My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 12

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Void let out a sigh before his twelve eyes opened and he hissed, "Show yourself." Void watched as a large shadow began to form in the nothingness. Soon a creature walked out into the spotlight were Void now lay. The creature was something out of a nightmare: It had pitch black skin that shimmered in the spotlight. It was 60-feet long from its hoof-ball shaped head with a mouth filled with razor sharp fangs and glowing blood red eyes to its arrow-tipped tail. the red spines on its back rattled as its two blood red eyes stared at Void who relaxed and added, "Eclipse, to what do I owe this visit?"


"Void, how lovely it is to see you," Eclipse said as her feminine voice echoed around the nothingness. She stalked back and forth before she stopped and asked, "What are you planning?"


"Planning? Whatever do you," Void began.


"Cut the bullshit," Eclipse snapped as she stopped and stared at him. Black slanted pupils appeared in her blood red eyes. She narrowed them and continued, "You've been keeping it a secret from all of us for some time now. However, did you think I wouldn't find out? I know why you refuse to tell the other Gods or their Epitaphs why he was corrupted."


Void rose up and now stared at her as he stated, "You cannot tell the others." His forked tongue flickered from his mouth.


"And why not," Eclipse asked as she examined her left claw with blood red hooked nails. Her smile seemed to consume her whole face as she added, "What could you offer me in return for my silence?"


"How about your life," a voice answered. Void snapped to the left where the voice resonated from. Eclipse suddenly stood up and began to growl as white mist poured from her slightly opened maw. There was a laugh and then a 20-foot Dragon walked out of the nothing and stood in front of them. Its pearl white scales were woven tightly together with what looked like sickle-shaped gold plates between each scale. Icicle-like black spines went from the back of the Dragon's head to it arrow-shaped tail. Amethyst eyes with black slanted pupils looked from Void to Eclipse before Chaotic spoke, "My dearest friends how are you?"




There was a flash and the seven appeared in a small village high in the mountains. Twilight shivered as she asked through chattering teeth, "W-w-w-where are we?" Discord shivered as well but snapped his fingers and a flash appeared over his body. When the flash disappeared, Discord wore a large puffy orange coat. His face was covered in several scarfs. He let out a satisfied sigh as he tried to put his arms down, but couldn't.


"I believe this is Hedonist a small Satyr village near Yakyakistan," Sheik said before she added, "We should find Gnel here."


"Sheik!" a voice yelled before a young Satyr ran up to them. In a blink, he was standing in front of them smiling wide. His legs were covered in gray goat's fur as he wore a sky blue cloth over his top half. His horns had just barely broken the surface of his head. His long black hair went down to the middle of his back. He suddenly rushed to each member and shook their arms before heading to the next. He was moving so fast it was like he was teleporting to each person. "Discord, Sombra, Butterfly, Tirek, Ahuizotl! How are you all?


"Doing good, how about you Gnel?" Sheik said as she patted him on his head.


"I'm doing well." Gnel said before he added, "I'm guessing you're here because of Chaotic?"


"Yes, I know this is asking a lot of you, but could you come with us to stop him?" Sombra asked.


"It's not a lot to ask. It's my duty," Gnel admitted.


"Wait, wait," Twilight interrupted before she continued, "We can't take him, he's still a child!"


"He is the one who chose the Gods blessing," Ahuizotl stated before he continued, "He knows the risks."


"But still!" Twilight argued.


"No worries. My family has always been given the blessing of Cyclone. It's like a right to the next generation. It means I've become an adult," Gnel said as he smacked his fist against his right chest. He then cocked his head and stared at Twilight before he asked, "Who are you?"


"This is Twilight Sparkle. She has the magical powers of the Alicorn princesses and will be helping us for the time being," Sombra introduced.


"Oh, ok," Gnel said before he shook her hoof rapidly before he looked at Sheik and asked, "So are we going to get Shuckle next?"


"No, he won't help us until we get all the Epitaphs," Butterfly said.


"Ok then, who's next?" Gnel asked excitedly.


"We had hoped you get us in touch with Cyclone," Sheik said.


"Yeah, I can do that. I love visiting her. She's really nice and kind," Gnel said with a smile. He held out his hand as a light green sphere appeared in the palm. He let it drop before he bounced it up from his knee and then his hoof while chanting, "I call to the God of the wind. Whose gale force wind can topple the sturdiest of statues, whose breath can bring life to the lifeless, and whose Mistral can cool the most intense of flames." Ahuizotl rolled his eyes just before Gnel leaped up and kicked the sphere into the air. It hovered above them before it exploded into light.




