My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 14

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“How are you shocked about this?” Ahuizotl asked before he motioned towards Discord, Sombra, and Tirek and added, “You’ve seen the other bad guys.” He did this with air quotes before continuing, “You’re honestly shocked at Chrysalis being an Epitaph?”


“Well yes, most of the Epitaphs are creatures who’ve attacked Equestria,” Twilight admitted.


“Creatures?” Ahuizotl growled.


“Oh boy, here we go,” Discord sighed before he snapped his fingers. Ahuizotl started raging and yelling at Twilight but there was no sound coming from his mouth. Discord shook his head and added, “I had to place him in a silence bubble, so we didn’t have to hear his ranting.”


“Ahuizotl hate’s being called a creature,” Sombra explained.


“I’m just confused as to why the Gods chose who they chose,” Twilight admitted. Ahuizotl said something before he glared at Discord and pointed to his throat. Discord snapped his fingers to let him speak.


“Let me guess: you would rather have the Epitaphs be nothing but Ponies?” Ahuizotl asked.


“Well,” Twilight said ashamed.


“That will never happen,” Aeolus said before he explained, “Along with the Oath. The Gods have a second rule: only one race can be bestowed the blessing of the Gods. Therefore, this is why each Epitaph is a different race.”


“If that’s true then why didn’t Void choose a Pony for his Epitaph?” Twilight questioned.


“Eclipse beat him to it,” Sombra said.


“Yes and Void had to choose another race, so he chose the Centaurs race,” Sheik said.


“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Tirek said.


“So, each God must pick a Race and if they do. No other God can choose an Epitaph of that Race,” Twilight asked.


“Indeed, but sometimes they don’t have a choice in the matter,” Aeolus said before he continued, “Like Void: Tempest and Luminous had to choose a Race not yet chosen. Tempest took the Minotaur Race while Luminous chose the Changeling Race. However, they seemed to have found members of those Races they’ve come to like.”


“But, what about Dragons? Why haven’t any of the Gods chosen a Dragon?” Twilight asked.


“That’s simple: The Gods hate the Dragon Race,” Butterfly chimed.


“Why?” Twilight asked.


“You haven’t noticed?” Discord asked before he added, “Dragons act as though they’re as powerful as the Gods.”

“Yes, their arrogance caused the Gods to create an unspoken law to never give their powers to a Dragon,” Aeolus said.


“So then why does Chaotic look like a Dragon most of the time? He must like them?” Twilight pointed out.


“That isn’t his true form,” Discord admitted before he added, “He uses that form because he knows how much the Gods loathe the Dragon Race.”


“What does he truly look like then?” Twilight asked.


“I remember his true form before he was corrupted. Even then he was intimidating, but he never used his true form when meeting with me. However, his corrupted form is something out of the deepest parts of Tartarus.”


“Now that we got that out of the way,” Aeolus said as he drank the rest of his coffee and added, “Let’s get in touch with Metallic and set out to get Rampage.” The group nodded, but before Aeolus could begin to chant. Every Epitaph at the table felt something sharp in their mind as they looked at one another.


“What’s wrong?" Twilight asked as she saw the others sitting like a statue.


“They’re here,” Sombra said before a loud siren began to echo throughout the city.


“Quick,” Aeolus said before he led everyone out into his workshop. He stopped in front of a large wardrobe and tore it open and reached inside. Seconds later he threw a sword towards Discord who easily caught it. He examined the Rapier as two more swords were thrown towards Tirek. He grabbed both Claymore swords before Aeolus closed the wardrobe.


“What are these for?” Tirek asked as he examined the Claymores.


“Since you still don’t have Voids power and Discord’s might strengthen his minion’s. You’ll use these to fight whatever Chaotic sent our way,” Aeolus explained.


“Normal weapons won’t work on them,” Sombra said.


“Yes, but these are made with Metallic’s blessing, so they’ll do the trick,” Aeolus explained before he looked over at Twilight and added, “Your magic won’t work on these creatures. So stay here and wait for us to come back.”


“What! Why can’t I fight?” Twilight asked.


“Like I said, your magic won’t affect these creatures,” Aeolus said again.


“Then give me a weapon,” Twilight argued.


“Have you used weapons before?” Aeolus asked. Twilight hesitated and Aeolus got his answer. He placed his right claw on her shoulder and added, “Don’t worry. You’ll help us soon enough. Just save your strength.” Twilight looked at him before she nodded and watched the group leave the shop.


