My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 16

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Are you INSANE!” Cyclone yelled as she stared at Metallic. After the Epitaphs met with Metallic, he was summoned to Void’s plain. When he arrived he found Cyclone, Inferno, Eclipse, and Aqua all there waiting for him. Cyclone growled loudly as the fog making up her body flared up as she paced back and forth. Her glare intensified as she added, “You promised you’d keep Chaotic’s corruption a secret until the time was right!”


“I didn’t give any information on his corruption,” Metallic stated with a metallic twang.


“Really?” Inferno said before he added, “you told them about Void’s plan!”


“I did no such thing,” Metallic said before he rose up and his mandibles snapped several times before he continued, “I never mentioned Void or even why Chaotic was Corrupted!”


“Oh yeah, and that little riddle you gave them was so subtle,” Aqua stated.


“They needed to be aware of their fate Aqua. They are going in blind and have no idea what will become of them,” Metallic hissed.


“We believe in our Epitaphs and know they can defeat Chaotic,” Eclipse said.


“This coming from the God that corrupted her own Epitaph,” Metallic retorted.


“What did you say?” Eclipse growled as she slowly stalked towards him. Metallic’s mandibles snapped shut several times as the long hanging arms came to life in his mouth. Silver liquid dripped from his maw. Eclipse then growled again, “What I do with my Epitaph is my own business!”


“Enough!” Void finally spoke up. He had been lying in a large pile of himself and just before the two came to blows. All twelve of his eyes opened and he lifted his head up. Six eyes stared at Eclipse and the other six stared at Metallic. He let out a sigh and added, “We cannot change what has already been done. Also, Metallic is right. He didn’t disclose how our brother was corrupted.”


“He is not our brother!” Eclipse hissed as she added, “He lost that title after he killed.” She stopped herself from going any further as the thought made her anger subside.


“I understand your anger, we all miss them. However, Chaotic’s corruption was too strong to keep him from killing three of our kin. Somehow his corruption even erased their presence from the physical plain. Once all Epitaphs have been gathered, they will finally be given the reason why Chaotic was corrupted,” Void said.




Aeolus eased off the throttle and let the boat's engine slowly shut off as the boat gingerly floated into the Port of Icarus. As they slowly eased into one of the docks Sheik tossed a rope to a waiting Minotaur who tied the rope to a post. Gnel did the same to a second Minotaur who mimicked the first. A third Minotaur grabbed a small ramp and placed it on the side of the boat before the first Minotaur walked onto the boat.


“Welcome to the Port of Icarus. How long will you be staying?” he asked.


“Hopefully only a day or two,” Aeolus said.


“Okay, let’s say two days. That’ll be five bits. If you only stay a day we’ll give you back three bits,” the first Minotaur said. Aeolus nodded and retreated down into the cabin beneath the boat. He then returned with a large pouch. He reached in and pulled out eight bits and handed them to the Minotaur.


“Keep them. I’m not worried. You three seem like good, honest working folks,” Aeolus said. The Minotaur tipped his captions hat to Aeolus before he turned around and walked off the boat.


As the group walked off the boat the second Minotaur looked up and asked, “What brings you all the way out here?”


“We’re here to see Rampage,” Gnel piped up.


“Ah, you’re here for the show. Hopefully, you got your tickets early because I read they’re all sold out,” the second Minotaur said.


“No worries, we got our tickets months ago,” Discord said before he ruffled Gnel’s hair and added, “It’s his first time seeing a live show. Wouldn’t want to disappoint.” The Minotaur nodded before he headed off with the other two. Once the three had left, Gnel swiped at Discord to get him to stop.


“So how are we going to get in to see Rampage if all the tickets are sold out?” Gnel asked.


“Easy, I’ll just conjure up some more tickets,” Discord said as he raised his Griffin’s claw. Sheik quickly grabbed his claw before he could snap his fingers. Sombra sighed and smacked his forehead with his hoof.


“Were you even listening?” Sheik scolded. Discord looked at her quickly before she sighed and explained, “If we use magic, it leaves a trail. Chaotic can track that trail and find us!”


“Oh, right,” Discord said before he smiled sheepishly and added, “Sorry. Forgot about that.” Sheik let go of Discord’s Griffin claw and let out a relieved sigh.


“So how are we going to get in to see Rampage?” Twilight asked.


