My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 9

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

There was a flash of lavender and the four stood in a clearing of the Everfree forest. Twilight looked around and her horn glowed and the lavender aura lifted the map up to her face and said, "So, if the dot is bright brown then would I be wrong to assume this is the Epitaph of the God of Earth: Terra."


"Yes, this is where we'll find Butterfly," Sombra answered. Twilight nodded as Discord walked away from the group and looked around.


"Butterfly! Butterfly it's me Discord. I brought Sombra with me and another friend," Discord yelled in hopes for Butterfly to show herself. When there was no response a sly smile formed on his face as he added, "I brought Tirek with us."


"Rexy!" a voice cried. There was a whoosh that passed by Twilight and towards Tirek. Twilight looked up towards Tirek and saw a breezy snuggling against Tirek's right cheek. She let out a satisfied sigh and added, "How I've missed you Rexy."


"Hello Butterfly," Tirek said annoyed. His glare never left Discord as Discord tried his best to stifle his laughter. Tirek's glare intensified as he mouthed, I'll kill you. Discord let out a snort and almost busted out laughing, but was able to stiffen it.


"I would have never guessed the Epitaph of Terra was," Twilight said before Sombra suddenly teleported causing her to jump. He appeared behind Tirek a good hoof ball field away. Discord suddenly disappeared and reappeared next to Sombra laughing.


"Oh, you did it now," Discord laughed. Twilight stopped and looked at Discord quizzically. She then looked back at Butterfly and saw her loving demeanor suddenly changed to anger and rage. Tirek seemed to even be scared of her as he slowly backed away.


"Was what?! Tiny?" Butterfly hissed. She was floating in the air but slowly started to float down towards the ground. She landed daintily on the ground, but her anger seemed to grow as she roared, "You were going to call me Tiny weren't you!" the earth rumbled and pillars made of rock, dirt, and gravel erupted around Twilight as Twilight looked around scared before looking back at Butterfly.


"I was going to say a Breezy," Twilight cried before she yelled at the top of her lungs, "I was going to say a BREEZY!" the pillars suddenly retracted back into the ground and Butterfly's angry demeanor changed back to her loving, happy demeanor.


"Oh, sorry about that," Butterfly said bubbly as she floated up to Twilight's face and added, "You should say what you mean otherwise you might be misunderstood." She smiled and quickly floated back to Tirek and began to snuggle against his cheek again. Sombra teleported next to Twilight who was staring at Butterfly with her mouth hung open.


"Yeah, probably should have warned you: she hates the words T-I-N-Y and S-M-A-L-L," Sombra explained as he spelled out the words so Butterfly wouldn't react.


"Just because you spell it out doesn't mean I don't know what you're saying," Butterfly said as one eye glared at Sombra who slowly backed away chuckling nervously. Butterfly giggled before Discord appeared next to Twilight. Butterfly stopped snuggling up against Tirek's right cheek and looked at Discord and asked, "Getting all the Epitaphs I see. Going to fight Chaotic?"


"Yes and we were hoping you'd join us," Discord said.


"If Rexy is going, I'm going," Butterfly said before she started once again snuggling up against Tirek's right cheek.


"Hurray," Tirek said in annoyance.


"She knows he's," Twilight whispered to Sombra.


"Nope," Sombra interrupted before adding, "Like everyone says: Love is blind."


"Also dumb and deaf," Discord whispered to the two before he looked back to Butterfly and asked, "Could you get us in touch with Terra? We have a question to ask him." Butterfly nodded and floated from Tirek's right shoulder towards the ground. She then stopped midway as her eyes started to glow and a bright brown sphere appeared underneath her.


"I call to the God of the earth. To the being that molded and shaped this world. To the being that tore open the earth and let the tallest mountains reach to the sky while plowing the soil to let the lakes and rivers settle," Butterfly chanted. She suddenly floated into the sphere and a bright light engulfed them all.




Twilight removed her hoof and saw they were in a large rock quarry. She looked around and awed at how large the rock walls were. Butterfly floated off of Tirek's right shoulder and called, "Terra, Terra where are you?" the others began to search for Terra in the quarry.


"What happened to the darkness we saw when we met Void?" Twilight asked as she continued to look for Terra.


"Every God has their own Plain they live in," Tirek explained before he added, "Void likes the nothingness. He says it feels homey or some crap." Twilight nodded and suddenly stopped. She narrowed her eyes and began to walk toward one of the walls of the quarry. As she drew closer the shape of what looked a closed eyelid started to form on the wall. She stopped and cocked her head at the shape. The eyelid suddenly opened and a pus yellow eyeball stared at her with a large slanted emerald pupil. Twilight screamed and rapidly backed away from the eyeball.


