My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Care Bears and My Little Pony at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ❯ Chapter 2: Meet the Opponents ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: Meet the Opponents

Oopsy and Wingnut sighs as they leave the stadium. That was rough but they made it.

"Boy howdy! I done shouldn't be surprised that a competitor from the Care Bears's Gym cleared the prelims." A voice spoke up. Oopsy and Wingnut turns as they saw a competitor from Rainbow's Gym. It is a orange female Earth pony with green eyes, blonde mane and tail, both in a ponytail, wears only a cowboy hat and has three apples marking on her flank.

"Wow, who are you?" Oopsy ask the mare. He yelps as she took his arm, shaking it rapidly.

"Howdy! My name is Applejack, Earth Pony and farmer of Sweet Apple Acres in Equestria! We Apples sure love to make new friends!"

Wingnut whirls as Oopsy comments, "Yeah, I bet. Applejack, huh? We met your sister Apple Bloom earlier! She's in your gym now!"

After Applejack let go, the mare smiles as she spoke, "I know. I is mighty proud of my little sister joining. I saw her event right before I did the Hurdles." She gave a wink to the bear. "Just a fair warning though. Tew are a nice critter, but I done won't hold back during the finals. That gold medals will be coming home with me!

The Star Buddy squeaks in worry as Bright Heart spoke, "Wow! You're going against some tough competition here, Oopsy. She's a trainer for Rainbow's Gym. Best to know about your opponent, it's important."

"So wait, how am I supposed to know more about her?" Oopsy ask Bright Heart in concern.

"Watch her moves and tactics, see how much power, speed, stamina, and skill you two have. Here, let me use this." Bright Heart took out a scanner and scans the two. Everyone waits as the results shows up. "Hoo boy. Oopsy, looks like you or Wingnut don't have much hope winning against Applejack here."

Wingnut beeps in concern. Oopsy spoke up, "What should we do?"

"Remember, before the finals, put in some more training and get a better outfit. It can help you out in the long run."

Oopsy looks at himself and nodded. Looks like Bright Heart's right. He needs an outfit, a better one for this kind of event. But first, the green bear needs training if he can hope to even beat Applejack at Hurdles.


On the other side of the stadium, Apple Bloom came out with Scootaloo, the former smiles proudly. She made it to the finals! Looks like that gold medal is hers!

Scootaloo comments, "4.6 seconds. Admittedly, not at Rainbow or Pinkie's level, but that's still pretty good for somebody WITHOUT super-speed. Good work on clearing the prelims! I knew you would make it through!"

"Boy, I done hope Applejack saw that! I rock! Heehaw!" Apple Bloom exclaims, jumping up and down, throwing bucking kicks with both legs on both side.

Just then, someone approaches the two. It is a blue rabbit with brown eyes, a white muzzle, a blue heart-shaped nose, and white chest with a Swift Heart symbol on it. She spoke up, "Hey! You must be the pony who made it through the 100m preliminaries! I'm Swift Heart Rabbit, and I'm be looking forward to racing you in the finals, kid!"

"Whoa, looks like you're going need to beat one of the trainers from Champ's Gum if you want to take home the gold. A big part of the competition is know what you're going up against, especially since Swift Heart Rabbit is fastest next to Rainbow Dash! Let's compare her ability to yours with this scanner I got." Scootaloo comments. She took out a familiar scanner and scans the two. The filly checks the results, looking worried. "Uh oh."

"What's wrong?" Apple Bloom ask her fellow CMC member in concern. She doesn't like the sound of that!

"Swift Heart's power, stamina, and speed are greater than least your skill level's improved though! To be honest like your sister, your odds of winning against Swift Heart looks slime. Time to train hard and maybe find a better outfit."

"You ain't asking me to get rid of my bow, are you?"

"Hay no, we will keep your bow on your mane, just find an outfit." Scootaloo assures her friend that Apple Bloom herself will have her bow, just an outfit to wear. "If you want to compete against her, you got to improve your skills!"

"Right, make sure you do better, I don't want to compete against slow pokes." Swift Heart teases Apple Bloom a bit, making her blush in embarrassment.

Apple Bloom saw two ponies approaching the two. One of them is a male Pegasus pony with moderate emerald green eyes, a dark grayish phthalate blue mane, a very pale cornflower blue coat, and a yellow lightning bolt with wings for a cutie mark. The pony is also wearing goggles on his head. His name is Soarin', a member of the Wonderbolts and Rainbow's coltfriend.

