their experienced pilots are able to pilot these small nimble mobile suits and run circles around inexperienced pilots. Armed with a shot-lancer and standard beam rifle and sabre.