My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 11

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As the steel door opened, the four foals felt their bodies lock up. When a teal stallion walked into the room the four desperately tried to move, to run through the door and escape. However, their bodies wouldn't move. The stallion grabbed Skyline and placed him under his arm before turning tail and walked back out the room.


"Put him down!" Scootaloo yelled, but the teal stallion paid no mind to her or the other two that were yelling at him. The stallion placed Skyline on the cart before slamming the door shut.


A charcoal stallion walked around Skyline and examined him. Once done he turned to the teal stallion and asked, "Is this the Pony she wanted in the main event? He looks so scrawny. I don't think it will be a good finale." The charcoal stallion walked behind Skyline and began to push the cart.


"I'm not paid to think. I'm paid to bring whatever the Professor wants. Whether it's: contestants to The Arena or new subjects from outside," the teal stallion said before he continued, "So let's get this foal to the elevator so I can be done and head to The Lounge."


"Shit, you're done after this? I wish I was in your hooves. I have to head to The Line after this," the charcoal stallion said before he added, "You going to try and use the present the Professor gave us?"


"Shit I can try, but nine times out of ten there's a fucking line of stallions waiting to use it. The bastard who's already using it takes forever to finish," the teal stallion ranted.


"I know, it's so addictive. Once you start, you really don't want to stop. I just hope there's still time to get one more session in before the Professor takes it away for the night. I can already see it now," the charcoal stallion said.


"Dude!" the teal stallion yelled before he continued, "You're drooling. It's disgusting!"


"Sorry, couldn't help it," the charcoal stallion said.


Once they got to the elevator, the teal stallion picked up Skyline and placed him on the blue floor of the elevator. The doors closed and Skyline's body was once again able to move. Instead of running around the small space he sat there and waited for the elevator to move. He took a deep breath as the elevator started to move. He knew he'd be going to The Arena, but what he didn't know as the elevator stopped and the dirt floor surrounded him. Was the horror that lay and waits for him.


His eyes widened as he looked around at The Arena. It was a complete bloodbath. Blood splattered the ground and dampened the dirt floor, body parts were scattered around, and blood dripped from one of the lights were a Pony hung from one of the lights hanging from the dome ceiling.


"Well, it's been an amazing battle today hasn't it?" Jukebox said as the crowd erupted in cheers. Once they died down, he continued, "Our main event will surely be the highlight of the night. So without further ado, in the red square: she's the mare of nature. This is Saproling." The crowd once again erupted in cheers.


"Oh thank you, thank you. You all are far too kind," Saproling said as she waved to the crowd like she had just won the Mrs. Equestria Pageant. She was a mint green mare with a violet mane that looked like there were fireflies in it.


"And in the blue square: he's the colt the walks among the spirits. This is Spirit Walker," Jukebox announced. The crowd seemed to lose their minds and cheer even louder than when Saproling was announced. Skyline looked around and realized Jukebox was talking about him. Why did he call him that? Why not call him by his real name? His questions went unanswered as Jukebox asked, "Red square, are you ready?"


"For you dear, I'm always ready," Saproling flirted.


"Yes, well," Jukebox stuttered before he composed himself and continued, "Blue square, are you ready?" Skyline didn't say a word once again and Jukebox continued with the countdown before yelling begin.


"Oh my, I don't know if I can hurt a tiny foal," Saproling said sweetly before her demeanor changed to a more sadistic state and she added, "then again, foals always have the best screams of pain." She ran her left fore-hoof through her mane and the fireflies stuck to it. She flung the fireflies to the ground. Seconds later, thorny vines sprouted from the ground. Saproling pointed to Skyline and the vines shot towards him. Before they could make contact, Skyline dove to the right to avoid them. As they slammed into the ground, Skyline rolled back to his hooves and watched as the vines slithered back to Saproling. She seemed not to care when the vines missed their target. In fact, her smile only grew when they did miss.


"Oh, I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you. You would make this fight fun. It will be so rewarding," Saproling said as her Cheshire cat grin grew and she added, "When I rip you limb from limb." The vines shot back towards Skyline once again. [i]Alright, you can show up anytime now[/i]! Skyline thought as he pictured the tiger in his mind.


The tiger's roar echoed around the dome as the vines collided with an invisible wall and coiled on top of themselves. This caused Saproling to laugh out loud and yelled, "Oh I knew you'd be fun to play with!" Skyline watched as the thick white fog started to gather in front of him. He turned to look at his body and saw the white fog slither out of his body. When he turned forward, the tiger was fully materialized. It roared again to make its presence known.


"Now I know why they call you Spirit Walker. Oh, I can't wait to play with your little kitty cat," Saproling said delightedly before the vines shot forward again towards the tiger.


The tiger bounded towards the vines and leaped into the air before spinning like a wheel. As it passed by the vines, they were sliced down the middle. The vines fell to the ground as green ooze seeped from their open wounds. They wilted away as the tiger landed on the ground and charged towards Saproling who didn't look worried.


In that moment, Skyline realized that Saproling threw eight fireflies to the ground, but only four vines sprouted out. Before he could warn the tiger, a vine erupted under the tiger and sent it flying into the air. Three more vines shot out of the ground and raced towards the tiger. One of the vines wrapped around the tiger's torso and flung it to the ground. When the Tiger slammed into the ground it let out a wail of pain. Skyline winced as he felt a sharp pain go through his body. Another vine shot into the dust cloud from the collision and flung the tiger back into the air just for another vine to grab the tiger and once again fling it into the ground.