The group ran out of the shop with Aeolus leading the charge. The siren had ceased and in its place were screams of panic and bone-rattling shrieks. Skeletal creatures engulfed in flames chased Griffins while others tore apart those unfortunate not to escape their grasp. The sound of screams and bone-rattling shrieks were overpowered by a loud horn as the sky was filled with Griffins in plated armor.


“The Claw Guard,” Aeolus said before he added, “They’ll do little to stop these creatures.”


“So we’re going to do ground control and get rid of these creatures,” Butterfly said.


“Yes, make sure these creatures don’t harm the civilians. Destroy them and make sure the Claw Guard doesn’t make things worse,” Aeolus explained. The group nodded and split to face off the monstrosities attacking the city and its inhabitants.

Sheik ran up towards a group of skeletal Ponies slowly stalking towards a Griffin and her child. She called out to them, “Hey, boneheads!” the skeletal Ponies all turned to her and let out bone-rattling shrieks before they began to slowly stalk towards Sheik. She knelt down and placed her hand on the ground. There was a groan from underneath the concrete before it exploded and two large pipes rose up from the ground. She smiled and added, “Why not cool down.” Water rushed out of the pipes and slammed into the Pony Skeletons. The flames were extinguished and the bones were reduced to ash.


There was another bone-rattling shriek and Sheik looked up to see skeletal Griffins dive bombing towards her. She quickly jumped out of the way of one of the skeletons before cartwheeling away from the rest of the group. She skidded to a stop before she saw the group of skeletal Griffins start to land and began to stalk towards her.


“Oh, so you brought some friends? Mind if I bring some of mine?” Sheik said before she slapped her palm on the soaked ground. The surrounding water began to rise and spin before they took the shape of five water clones. Each clone brandished a different weapon. Sheik stood back up and smiled as water slowly slithered up and wrapped around her wrist to form water whips. Without a word, Sheik and the clones charged towards the skeletons that let out bone-rattling war cries and charged as well.


One of the water clones jumped from Sheik’s back and into the air. From its right hand, an arrow made of water morphed from its palm. The clone placed the arrow between the tips of its bow before it pulled back the water string and let the arrow fly. Its barbed tip spun before it pierced into one of the skulls of the skeletons. The flames suddenly ceased and the skeleton was reduced to ash. The clone then produced more arrows and fired them at the charging group of skeletal creatures.


A second Clone ran full speed towards the group of Skeletons engulfed in flames. It swung its mace up as it froze solid and shattered one of the skeletons skulls. It spun and smashed another skull while a third clone thrust its spear into another skeletons rib cage. Two skeletons slowly stepped back as their heads were severed from their bodies. The flames ceased and the bones turned to ash. The clone holding two hatchets let a smirk form on its watery face before it charged towards two more skeletons. Three Skeletons flew into the air before exploding into ash. The fifth clone looked from the puffs of smoke to the skeletons now circling it. It raised its fists that were covered with gauntlets made of ice. There were thunderous crack and three of the skeletal creatures puffed into ash. The clone watched as the real Sheik landed on the ground and cracked her two whips again and the barbed tips pierced into one of the skeleton's skull. The clone smiled as it stood next to the real Sheik and the two charged towards another group of skeletons.


Explosions erupted as bone-chattering screams echoed within the large booms. Ahuizotl stood in a cluster of scorch marks as ash littered the ground. His tail hand had a fireball in it and his two front hands were engulfed in flames. A group of skeleton Griffins surrounded him as the Amethyst glow in their eye sockets glared at him. A skeleton Griffin let out a bone-chattering war cry before the group charged towards Ahuizotl.


Ahuizotl quickly shot flames towards the ground to propel him into the air. The flames expanded across the ground causing the Skeletons to backtrack. Ahuizotl then spun around while the hand at the tip of his tail shot fireballs at the surrounding group. Fireballs slammed into the ground around the skeletons causing them to run around like chickens with their heads cut off to try to avoid the attacks.


Ahuizotl was missing them on purpose to cause panic. When he was sure the panic was at its highest: He punched the air and sent flames shaped like crows towards the skeletons. The crows slammed into the skeletons and merged with the flames that engulfed them. It seemed Ahuizotl’s flames did nothing to his adversaries. However, the skeletons suddenly exploded in flames as they let out bone-chattering screams. Their skeletal bodies suddenly puffed into ash that started to char and blackened in the flames.


