My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 14

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

"Hey, hey! Put me down!" Scootaloo yelled. A pit formed in Skylines stomach as he heard her protests. The pit grew when he saw the tan stallion walk past him with Scootaloo under his arm.


"She wants me, not her! Take me to The Arena, That's what Nip Tuck wants!" Skyline screamed.


The stallion stopped and turned his head towards Skyline. His sly smile grew as he said, "Is that what you think?" the stallion laughed before he faced forward and walked out with Scootaloo.


When the door slammed shut, Skyline felt his body unlock and he charged the door. He slammed the right side of his body into the door in hopes of it opening. He stepped back and charged at the door again. All the while yelling, "It's me she wants, not her! Bring her back and take me instead!" tears welling up in his eyes from both the pain in his shoulder and the guilt of knowing it was somehow his fault Scootaloo was taken.


Skyline continued to ram his body into the door in hopes it would budge, open, or the doggy door would break and he could try to escape through the hole and save his friend. The window tore open and a pair of lilac eyes glared at Skyline. When Skyline slammed into the door for the sixth time. The mare on the other side yelled, "Stop that!" Skyline ignored her and continued to slam into the door. The mare then warned, "If you continue, I will be forced to take action. Now Stop!" Skyline ignored her warning and continued. I have to get out, I have to save her. No Pony should suffer because of me! Skyline screamed in his mind.


"Skyline Stop! You're going to hurt yourself," Sweetie Belle pleaded. Skyline ignored her as well and charged the steel door again. At first, when he started slamming into the door he had a steady gallop, but now it slowed to a limp run as pain shot through his shoulder. Skyline slammed into the door and winced as pain burned through his shoulder and the right side of his body. He limped back, ready to charge again.


Electricity jolted through Skyline's body. He winced and tensed up as it coursed through his body. He used all his strength to slowly move towards the door while yelling through gridded teeth, "I won't stop! You hear me, Nip Tuck! I won't let you take my friends!" he willed his body to move closer to the steel door as electricity shot through his body making the pain in his shoulder intensify. However, even though his muscles screamed for him to stop. He refused until he broke down the door.


"If you do not stop, I will be forced to increase the voltage," the mare warned.


"Skyline stop!" Apple Bloom cried, but Skyline ignored them all and continued to push himself towards the door. The electricity suddenly intensified. Skyline screamed in pain before his body fell to the ground and began to convulse with his legs stiff. The window slammed shut before the electricity stopped. His body stopped convulsing seconds after the electricity ceased. He hyperventilated as he tried to catch his breath.


"Are you alright?" Sweetie Belle said as she and Apple Bloom rushed over to check on him.


"I have to stop her!" Skyline said as he attempted to stand. His legs couldn't support him and he fell back to the floor. He tried to stand again while saying, "I have to save Scootaloo from Nip Tuck!"


"Skyline stop!" Apple Bloom yelled as she smacked Skyline in the face. Skyline stopped and looked up at Apple Bloom as she added, 'Now calm down. Who is Nip Tuck and why would she want to hurt Scootaloo?" Skyline sighed as he sat up and apologized before he began to explain what had happened yesterday.


"So wait a minute, you're saying she infused magic into all of us? When? How?" Apple Bloom asked.


"I'm not sure, she never answered that question. I think when we were brought here is when she did it," Skyline said as he shook his head and added, "I should have taken the offer. Then none of this would have happened."


"Are you crazy?!" Sweetie Belle protested before she continued, "Who in their right mind would accept that kind of offer from a mad mare?"


"Sweetie Belle's right. No Pony would accept that kind of offer," Apple Bloom said.


"But if she did infuse everyone here with magic. I'm not sure how Scootaloo will fair against somepony with abilities," Sweetie Belle said.


The three foals sat in the middle of the room and waited. For the entire day, they stared at the steel door waiting for it to open and a member of the staff to throw Scootaloo into the room. As the day went, they heard the sound of hooves and the squeaky cart. Each time they waited with bated breath, but as the cart and hooves passed them. They became more and more worried. When three trays slid through the doggy door, the three knew Scootaloo wasn't coming back. Even before the trays, Sweetie Belle had already started to sob. Apple Bloom tried to keep back her tears to help her friend, but it was a losing battle. Skyline hung his head and knew this was his fault.


The three ate in silence; their goop seemed more disgusting them usual. However, they still ate it and placed the trays in the front corner of the room. The light seemed to click off early and the two fillies went to the back corner while skyline was left sitting in the middle of the room glaring at the door. He slowly laid down not taking his eyes off the door that hid in the darkness of the room. He could hear the two fillies cry themselves to sleep and after a time he fell asleep himself.




