My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 10

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Two Jackals glared at one another as they sat across from each other. Their hands clamped together in a struggle as the two continued their arm wrestling contest, not giving the other an inch. Their muscles bulged under their black fur as both bared their teeth. A flash cause one of the jackals to look away from the other and loosen his grip. The other took the chance and slammed the back of his hand on the table. The loser looked back at the winner and growled before he lunged at him and the two began to fight as their fists found purchase against their bodies.


Twilight vomited to the sandy ground, but nothing but yellow stomach bile came out. She dry heaved for several more seconds before she looked up at Discord and said, "This is why I wanted to teleport us."


"Oh you'll get used to it," Discord said as he looked around the village. Its huts were domed shaped and made with a combination of clay, sand, and large cube-like rocks. Discord heard a commotion and turned to see two Jackals fighting and rolling around in the sand. Their anthropomorphic forms mangled with one another as they threw punches at each other.


"Where are we?" Twilight asked as she wiped a little bit of bile from the corner of her mouth.


"I believe this is Crypt Seven or Nine," Discord said before he added, "It's a small Jackal village several miles away from Appaloosa."


"Don't Jackals live in the underground city of Crypttopia?" Sombra asked as he stopped and looked at a produce stand. The Jackal manning it was asleep. His arms folded on his stomach while his head rested on his chest.


"Yes, but because of an increase in population. Some of the Jackals moved from the underground city and took up shop in small villages above ground," Twilight explained before she added, "What I give to see the underground city."


"The city is very breathtaking," Sombra said as he walked up to her. The produce stand owner snorted awake and began yelling at three Jackal pups who had taken some of his product.


"You've seen it?" Twilight marveled.


"Yeah," Sombra said as he nodded and continued, "Went to visit a friend there. That was before." Sombra stopped and sighed, "Before I became corrupted."


Discord talked with an elderly Jackal who nodded and pointed down a long dirt pathway towards a much larger dome hut. Discord thanked him and trotted back towards the group and said, "We need to go there." Discord pointed to the large dome hut.


"Why?" Butterfly asked as she stood on Tirek's right shoulder.


"That's where we'll find the next member of our rag-tag party," Discord said before he joked, "Also need to save our progress." The four looked at him funny as he laughed and lead them towards the large hut.


"They don't seem too worried about us huh?" Butterfly said. Every Jackal, like the two who were wrestling, had short black fur, pointed long ears, and long spindly tails. They wore loose, colorful clothing with an assortment of colorful jewelry embedded in the stitching. Butterfly watched every Jackal they passed and even though there was a 10-foot tall Centaur, a Breezy, two Ponies and a draconequus. They simply waved or nodded a hello as they passed. The Jackal pups ignored them as they continued their games around the village.


"Jackals accept any form of creature," Sombra said before he added, "They trade with so many creatures they probably don't care what we look like."


They reached the large hut and stopped. Discord turned and said, "You might want to stay out here Tirek. You might not fit in here." Tirek snorted and nodded as Twilight, Sombra, and Discord walked inside while Butterfly stayed with Tirek. The dome interior resembled a large bar with a stage in the back. Its red curtain was down, but many of the Jackals were seated at tables seemingly waiting for something to happen. Discord looked around and pointed to a table close by and said, "There, sit there and I'll get us something to drink."


"Discord, what are you planning?" Sombra asked.


"Trust me, you'll like this," Discord said with a smile. Twilight and Sombra looked at each other in worry but Discord waved his hand to have them take their seats. The two looked at him suspiciously before they walked towards the table. They sat down and stared at the stage. Even though they were far in the back, they still had a clear view. After several minutes Discord floated back and placed two pints of apple cider in front of them as he placed his own in front of him and pushed his chair towards the table.


"Really Discord? We need to find the other Epitaphs and you want to drink?" Twilight said annoyed.


"Oh Please," Discord said with a wave of his lion's paw and added, "It's non-alcoholic and plus this is Appaloosa apple cider. They trade with Appaloosa and I wouldn't miss this for the world." Discord sipped his cider with a smile.


"Don't let Applejack hear you say that. She'll argue her apple cider is the best," Twilight joked and took a sip of her own cider. Even though a break in this time of peril was Ludacris, Twilight enjoyed it. Sombra seemed to agree with her as he took a long sip of his apple cider.