The light dissipated and Twilight moved her hooves and expected something shocking and scary. However, she awed at where she was. The eight were standing on a large windy plain. The short grass swayed in the wind and Twilight let out a sigh as she felt the cool wind brush against her coat.


"Finally, a peaceful plain of a God," Twilight said with a satisfied sigh.


"I'm happy you like my plain," a female voice said in everyone's mind. Unlike the others, this voice was soothing and didn't cause Twilight's head to feel like it was going to split open. Fog began to seep from the ground and rise into the air before it slithered ten feet away from the group. As more and more fog began to seep from the ground and swirl in the air. It began to take shape and form into a 30-foot tall Sabertooth tiger. It's white fog body swirled and twitched as black smoke made up its stripes, claws, and long saber teeth. Two eyes on either side of its face glowed silver as it stared down at the group.


"Cyclone," Gnel said as he ran towards the tiger. The tiger's right paw turned over and let him hop onto its open palm before it lifted Gnel up towards its face. Gnel smiled and asked, "How are you?"


"Gnel," Cyclone said before she added, "How much you've grown. I'm deeply sorry for your fathers passing this summer."


"Thank you," Gnel said before he then hopped and began, "I brought some friends to see you." Cyclone placed him back down to the ground and he skipped and jumped towards the group before he motioned to them and added, "These are my friends."


"Epitaphs of the other Gods and Pony princess, I welcome you to my plain," Cyclone said before she bowed to the others.


"It is a great honor to meet you Cyclone," Sombra said before he began, "We've come to ask you how Chaotic became corrupted." Cyclone let out a sigh and fell to the ground. Her fog body simply sent a cool breeze around her. She placed her right arm over her left and placed her head atop of them.


"Unfortunately I do not know why he was corrupted," Cyclone admitted before she added, "I assume you've asked Void, correct?"


"Indeed, Void does not know either," Tirek stated.


"What do Inferno, Aqua, Terra, and Eclipse think?" Cyclone asked.


"They all think Void is hiding something," Sombra stated before he added, "We haven't asked Eclipse, but I'm sure she thinks the same."


"Eclipse might know, but I do understand why you haven't asked her," Cyclone said before she shook her head and added, "How some Gods can corrupt their Epitaphs is deplorable."


"Why can't all Gods be like you?" Gnel asked as he patted her large right paw.


"I sometimes wonder myself," Cyclone said with a laugh. She then looked down at Gnel and in a serious tone added, "Please be careful Gnel. I've watched countless members of your ancestors run into battle only for them to perish. Please, I beg you to be careful."


"No worries," Gnel said as he placed his fist on his right breast and added, "You can count on me to keep safe and deal with Chaotic. I'll return in one piece and after that, I'll visit for a nap."


"Your ancestor said the same thing before he passed to the spirit plain," Cyclone said before she stood up and she continued, "Please bring Chaotic back to his normal self. The other Gods will not admit it, but we worry that he might not be able to return to his normal self."


"We promise we'll stop Chaotic and bring him back to his old, playful self," Discord reassured her. Cyclone nodded as she let out a long breath.


"Now close your eyes and I'll return you all to your plain," Cyclone said. Twilight and the others nodded before they closed their eyes. Twilight remembered how all the other Gods brought them back in strange and scary ways and she nervously closed her eyes and waited for whatever Cyclone was going to do.




As she waited, she suddenly felt a gust of wind against her coat and the smell of freshly cut grass filled her nostrils. The gentle gust of wind turned cold and the feeling of snow on her hooves caused a shiver to go through her body. She slowly opened her eyes and saw they were back in Hedonist. The others slowly opened her eyes and Twilight let out the breath she didn't know she was holding.


"Why can't the other Gods bring us back that gently," Twilight asked.


"Be thankful we haven't needed to talk with Eclipse. You think the others are bad? Think of your worst nightmare and then amplify it by a thousand. That's what you'll see before you're brought back," Sombra said. Twilight felt another shiver as she thought of her worst nightmare and how it could be amplified.


"So, where to next?" Gnel asked.