The Rock wall shook violently as a large pincer rocketed out the wall before three more pincers came out. All four pierced into the ground and began to pull out the creature. Twilight watched as the large 30-foot creature resembled a scorpion. Its armor was a plum color with three rock spikes shooting from its back. It had two arms on either side, each with a large pincher that snapped. Five long legs on either side bent and let joints pop as it bobbed and knelt. Its three long tails curled and each had a large stinger at the tip. Its large eye looked at Twilight before one of its pinchers lifted up and Butterfly landed on it. The eye then turned to look at Butterfly. It narrowed and then opened again.


"My Sweet Butterfly, how have you been?" the large Scorpion asked. Like Void, his voice did not reverberate from the scorpion but inside all their minds.


"I'm sorry Terra, did we wake you?" Butterfly said.


"No," Terra said lazily as he admitted, "I was simply resting my eye."


"That's sleeping," Butterfly said before she sighed and floated from his large pincer back to Tirek's right shoulder. She turned back to Terra and added, "I've brought some guests who wish to ask you a question."


The large pus yellow eye looked to each being and said, "Epitaphs of Void, Eclipse, and Chaotic. Please step forward." Discord, Sombra, and Tirek all stepped forward and bowed.


"Oh great God of the earth, we wish to ask how and why Chaotic became corrupted," Sombra asked.


"How should I know," Terra lazily said before he added, "Why not ask Void. He and Chaotic were like brothers."


"We did, but my God does not know why he became corrupted," Tirek stated.


"Interesting," Terra said before his eye landed on Twilight. A pincer suddenly jabbed in the air and pointed towards Twilight and Terra added, "You step forward." Twilight jumped and quickly stepped forward before bowing.


"Y-yes of Great God of the earth," Twilight stuttered.


"The three alicorns have graced you with their powers. Did something happen?" Terra said.


"Yes," Twilight admitted sadly before she added, "Chaotic captured Luna, Celestia, and Cadence. I wish to rescue them."


"But you don't know if you can stop Chaotic," Terra interrupted. Twilight looked up and simply nodded. Even though he had no facial features, Twilight felt his expression softened as he stated, "Do not underestimate yourself little Pony. I sense great power within you. Do not forget that." Twilight stared into his eye and a smile formed on her face.


"Thank you," Twilight said. Terra seemed to nod and suddenly all four of his pincers pierced into the ground and the ground shattered. The five felt their bodies fall into darkness.




Twilight's eyes shot open and she found they stood in the clearing in the middle of the Everfree Forest. She looked around and found Sombra, Tirek, Discord, and Butterfly were slowly opening their eyes.


"So, where to now?" Butterfly asked as she stood on Tirek's right shoulder.


"Oh, Oh I know!" Discord said with a smile as he snapped his fingers and the map appeared in front of him. He examined the map and his smile grew before he said, "Time for some fun." and snapped his fingers again.


"Wait!" Twilight said but it was too late. The five suddenly disappeared from the clearing in the middle of the Everfree.




Void was curled up and let out a sigh. His long snake body was curled over itself and he was about to fall asleep when all twelve eyes shot open. He lifted his head and stared into the inky darkness of the nothing. His forked tongue flickered before he called out, "Who's there. Show yourself." Void waited and saw a shadow slithered and grow in the nothingness. Void's head lifted higher and bared his glowing white teeth waiting for whoever or whatever was coming. A low hiss came from his throat but soon subsided when he saw who was coming from the nothingness.


"Calm yourself, my friend," Terra said as he walked into the light. All ten of his spear like legs tapped on the ground. Void let out a sigh and lowered his head so it rested on his body.


"What brings you to my plain my friend," Void asked.


"I've come to talk, nothing more," Terra said as his large eye lazily and slowly blinked.


"Very well," Void said. The two sat in silence for what felt for an eternity before Terra broke the silence.


"You and Chaotic were as close as brothers. So how can you not know what happened to him?" Terra said before he added, "We God's were stunned as to why he had been corrupted. We thought Eclipse had done it since she corrupted her own Epitaph, but you know the real reason. Don't you?" all twelve eyes looked at Terra before the closed and Void let out a sad sigh.


"I do and I feel terrible for lying to them, but I did not want to alarm them while they gather the other Epitaphs. So I lied, but I plan on letting them know when they gather all the Epitaphs. However, I'm not sure how they'll take it. Especially Chaotic's Epitaph," Void explained. Terra looked at Void and his large eye slowly blinked before he turned around.


"I hope you know what you're doing my friend," Terra said before he walked off into the nothingness. The outline of his body suddenly disappeared.


"I've been asking myself that ever since they left," Void sighed before all twelve eyes closed.