Skyline stood in shock as he watched the creatures made of thick white fog be dominated by the creatures of red mist. The cobra wrapped its body around the tiger and began to constrict. The tiger wailed in pain just as the cobra sank its large fangs into the neck of the tiger. The tiger tried to escape, but the snake squeezed tighter. The tiger roared in both anger and pain, but the cobra refused to let go.


The Dragon fell backward into another group of stands. It got back to its feet and roared at the wolf as a second lunged from behind it and sank its teeth into the back of the Dragon's neck. The first wolf howled and charged the Dragon. It jumped forward and sank its fangs into the underbelly of the Dragon. The Dragon roared in pain as the wolves continued their onslaught while keeping the Dragon pinned down.


The scorpion lifted the spider and slammed it into the ground with its right pincer. Using its left pincer it grabbed one of the spider's legs and tore it from the spider's body. It then began to stab its stinger into the underbelly of the spider. The spider tried to use its legs to free itself but using its right pincer. The scorpion began tearing the spider's legs from its body.


The sphere bounced around the bull as pillars of rock erupted around it. The sphere bounced around each one before it slammed into the side of the bull. It skidded to the side before it reared back and slammed its front hooves to the ground. Two rock hands erupted from the ground and quickly grabbed the sphere. The sphere tried to escape, but the two hands slammed together before they started to squeeze the sphere. The sphere began to bounce, trying to free itself, but to no avail.


There was a flash of lightning and a crackle of thunder as the gorilla slammed to the ground with smoke rising from its chest. The hydra slowly stalked the gorilla as all four of its mouths opened up. Lightning began to scattered between the hydra's teeth before it shot four bolts of lightning. The gorilla shrieked in pain as the lightning hit its body. Smoke rose from its body as the hydra prepared for another attack.


"This all could have been avoided," Nip Tuck said as she walked up next to Skyline. Skyline jumped back in surprise at the sight and sound of her. His surprise turned into rage as he charged at Nip Tuck. He lunged for her, but his body phased right through her body. He hit the ground and rolled back to his feet as she continued, "If you had just accepted my offer. They wouldn't be suffering and Scootaloo would still be alive."


"What sane Pony would accept such an offer?!" Skyline shouted. Nip Tuck laughed at his remark and her sadistic crooked smile grew.


"Face it: you did this to them. You condemned them to pain and suffering. Scootaloo is dead because of your arrogance," Nip Tuck stated matter-a-factly before she slowly added, "It's. All. Your. Fault."


A tree erupted from the ground behind Nip Tuck. The branches had no leaves on them and hanging from one of the branches on the right side was Scootaloo's body with a vine wrapped around her neck. Her lifeless eyes stared at Skyline as Nip Tuck said, "All this could have than if you had just said yes, but instead you decided to throw your friend to the slaughter."


"I didn't know! I didn't know this would happen!" Skyline cried as he slowly backed away.


Nip Tuck slowly began to stalk him while saying, "You let her die! It's your entire fault!" Skyline continued to back away while he begged for the nightmare to end. The ground under him shattered and he once again found himself falling down the tunnel. The image of the two Ponies appeared, but this time he could make out more details. The Unicorn lying on the ground struggled to move its leg, but couldn't. Its horn illuminated, but only sparks came out. It shook its head and began to speak, but its voice was muffled. A Pegasus standing in front of the Unicorn extended its wings to appear larger than it was as the black figures of wolves slowly stocked the two. The Pegasus told the Unicorn something, but the Unicorn shook its head. The wolf pack lunged for them and the two Ponies and Wolfpack scattered in a blood red mist.




Skyline jolted awake and looked around at the darkness enveloping the room. The light clicked on and skylines ears bent back before he quickly got up and rushed over to the two fillies. He began to shake them to wake them up. Apple Bloom slowly opened her eyes and yawned while Sweetie Belle snorted awake asking, "What?"


"Quickly, they're coming, we have to hide you two now," Skyline whispered as the sound of hooves and squeaky cart came from behind the door.


"How? There's no place to hide," Sweetie Belle said.


"There," Skyline said as he pointed to the right front corner of the room and explained, "The door opens to the right. If you hide there, the door will hide you when opened." The two fillies rushed over to the front corner and waited while Skyline stood in the middle of the room. They would only see him there and take him to The Arena. The two fillies would be safe.


Five clicks came from the door as Skyline felt his body lock up. He glared at the door as it opened and the chubby tan stallion walked in. He looked at Skyline and his sly smile grew as he said, "Oh, is that how it's going to be?" The stallion then turned and slowly moved the door to find the two fillies behind it. He turned back to Skyline and asked, "How stupid do you think I am?" he then took Sweetie Belle under his arm and walked out the room.