"Why don't you let your mother know where you're going first," Sheik said before she added, "Don't want her to worry." Gnel nodded and quickly ran off.


"He's really fast isn't he?" Twilight admitted.


"Yeah, he's like a ball of energy amplified with lightning," Butterfly laughed.


"Most Satyr children are full of energy, but he's a special case. It's like his energy is endless," Sheik said before she added, "Maybe we should go and meet his mother. Better to let her know he'll be in good hands." The others nodded and followed where Gnel had gone.




Eclipse slid across the nothingness as her claws sparked and carved into the floor. She let out a roar as her bottom jaw split in two. Her roar sounded like a work-glove being pulled down a stringed instrument. Tendrils shot out of her body as the tips formed into snakeheads that let out silent screams as they raced towards Chaotic. A smile formed on Chaotic's face before his wings carried him through the air as he swayed and serpentine around the tendrils. He spun around and reared back before unleashing a stream of flames with sharpened bone spikes towards Eclipse. The tendrils detached from Eclipse's body before she lept to the side as the flames slammed into the invisible floor of the nothingness. She looked up and growled as Chaotic's smile grew. Her body convulsed and bat-like wings ripped from her back and with one mighty leap she was in the air soaring towards Chaotic.


Chaotic let out a laugh before he flew away from Eclipse who gave chase. Eclipse let out a snarl, "Where is the cockiness you showed earlier. Why are you running?!" Chaotic didn't respond as he continued to fly away from Eclipse. She narrowed her eyes and let out another angry roar as she tried to catch up to him. Chaotic led her up into the nothingness before he looped and flew down passed her. Eclipse had to maneuver her large body to keep from colliding with him. She let out a growl before she descended towards Chaotic.


Chaotic's smile began to grow bigger as he flew towards the invisible floor. A red circle with glowing Amethyst symbols began to carve into the Invisible floor. More lines began to stretch and expanded inside the circle until the Amethyst lines created the shape of a Dragon's skull atop the Chaos Star. Chaotic maneuvered his body to keep Eclipse from seeing the glowing circle. From the circle, a Dragon's skull rose up and looked up. Unlike the other skeletal creatures, this one didn't become engulfed in flames. Its mouth opened and flames began to form and swirl in its open maw. Chaotic watched the flames intensify as sharpened bone spikes began to form in the flames. Chaotic quickly flew to the left just before the Dragon's skull unleashed the flames with the sharpened bone spikes.


Eclipse couldn't react in time and the stream of flames slammed into Eclipse as the bone spikes pierced into her body. She let out a shriek of pain as she fell to the ground and slammed into the invisible floor. When she made contact with the floor, the whole plain seemed to shake. Eclipse lay on her back breathing heavily as she turned to Void who had been simply watching the battle and asked, "Why do you simply sit there? Do something!"


"He obeys the Oath," Chaotic answered as he hovered in the air above Eclipse. His underbelly glowed coral orange as plumes of Amethyst colored flames pranced around his maw before he continued, "But do not worry my friend. You will make an excellent addition to my army!" he reared back and unleashed the stream of Amethyst colored flames towards Eclipse.


Void who had been simply lying on top of himself let out a sigh before all twelve eyes shot open. He slithered towards Eclipse and faced the raging flames heading towards him and Eclipse. He opened his mouth wide as the top part of his jaw and the bottom split into four sections. Black lightning sparked in the middle of his maw before a black hole appeared in it. The flames were sucked into the vacuum and when the final plumes disappeared. Void closed his mouth and stared at Chaotic.


"Oh, my," Chaotic laughed before he continued, "Has Tartarus frozen over? Did Void break the Oath?" Void continued to glare at Chaotic as Eclipse began to get up, but fell back down as her right leg gave out on her. Void whispered something and Chaotic cocked his head before asking, "What was that?"


"Leave," Void whispered again. Chaotic let out a laugh and asked him again what he had said. This caused Void to scream, "Begone!" Eclipse and Chaotic suddenly disappeared in a puff of glittering black smoke. Once the two had gone, Void let out a sigh and slithered his body into a pile before he lay his head on top of it and closed his eyes.


"Don't worry my friend, breaking the Oath isn't the end of the world," a voice joked in the inky blackness of the nothingness. Void's eyes shot open and his head lifted up as he saw six glowing eyes from the darkness.


"How much did you see?" Void asked.


"Enough," the voice answered with a metallic twang.