The lights dimmed and the Jackals inside the bar howled, whistled, and hooted as the instruments in the small trench in front of the stage began to play smooth music. A light clicked on behind the curtain to outline a curvy figure behind it. Howls, whistles, and hooting grew as the figure's right fingers began to snap with a low beat of a drum. When the figure stopped, the light clicked off and then the music exploded to life. Discord's neck extended over to Twilight and he whispered, "Keep an eye on Sombra. Oh, I can't wait to see the look on his face."


The curtain split open and Sombra's mouth dropped. Dancing to the quick pace music was a Jackal. Her hips swayed and jived as she seduced the crowd watching her. A thin, pink lace mask covered her face as her anthropomorphic body continued to seductively dance around the stage. Her pink lace short skirt was decorated with gems, jewels, and other assortments of jewelry. The large golden bracelets clanged together as she continued to dance faster and faster as the music started to speed up. Her golden breastplate glimmered in the lights that started to change from red to pink, to blue, and back to red.


She started to dance towards the edge of the stage and as the music slowed and became softer. She knelt down and ran her index finger under another jackals chin. He moved closer towards the stage and he suddenly fell off his chair. He quickly and embarrassingly got up and moved his chair back before he sat back down. The dancing Jackal got back to her feet as two more female Jackals walked out and placed two large vases on the right and left sides of the stage.


Twilight watched in utter shock at the dance routine and then turned to Sombra and saw his expression never changed. He was staring at the dancing Jackal in utter shock just like her, but he seemed to be more shocked than she was. She then turned to Discord who seemed to be trying to hide his laughter but failing miserably. She turned back to see the Jackal's dance change as her arms weaved around each other and the vases began to rattle. Slowly, snakes made of water slithered out of the vases dancing with the music. The snakes slithered out the vases and began to dance around the Jackal. The snakes then fell to the ground before they rose up into Water copies of the Jackal. The three danced in unison as the music started to get faster and faster.


As the music hit its crescendo, the water copies once again fell to the ground before a large flock of water birds rose up around the Jackal and then flew around her body as they began to rise higher in the air. The Jackal suddenly extended her arms on either side of her body as the music stopped and the water birds exploded. The water rained down on the Jackal as it made her fur glisten in the lights. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she tilted her head up, closed her eyes, and felt the cold rain on her body. The room was silent, but when the curtain closed. The room erupted into cheers, howling, and whistling.


Discord used one of his Griffin's claws to slowly push Sombras mouth closed while laughing, "It's not polite to stare with your mouth open." Discord moved his claw and Sombra's mouth once again dropped open. Discord rolled his eyes and got up as he added, "Come on, let's go meet with the star." This caused Sombra to break from his gaze. He shook his head and stared at Discord. Sombra said nothing as he slowly sat up and followed Discord and Twilight towards the back of the bar.


Guarding the door to the back were two large, seven foot tall built Jackals. Each one stood on either side of the door with their arms folded in front of them. The door was an oak wood door painted lime green and had a star etched into it with the words Lady Sheik etched into the star. They glared at the three as Discord asked, "May we speak with sheik?" the Jackal on the left snorted and shook his head without speaking. Discord sighed and snapped his fingers. The Jackals suddenly changed to Jackal pups. They stared up at Discord and quivered before they ran past Discord towards the front of the bar in panic.


"Did you really have to demean them like that?" Twilight asked.


"Don't worry, they'll be fine. They get to experience childhood again," Discord joked before he knocked on the door and called, "Mrs. Sheik, may I come in?" there was no response behind the door for several minutes. Twilight thought that she might not be in her dressing room, but then she spoke.


"Come in," Sheik called out.


"Stay here," Discord told Sombra before he added, "We might need you later." He winked and Sombra stared at him before he nodded. Discord grabbed the knob and pushed it open.


The dressing room was large enough to house a large mirror, couch, two recliners, and a three large iron clothes racks filled with different outfits. The first clothes rack looked to be formal outfits. The second seemed to have normal street clothes. The final rack housed her dancing outfits. Sheik was letting gold coins drop into a brown sack as she looked up and her crystal blue eyes fell on Discord. She smiled and set the remainder gold coins on the table that housed the large mirror. She spun in her chair and faced Discord before she crossed her legs and said, "Discord, what a wonderful surprise. Did you get to see my show?"


"I did Sheik and I've got to say you've really honed your dancing skills rather well," Discord praised.