He landed on the ground and smiled as he saw all the charred ash around him. He suddenly spun around and breathed fire at the skeleton trying to sneak up behind him. It let out a bone-chattering scream as it disintegrated to ash. Ahuizotl scoffed at the ash and stepped on the small pile. He turned towards a small group of skeletons trying to sneak up on him. A wicked smile formed on Ahuizotl’s face which made the skeletons stop and slowly back away.


A Claymore slashed through the middle of a Griffin skeleton before both halves puffed into ash. Tirek spun around and pierced the tip of the other Claymore into a second Griffin skeletons skull. The strength of the thrust went through the back of the skull and into a third skeleton's skull. The two let out a low bone-rattling hiss before they disintegrated into ash. Tirek looked around at the Griffin skeletons that surrounded him. They let out low bone-rattling hisses, but before they could act. The ground behind one of them exploded as a tiger shark made of a combination of dirt, stone, and concrete flew from the ground and sunk its jagged teeth made of stone into the bones of one of the skeletons. It let out a high-pitched wail before it exploded into ash.

The shark lay on the ground for several seconds before tendrils drilled out from the shark’s body causing it to convulse and crumble to the ground. The tendrils spun across the ground carving into the concrete as they went before they spun upwards around Tirek and suddenly stopped. The tips of the tendrils started to crack as they formed into snakeheads. Triangle shaped spines rose from the back of the tendrils before a sickle formed at the other end of the tendril. The four tendrils transformed into eight-foot long sickle tailed snakes.


“Don’t worry Rexy, I’ve got your back,” Butterfly stated as she stood on Tirek’s right shoulder. Tirek nodded just before Butterfly pointed towards the Skeletons and the sickle tailed snakes let out a gravelly hiss before charging. Butterfly lightly floated off Tirek’s shoulder as he charged towards another group of skeletons. Tirek slammed one of his Claymores down and slashed a Griffin skeleton in half before he spun around and sliced two more skeletons trying to sink their hooked talons into his back.


One of the snakes spun around and its sickle tail decapitated one of the skeletons. Another used its fangless mouth to grab one of the skeletons and flung it upwards. The Snake collided up and sprung upwards towards the Griffin skeleton. It spun around and slammed the back of its sickle into the spine and sent the skeleton slamming into the ground. A third snake hooked the tip of its sickle tail into one of the skeleton’s eye sockets and spun it around. It hit each skeleton around it, sending them flying into the air. The fourth snake spine like a wheel and ran over each skeleton as its triangle spines cut and broke the bones of each skeleton. Each skeleton’s flames extinguished and puffed into a cloud of ash.


“These things are weak, but it seems what they lack in power, they make up in numbers,” Tirek admitted. More skeletons surrounded the two as Butterfly agreed with him before the two attacked the new set of Skeletons now including Pony Skeletons. However, before Butterfly, Tirek or even the skeletons could act. There was a blur that passed through each skeleton before they exploded into ash.


“Now this is quite fun,” Discord laughed as he held his Rapier in his lion’s paw. There was a bone-chattering war cry which caused Discord to turn to see more skeletons charging towards him. A smile formed on Discord’s face before he stood in a fencing stance. He waited for several seconds before he charged. within seconds he stood in front of one skeleton and rapidly jabbed the tip of his sword into their bones. Small holes appeared in the bones of the skeleton before it let out a bone-chattering wail before it puffed into ash.


Discord leaped into the air just as a second Skeleton skidded on the ground before Discord twisted and plunged his Rapier’s tip into the skull. He then spun on the hilt and kicked several skeletons away. He jumped from the hilt and landed on the ground before his tail slithered around the handle and flung it into the air. He caught it and stood in another fencing stance. A skeleton stalking behind Discord pounced, but before it could find purchase. A Claymore cut the skeleton in half. Tirek lifted the Claymore and said, “Leave some for us.” Discord nodded before he, Butterfly, and Tirek attacked another group of skeletons.


Black tendrils of shadow slammed a Pegasus skeleton into the ground before another tendril pierced into its skull. The flames engulfing it went out before it hissed and turned to ash. Sombra looked around at the skeletons surrounding him before a smile formed on his face and more of his shadow rose up from the ground and formed into more tendrils. They shot towards the skeletons around him as they fought off their advance. One skeleton broke from the pack and charged towards Sombra.