"Oh, this is so much fun!" Saproling laughed as the vines continued to throw the tiger into the air before they flung the tiger into the ground. [i]I can't just stand here and do nothing. I have to do something[/i] Skyline thought as the tiger wailed in pain again. He mustered up all his courage, let out his best battle cry, and charged at Saproling. Saproling looked at Skyline and said, "Oh how cute. You think you're intimidating." Saproling ran her left fore-hoof through her mane and blew a single firefly from it. It flew through the air before settling on the ground. A vine erupted from the ground in front of Skyline and looped around towards him. The end of the vine morphed into a dome cage that trapped Skyline. The vine bars had sharp thorns pointed at Skyline.


"Now just sit there and look cute. I'll be over to play with you shortly," Saproling said as she turned her attention from him to the tiger. One of the vines wrapped around the tiger's torso and pinned it to the ground while the other three started to whip it. The tiger wailed in pain as each vine found purchase.


Skyline winced as pain shot through his body again. Each crack of the vines shot more pain into his body. He could feel the pain the tiger was in. [i]Stop it, stop it stop it[/i]! Skyline thought before a sharp pain in his back made him rear back and scream, "STOP IT!


A massive roar echoed throughout the arena. It shook the ground and made the glass dome tremble. The vines seemed to shiver at the sheer force of the roar and slithered back into the ground. Saproling watched as thick white fog erupted from Skylines body and gathered in the air above the ground. Pitch black wings made of smoke extended from the swirling fog before it took shape.


A white Dragon slammed to the ground. Its black wings folded against its thick white fog body. It reared back and vomited blue mist at the vine that trapped Skyline. Once the mist hit the vine, it froze solid before it shattered into blue dust. Skyline marveled at the sheer size of the Dragon. However, it might have been ten feet tall. The Arena and dome made the Dragon look tiny. Even if the Dragon would stand on its hind legs. It wouldn't even come close to the top of the dome. The Dragon went over to the tiger and picked it up with its right front claw. When it set the tiger on all fours, the tiger staggered before finding its footing. The tiger nodded to the Dragon before both creatures turned their gaze to Saproling.


"How wonderful! A new toy to play with," Saproling sang as she quickly ran both her fore-hooves through her mane and scattered fireflies around her. Once they hit the ground, vines erupted from the ground. Skylines ears bent back at the number of vines she had planted. It looked like a wall of twisting and turning vines. The Dragon and tiger roared before charging towards Saproling and the wall of vines. Saproling laughed, "Now let's have some fun!" She pointed at the two creatures and the vines shot towards them.


The Dragon took flight and vomited blue mist at some of the vines. They froze instantly and shattered to blue dust as the tiger ran past. Other vines shot towards the tiger to find purchase, but the tiger jumped and serpentine around each vine that tried to grab it. The Dragon soared around and dove towards more of the vines before vomiting blue mist. The vines froze solid and shattered as the tiger continued its charge towards Saproling who was laughing.


"This is so much fun!" she yelled just as vines shot out of the ground and sent the tiger into the air. The tiger roared as it was sent flying. The Dragon soared towards the tiger to catch it, but vines shot out of the ground and wrapped around the Dragon's body. It was suddenly pulled violently to the ground. It roared as it was slammed into the ground. A vine wrapped around the tiger and looped around before slamming it to the ground. Saproling sighed, "Oh that was so fun, but this can't last forever. So." She was interrupted by Skyline jumping on her back and hitting her with his fore-hooves.


While she was occupied by the Dragon and tiger. He had snuck around to try and stop her. He was now using all his strength to hit her. She yelled at him to get off as she tried to buck him off. He grabbed her mane and pulled hard to stop her and to hang on.


"Let go!" she screamed as she tried to buck him off. Her rage grew as she screamed even louder, "GET OFF!" a vine slammed into the side of Skyline sending him to the ground. She checked her mane to see how much damage he did. Her left eye twitched when she noticed some of her mane was pulled out.


"You know, you were so cute before. Now you're just an annoyance. I was going to pull your pet's limb from limb, but after that little stupid stunt," Saproling hissed as vines wrapped around Skylines hooves and lifted him up. They began to pull in opposite directions as Saproling growled, "I'll just tear you apart instead."


Skyline began to scream as he felt the vines pull him. The joints in his legs began to pop as the pain started to grow. Saproling seemed to find joy in his screaming as her smile returned. The Dragon and tiger tried to fight off the vines that kept them pinned, but couldn't break their bonds. A vine had wrapped itself around the Dragon's mouth to keep it from breathing blue mist.


Before the vines could finish the job, the ground behind Saproling popped up like a trapdoor as a Pony size trapdoor spider made out of thick white fog lunged at her. Its fangs sunk into her flesh as its pitch black smoke front legs wrapped around her and dragged her to the open ground. Her scream only lasted a second before the spider dragged her into the ground and the door closed. The vines suddenly wilted away and fell to the ground releasing the tiger, Dragon, and Skyline. Skyline hit the ground and groaned as the ground once again rose up as the spider crawled out from it. It dropped the lifeless body of Saproling to the ground before crawling to Skyline. One of its legs poked at Skyline to make sure he was still breathing.


"That hurts," Skyline said before he started to stand. His legs burned as he stood on them. What Skyline and Saproling didn't know was that when he was hit by the vine and had hit the ground. The White fog had slithered out of his body and into the ground to form the trapdoor spider. The Dragon and tiger joined the two. The reunion didn't last as electricity shot through Skyline's body. The Dragon and tiger roared in pain as the spider crouched down in pain. Skyline screamed as it went through his body before all three creatures dissipated and he fell to the ground unconscious. The wall opened up and two mares rushed out and placed him on the cart.


"Wait a moment," the red mare said. The two mares looked up at the skybox as the red mare added, "Bring him to me."