"Oh please," Sheik said with a wave of her hand as she uncrossed her legs and recrossed them so her right leg was on her left. She let out a laugh and added, "with a body like mine, I could simply stand on stage and the masses would throw the coins at me."


"I still see you have your massive ego," Discord said. Sheik let out a laugh before she looked at Discord and her playful expression turned to a serious one.


"I'm going to assume you didn't stop by to have a friendly chat?" Sheik stated.


"I think you know why I'm here," Discord said as he folded his arms in front of him.


"Oh I do, I do," Sheik said amusingly before she added, "Some fool resurrected Chaotic and now we Epitaphs are the only ones capable of stopping him."


"Perceptive as always," Discord said before he asked, "Can we count on you to help us?"


"No," Sheik said as she turned her chair back to the table and continued, "I've already lost my dear Sammy and I've got no reason to try and stop him. Dancing is giving me enough gold coins to live comfortably."


"Even if Chaotic throws the world into utter chaos?" Discord asked.


"I'll survive," Sheik said before she went back to counting the gold coins as she dropped them in the brown sack. Discord sighed and walked over to the door. He poked his head out and ushered Sombra over.


"Ok, now we need your help," Discord said before he added, "Convince her." Sombra looked at him and let out a sigh. He swallowed hard and walked into the dressing room. He looked around the room before he took a deep breath.


"Sheik," Sombra said quietly and a little timid. Sheik let out a frustrated sigh as she placed the remaining gold coins onto the table and spun her chair towards Sombra.


"I thought I told," Sheik said before she stopped herself when she saw Sombra standing there. He let a nervous smile form on his face as her eyes widened and she screamed, "Sammy!" she lunged off her chair and hugged Sombra.


Twilight watched the event before she turned to Discord for an explanation. Discord looked down at her and explained, "Sombra and Sheik are good friends. They see each other as family. That's why he looked so shocked when he saw her dancing on stage. I knew Sheik might not want to help us so I figured she'd help Sombra since she sees him as a brother."


"It's nice to see you too," Sombra wheezed as Sheik's hug started to constrict around him and make it hard for him to breathe.


"I thought I lost you forever," Sheik sobbed with joy as she let him go and stood back to get a good look at him. She smiled and added, "You haven't changed a bit." She wiped a few tears from her eyes.


"Yeah, that's what happens when your body gets obliterated twice," Sombra admitted.


"Twice!" Sheik said in shock.


"Yeah, wasn't fully cleansed until the second time," Sombra said before he turned to Twilight. Twilight looked around and let out a nervous laugh. Sheik looked up towards Twilight and her eyes narrowed as she walked over to her and folded her arms in front of her as she seemly glared down at her.


"What are you doing with Sammy?" Sheik said sternly. Twilight looked up at her, but Sombra interrupted.


"She and her friends were the ones who cleansed me and then brought me back to help fight Chaotic," Sombra explained. Sheik looked back at Sombra before looking back at Twilight. Her expression softened as she knelt down and extended her hand.


"Thank you for bringing back my dear brother Sammy," Sheik said. Twilight extended her right front hoof and Sheik shook it before she stood back up and said, "Alright, let's get going."


"Just like that?" Discord said before he added, "What changed your mind." even though he knew the answer.


"Really Discord?" Sheik said before she added, "If Sammy's going, I'm going to make sure I don't lose him again." Discord nodded before Sheik then turned to Sombra and asked, "Can you wait outside? I have to get changed and let my manager know he'll need to cancel the rest of my tour." Sombra nodded and when Twilight and Discord left the dressing room. Sheik closed the door behind them. They left the bar and walked outside to find Butterfly floating in the air letting out awes. Discord stopped and nearly busted out laughing.


Tirek stood in front of the bar, arms folded, right eye twitching, and a pissed look on his face. Around him and atop him were Jackal pups that played as they ran between his legs and climbed on his back while some swung on his curved horns.


"Why is he being so, passive?" Twilight asked.


"I wager because of Discord. Remember the sphere of magic. I wonder if Tirek fears Discord would activate it," Sombra said.


"Alright, alright," Butterfly said as she added, "Time to leave Rexy alone." Butterfly shooed the pups away and they let out whines of protest but did as they were told.