Before the Earth Pony skeleton could pounce, three knives made of compressed air slammed into its skull. It started to slow to a trot and then fell to the ground and puffed into ash. Gnel skidded to a stop next to Sombra with a knife made of compressed air in each hand. Sombra turned to him and commended, “Nice work.” Gnel gave him a thumbs up and a wide grin before the two stood back-to-back ready for the next wave of attacks.


“Can’t you do more than just those tentacles?” Gnel asked with a smile before he joked, “Shouldn't just be a one trick Pony.” Sombra rolled his eyes before he crouched down and readied himself. The tendrils started to twist and morph together to form three thick tendrils. Two long spindly arms grew from either side of the tendrils, each arm ended with long four appendage claws, and the tip of the tendrils grew a large perfectly round sphere the size of a hoof-ball. A long crack edged its way horizontally in the middle of the sphere. It stopped near the back of the sphere before the mouth with jagged teeth let out a growl followed by a gurgling high-pitched wail.


“Nice,” Gnel said before the two knives made of air morphed and shift into two small spheres before Gnel mashed the two together to form a much larger sphere. He let it drop before he began to kick it up in the air: First from his knee, then the middle of his leg, and finally his hoof. The final kick shot the sphere high in the air. Gnel crouched down letting the muscles in his legs flex before he shot up towards the sphere. He spun around and slammed his right leg into the sphere of compressed air. It bent around his leg before it shot towards the group of skeleton creatures engulfed in flames.


The sphere soared towards the charging group of skeletons. It passed through their ranks and disappeared with a popping noise. Seconds later a massive dome of swirling compressed air appeared, trapping the skeletons inside. They let out bone-chattering wails as the wind inside slice at the bones leaving long, deep fissures. As quickly as the dome appeared, it disappeared and there was nothing left of the skeletons but ash on the ground. Gnel landed on the ground and a smile formed on his face. He snapped his fingers on both his right and left hand before two disks made of compressed air appeared hovering in his palms.

“Try to keep up,” Gnel joked before he charged towards the remaining skeletons that didn’t get trapped in the dome. He threw both disks that they cut through the air before slicing through two skeletons. One disk sliced through the top of the skull of one skeleton, while another sliced through the maw of another cutting the bottom jaw from its skull. The two exploded into ash before the disks flew up and then soared towards two more skeletons while Gnel produced two more disks made of compressed air.


“I still got a few more tricks up my hooves,” Sombra said with a smile. The tendrils that formed into spindly stick figures shot towards another group of skeletons. When they first started fighting them: There was only Griffin Skeletons, but as they continued to destroy them. More Griffin skeletons began to appear, but along with them came Earth Pony and Pegasus skeletons. One of the tendrils spindly arms reared back with its claw open and twitching. The stick figure shadow brought down its claw and pierced into the spine of an Earth Pony skeleton before spinning around and piercing two long claws into each eye socket of another. The second stick figure tendril’s right hand morphed into a hammer and it caved the Griffin Skelton’s skull in. The final stick figure tendril had wrapped around a Pegasus skeleton and constricted. The skeleton let out a bone-chattering wail as its bones began to snap, break, and splinter. The stick figure tendril had its two claws on either side of the skull as they pushed inward towards one another. With one final wail, the skeleton’s spine broke and its skull was caved in on either side. The stick figure tendril let out another gurgling high-pitched wail before slithering towards another skeleton.


A javelin pierced through the air and into the skull of a Griffin skeleton. It puffed into ash as the javelin fell to the ground. The ash swirled in the air before it flew into a red circle that appeared in the air. The ash went in one end and a Pegasus skeleton engulfed in flames soared out the other. The Griffin that threw the javelin narrowed his eyes at the skeleton before reaching for the hatchets strapped to his sides. The Griffin had silver feathers and a dark brown lion’s flank. His right claw was replaced with a mechanical claw and so was one of his wings and tail. His beak was replaced with the same machinery and a large scar covered his left eye which had a white film over it. A group of Griffins flew up behind him and await the Pegasus skeleton as more skeletons joined it.


Before the Pegasus skeleton could attack, Aeolus flanked the skeleton and slammed his right fist into the side of the skull. The Pegasus skeleton tumbled to the side before it corrected itself and let out a low bone-rattling hiss. Aeolus ignored the skeleton and turned towards the Griffin who threw the Javelin and ordered, “Your weapons are no use against these creatures Rip Jaw. Take the Claw Guard and help the civilians get to safety. My friends and I will take care of these monsters.”