The other pony is a small, adorable-looking unicorn filly who has a whitish-coat, big sap-green eyes, a unicorn horn and a purple and pink mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a star and musical note on a red, pink, and purple shield. She is known as Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom's friend who is the last founding member of the CMC.

"Hey, kiddo, good work you did it!" Soarin' exclaims excitedly to Apple Bloom. "Good work breezing through the prelims, Rainbow would've been blown away! Make sure you focus on training for the finals and then win us that gold medal!"

"Gotcha, will do my best." Apple Bloom exclaims with a smile.

"We will be cheering you on!" Sweetie giggles, making Apple Bloom grins. She knew one of her good friends would do so.

"Say, have you seen Rainbow around lately?" Soarin' ask in concern as he looks around the area. "I haven't seen her since we got here."

"No, I haven't seen her yet." Apple Bloom said puzzled and concern. Rainbow's missing? That isn't like her to be missing!

"She ain't the only one. Champ is missing too,." Sweetie said in concern. "She is supposed to be captaining our team."

"Right, she left a while ago and hasn't come back." Soarin' sighs as he sit down on his flank, shaking his head. "And at a bad time to wander off. Doesn't she know that the Olympic Games are happening?"

"I know." Scootaloo said concerned, scratching her chin. "That isn't like her. Well...maybe she's back already. She is so fast, I betcha she came into the gym without us noticing."


Oopsy and Wingnut are on their way to Champ's Gym. The bear got a lot of training to do before he could go on to competing against Applejack.

The robot beeps as he points up ahead. There are two members from Champ's Gum walking together. One of them is a female pink bear with a ponytail in a band. She is wearing a yellow jacket with two small hearts on each shoulder arm. She has a rainbow symbol on her tummy. She is Cheer Bear, Champ's girlfriend.

The other is a deeply pink colored bear whose has a tummy symbol of two intertwined hearts with yellow and pink outlines. Her name is Love-a-Lot Bear.

"Oopsy, hey!" Cheer said, waving to Oopsy. "Congratulations on clearing the preliminaries! Keep up your training for a shot at the gold in the finals."

Wingnut nodded. Oopsy spoke excitedly, "Yeah! I can't wait, I will be doing a lot of training for this."

"Right, winning a gold medal isn't an easy feat in the Olympics." Love-a-Lot said with a nod. It's true, it will take a miracle to win the gold in these things.

"We will do all we can to support you." Cheer assures Love-a-Lot, smiling as she patted Oopsy on the shoulder.

"Right, let's work together to go for the gold! All we ask is that you help out when we need ya to."

"Yeah, we will do so." Oopsy said with a smile. He looks around, looking puzzled. "Say, where's Champ Bear? I thought he would still be around."

"Well, Champ has some errands to run, but I really wish he'd get back, it's important." Cheer sighs in concern. Champ hasn't come back from whatever it is he is doing.

"Well, maybe he's at the gym, training. Maybe we could check it out."

"Yeah, we could...."


Soarin' and the CMC entered Rainbow's Gym, expecting the mare to be in there, training. But to their concern and confusion, she isn't in there.

"Huh. She isn't in here." Scootaloo said in concern, frowning. "I was sure she would be in here, being fast and all."

"Well, until she comes back or we find her, we must keep busy. Apple Bloom, start training, now!" Soarin' demands as he pushes Apple Bloom to the 100-meter dash training track. "Come on, move; go on!"

Soarin' took out a whistle and blows it carefully. Apple Bloom yelps as she begins trotting down the track fast. If she wants to beat Swift Heart, the filly needs all the training she can get to beat her!

"You sure that's right?" Sweetie ask Soarin' as Apple Bloom trots to the finish then kept going back to the start to continue training.

"Only way to win this, otherwise, no pain, no gain." Soarin' said with a chuckle as he shouts out to Apple Bloom. "Come on, keep it up!"


The Care Bears group with Oopsy enters Champ's Gym, expecting him to be in here, training. But there is no sign of him anymore.

"No sign, where is that bear?" Cheer ask with a frown of concern. She was hoping Champ would be in here for some training.

"Well, we will have to move on and hope he shows." Bright Heart sighs, shaking his head. No need to put things on hope. "Oopsy, time to train. You need it to beat Applejack at her game."

Oopsy nodded as he got to the training track. Wingnut beeps, cheering him on as the bear begins running and jumping hurdles.

Both events will not happen for a few hours. It's time for the training to begin!

Author's note
Both newcomers are in training, they must train harder to race Applejack and Swift Heart. Can they do so? More to come so read, review and suggest!