"But Lady Sheik you can't leave in the middle of your tour!" they heard a voice cry. The five turned to see Sheik walking out of the bar. She had changed to tan jeans that hid the tips of her brown boots and a bright green T-shirt that ended at her belly button. She was strapping the Velcro to her ruby red glove that ended at her knuckles to her right hand. Following her was a waddling, pudgy short Jackal in a slick black suit with sweat rolled down his face. He started to cry, "Your fans will be outraged, think of the coin we'll lose."


"Correction: the coin you'll lose," Sheik said as she turned on her heels and jabbed a finger at the pudgy Jackal and added, "I've been paid well enough that I don't have to worry about finishing my tour. I'm sure you have enough coin to keep you satisfied until I return."


"But what about my kids!" the pudgy Jackal cried.


"Oh please, you and I both know you don't have any kids," Sheik said before she added, "Unless you're referring to the street urchins you pay for every night. If that's the case then you are a sicker mutt than I thought." She turned and stormed off. The pudgy Jackal stared at her and fell to his knees before he began to beg her to come back.


"Please Lady Sheik, please don't leave!" he cried.


"Alright, we all ready to go?" Sheik asked the group as she ignored the crying pudgy Jackal.


"Are you sure it's ok for you to leave," Twilight asked as she stared from the crying pudgy Jackal to Sheik.


"Don't worry, he'll be fine," Sheik said before she added, "He'll pay some Jackal to help his sadness and when I come back. He'll act as though I was never gone." Twilight nodded and felt Discord gently poked at her head. She looked up and then rubbed the spot where he had poked.


"You'll thank me later," Discord whispered with a smile.


"Sheik!" Butterfly squealed.


"Butterfly!" Sheik squealed back as she cupped her hands and Butterfly landed on them.


"How are you," Butterfly said. Twilight suddenly heard Butterfly's voice echo in her mind: My god you look like a whore. Twilight gasped and looked at Discord who was shaking as he tried to keep from laughing.


"I'm doing well how about you?" Sheik asked. Twilight now heard Sheik's voice echo in her mind: you tiny damn insect. The two seemed happy to see each other, but a closer look showed that the two wore fake smiles and each had a bit of venom in their voice.


"The two hate each other," Discord whispered which caused Twilight to jump.


"Why?" Twilight whispered back as she watched Sheik and Butterfly talk. She could feel the hatred between the two.


"Butterfly has a crush on Tirek, but he has a crush on Sheik. The two know this and Sheik tries to provoke Butterfly because she loves watching her get steamed," Discord explained.


"What was your tour about?" Sombra asked, hoping to stop the inevitable fight before it started. Sheik turned to Sombra and let out a laugh.


"You didn't see my show?" Sheik asked. Sombra's face went red as he remembered her dancing. Sheik let out another laugh and added, "I entertain the masses with my dancing." She lightly bumped her hip against Sombra's body and he stammered back.


"Alright, now that we got another member, let's get going to gather the others," Discord said as he clapped his lion's paw and Griffin's claw together.


"What about getting in touch with Aqua?" Twilight asked.


"Why would you want to get in touch with Aqua?" Sheik asked.


"We wanted to ask her if she knew why Chaotic became corrupted," Sombra explained. Sheik nodded and extended her right arm. A crystal blue sphere appeared floating a few inches above her opened hand.


"I call to the God of Water whose life-giving blood flow through the rivers and streams. Whose sadness rains from the sky and whose anger would capsize and destroy any who venture out into her vast oceans," Sheik chanted before she closed her hand over the sphere. A bright glow came from in-between her fingers and as she opened them the light engulfed the six.




Twilight moved her hoof from her eyes and saw bubbles past by her. Then she began to panic as her hooves began to kick and try to propel herself in the water, but no matter how hard she kicked, she didn't move. She held her breath but felt her lungs burn and cry for air. She fought to keep from gasping in water, but as she continued to kick she lost that battle and inhaled. She found that water didn't rush into her lungs, but air. She floated there several seconds letting air fill her lungs before she heard laughing. She turned to see Sombra, Butterfly, Sheik, and Tirek staring at her while Discord was hunched over laughing. Sheik let out a chuckle and swam towards Twilight.


"Sorry, probably should have warned you," Sheik apologized. Her voice sounded clear even though they all were underwater. Twilight then realized what Tirek told her before: all Gods have their own plain they live in.


"It's ok," Twilight said and as if accepting it. something triggered and she was able to freely swim through the water without the feeling of weights strapped to her back hooves. As she swam she saw something in the vast blue of the water. It swam far out so all she saw was a dark blue shape further out. Then the large shape shot towards the group and Twilight let out a scream. The others looked at Twilight and then at the shape. As it drew closer, they were able to make out what it was.