Rip Jaw narrowed his eyes at Aeolus. He remembered how his Javelin caused the skeleton to change into ash, to only reform into a new skeleton. Rip Jaw nodded and turned to the group of Claw Guards. He used his left claw to press down on a hidden device in the skin of his neck. His beak opened and a monotone robotic voice ordered, “Take any civilians to the underground shelters. Do not engage the skeletons. Relay this message to the others.” The group didn’t give an answer as they flew off. Some relayed his orders over walkie-talkies to the other Claw Guards around the city. Rip Jaw removed his claw and his beak snapped shut. He turned towards Aeolus and nodded before flying off. He stopped before he got any further and pressed the device again. His beak once again opened and the monotone robotic returned said, “Don’t do anything stupid. Mom can’t take another son being badly deformed.” With that, he flew off.


Aeolus watched him fly off before a low bone-chattering hiss made him turn to face the group of skeleton creatures that patiently waited for him to finish with Rip Jaw. They might be monsters, but they do have manners. Aeolus thought before he placed his arms behind him. His claws clamped around his wrists as he coldly stared at the creatures and stated, “I’m happy you let me finish my conversation, but I must warn you: should you attack me. I. Will. Kill You.”


A few of the Griffin skeletons looked at one another. A Pegasus skeleton in the back slowly started to fly backward. The Amethyst glow in the sockets of the lead Pegasus skeleton seemed to glare at Aeolus. It pointed a bony hoof towards Aeolus and let out a bone-chattering war cry. The group of skeletons seemed to mimic his cry before they charged. Aeolus let out a sigh before he moved his claws to either side of his body. A small flash appeared in each claw before a small silver cube appeared hovering in each. He looked at the group of skeletons and said, “So be it.”


The cube in his right claw began to spin rapidly before it began to morph and grow until it changed into a large war hammer. The cube in his left claw spun as well, but as it morphed it thinned and slithered around his wrist and up his arm. The other end of the thin metal rope hanging in the air had a four talon Griffin claw. The thin metal rope then changed to a chain and Aeolus threw the chain with the metal Griffin claw towards one of the skeletons. The claw opened and slammed into its spine before the claw clamped down and Aeolus pulled the Pony Skeleton towards him. He brought down his war hammer and the Pony skeleton soared down and slammed into the ground. Another Pony skeleton flanks Aeolus and it lunged towards him. The Griffin claw chain quickly glowed and morphed around his arm and changed into a Griffin gauntlet.


He whirled around and let the Pony skeleton bite down on the gauntlet. Three of its bony teeth chipped causing it to rear back and let out a bone-chattering wail. Aeolus pulled back his left arm before he punched the Skeleton on the right side of its face. The metal fist of the gauntlet sent splinters across the skull before the Pony Skeleton exploded into ash. Aeolus slowly turned towards the rest of the skeletons before charging towards them.


Discord rapidly jabbed his Rapier into another Skeleton as tiny holes appear in its bones before it explodes into ash. Tirek slammed one of his Claymores onto another skeleton while a hooked tailed snake wrapped around another and constricted.


“These things won’t quit,” Butterfly ranted as Gnel backflipped from a Griffin’s claw swiping at him. He landed next to Sheik as her whip made of water cracked and pierced into the Griffin’s skull causing it to explode into ash. A stick figure tendril slammed a Pony Skeleton to the ground as Sombra bucked its skull. He winced as the flames licked at his hooves before he limps back next to Sheik.


“Well that was a dumb idea,” Sombra admitted before he continued, “Chaotic isn’t pulling any punches' huh?” the joke fell on deaf ears as the group stood in front of a massive army of skeletons engulfed in flames. Ahuizotl growled as the skeletons slowly stalked closer towards them. Aeolus slams another Pony skeleton to the ground before he jumped next to Ahuizotl.


“Where the hell are all these damn monsters coming from?” Ahuizotl growled.


The skeletons soon stop their advance before the middle of the massive army started to part and let a Pony walk through the ranks and toward the group of Epitaphs. Each one felt a massive shiver down their spines as Ahuizotl started to growl even louder. The Pony didn’t stop as he continued to walk towards them. He was a white Pegasus with Dragon-like wings folded on the sides of his body. He had a shit-eating grin on his face as he drew closer. He stopped at the front of the large skeleton and stared at the group with slanted Amethyst eyes.


“How wonderful it is to see you, my friends,” Chaotic said as he gave them a toothy grin filled with yellow dagger-like teeth.