A large 80-foot serpent-like dragon with lime green scales slithered through the water towards them. It's eight webbed, stubby feet propelled it through the water as its large sail cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. It swam around the group before descending down into the depths. Twilight watched as it disappeared in the dark blue of the depths before suddenly shooting back up and nearly slamming into Twilight. It slithered up and then twisted towards the group. It's Barracuda like mouth opened and closed revealing large needle-like teeth. Three eyes sat atop its head as all three scanned the group and fell on Sheik.


"Sheik!" a female voice echoed in everyone's mind which caused Twilight to wince in pain. Sheik shook her head before she swam up to the large serpent-like dragon and let a smile form on my face.


"Aqua, how are you," Sheik asked as sweetly as she could.


"Don't take that tone with me, young lady!" Aqua's voice boomed in everyone's mind. This caused a sharp pain to shot through Twilight's skull. When the pain subsided, Aqua continued, "You are my Epitaph. So act like it!"


"What do you mean?" Sheik asked.


"Your dancing," Aqua bellowed and then continued, "It's unladylike and completely provocative. Something my Epitaph shouldn't do!"


"Oh please, you're not my mother," Sheik argued.


"That is beside the point!" Aqua roared. The two glared at each other for what felt like an eternity.


"Um, God of the Water," Twilight timidly asked. All three eyes shot towards Twilight. Aqua lowered her head and looked at Twilight. The three eyes all blinked at separate intervals before Twilight asked, "We ask Sheik to get us in touch with you to ask you a question."


"Aw, a girl who actually has some manners," Aqua praised as one of the three eyes shot a glare at Sheik who stuck her tongue out at the serpent-like dragon. The one eye looked back at Twilight before Aqua asked, "What is your question young Pony mare?"


"We wish to know how and why Chaotic became corrupted," Twilight asked. Aqua pulled back and all three eyes looked from Twilight to Tirek. She moved towards him and all three eyes looked directly at him.


"I assume you asked your God the same question," Aqua asked. Tirek looked into the middle eye of Aqua before he nodded. She retracted back and then said, "How can Void not know what happened to his so-called brother?"


"Maybe Void wasn't that close to Chaotic," Sheik said flatly.


"I believe Void is lying to you all," Aqua said.


"Why would he lie?" Tirek asked.


"I'm not sure, although Void isn't known to lie. Maybe he truly doesn't know or maybe he's protecting some sort of knowledge. I truly don't know, but if you're gathering the other Epitaphs to fight Chaotic then ask their Gods. One of them might know," Aqua said. Her mouth suddenly opened wide and the six began to be sucked into her open maw. Sombra, Discord, Butterfly, Tirek, and Sheik all seemed to just accept being sucked into Aqua. However, Twilight started to swim away from her maw, but she found this a fruitless effort. Aqua's two forked tongues shot out of her mouth and wrapped around Twilight's body. They violently pulled her into Aqua's mouth just before her jaw slammed shut.




Twilight's eyes shot open and looked around. She was standing In the Jackal village with a small group of Jackal pups watching her like she was a play. She looked around and saw the others starting to open their eyes. Twilight walked over towards Discord who had just snapped his fingers and the map appeared in front of him. She walked over to him and asked, "So where to next?" she then added quickly, "I'll be teleporting us this time. I can't stand the taste of stomach bile."


"Fine, fine," Discord said as he pointed towards a glowing red dot. Twilight nodded and her horn glowed. Seconds later the six all disappeared in a lavender flash.




Several hours had passed since the six had left and the pudgy Jackal sat at the bar sipping apple cider from a large pint. He let out a sigh and thought about what he was going to do next. He felt someone sit next to him and he cocked his head towards the Jackal. He took another sip and said, "Never seen a Jackal like you before. Did you dye your fur that way?"


The Jackal sitting next to the pudgy Jackal had pearl white fur with what looked like golden highlights in parts of it. The bartender gave the Pearl Jackal his pint and left to help someone else at the end of the bar. The Jackal turned to the pudgy Jackal and smiled as he let out a breath and the pudgy Jackal felt the room start to heat up.


"Why no my good friend, my fur is all natural," the pearl Jackal stated as he stared at the pudgy Jackal with amethyst eyes that had slanted pupils.