“We’ll just have to see what we can do when we get there,” Aeolus said before the group headed from the Port, into the large bustling city.


Twilight looked in awe at the large city. Its buildings were like walls of a maze and the streets felt like a pathway through the maze as some streets ended in dead ends. Many of the cities inhabiting traveled by Rickshaw. Sheik looked around and found a group of Minotaur’s standing on the sidewalk talking with one another.


“We should be able to get there with them,” Sheik said as she pointed to the group and their Rickshaws.


“What can I do for you little lady?” one of the Minotaurs asked Sheik as she walked up to them.


“We need to get to where the Wrestling match is tonight,” Sheik said as she motioned towards the rest of the group.


“Oh, you want to go to the Theseus Dome,” another Minotaur said before he added, “We can take you all there. It’s not too far.” Sheik thanked them as the group got into each Rickshaw in groups of two. Discord and Tirek with Butterfly on his shoulder in one, Gnel and Sheik in another, Aeolus and Ahuizotl in the third, and Sombra and Twilight in the final one. Each Minotaur grabbed the two poles of the Rickshaw and checked the street to make sure it was safe before they began to pull their Rickshaw down the streets of the labyrinth style city.


They started out slow before they picked up speed and soon the group was racing down the streets of the city. Only stopping at an intersection with a Minotaur’s standing in the middle of the intersection. He held a red card towards them while holding a green card for the other Rickshaws. After a while, the Minotaur showed the green card to them and the group was again racing down the streets.


“Whoa,” Gnel said as he saw their destination up ahead. It was a massive dome with large bull horns on the roof. Flames flickered at the tips of the horns before they suddenly shot into the air like a dragon breathed its flames out each horn before they died down and the flames went back to flickering.


“Yeah, cool isn’t it?” the Minotaur pulling Gnel’s and Sheik's said before he added, “they only use the flamethrowers when there’s an LCW show at the Theseus Dome.”


“That’s so cool!” Gnel said with a childlike laugh. The Minotaur’s soon slowed and stopped in front of the sidewalk in front of the dome.


“How much do we owe you?” Aeolus asked as he climbed off the Rickshaw with the others.


“Two Bits per cart please,” the lead Minotaur said. Aeolus nodded and reached into his pouch before he gave each Minotaur two Bits. They thanked him and the four Minotaur’s went their separate ways. One of the Minotaurs stopped close to the dome where an elderly Minotaur shakily climbed into the Rickshaw. She then shakily pointed her cane down the street and the Minotaur grabbed the two poles and guided the Rickshaw to where she wanted to go.


“Now we just need to figure out a way in,” Twilight said as she watched the Minotaurs leave.


“I guess I didn’t need my magic after all,” Discord said amused. The group turned to see a Minotaur in a black suit and red tie holding a sign with each of their names on it. Twilight’s name wasn’t with the other Epitaphs, but after the last name was a plus one. Discord laughed again and added, “Guess Rampage thought of everything.” The group walked up to the Minotaur who greeted them each with a handshake. He then led them into the dome and into the VIP room.


“Here's where Mr. Rampage will meet you after his match. Now please feel free to relax and have something to eat until the start of the show. I’ll bring you to your seats before it starts,” the Minotaur said before he left the room. The VIP room was massive with a large TV on the wall and three tables, each with various types of food and drinks atop them. Gnel hopped over to the tables and took a long whiff of the food. He let out a sigh before he grabbed a plate and began to fill it with food.


“Slow down Gnel. You ate on the boat so I highly doubt you’re this hungry,” Sheik said as she too picked up a plate and began to choose from the variety of food. Gnel looked up at her with a piece of shrimp in his mouth. He swallowed it without chewing before he answered.


“But I’m a growing boy,” Gnel whimpered as he gave her puppy dog eyes. Sheik laughed and shook her head before she ruffled his hair and went back to picking out food. Gnel swatted at her hand and added, “Why do you all do that. You know I don’t like it. The only one who doesn’t do that is Ahuizotl.”


“And I never will,” Ahuizotl hissed as he walked up next to Gnel and his tail-hand took a plate before he scanned the food on the table. He then filled his plate with a variety of meat. The others followed suit, but Twilight skipped all the meat and filled her plate with fruit and vegetables. Once they had filled their plates, they sat down at a round table and began to eat.


“You didn’t get any protein?” Gnel said to Twilight and Sombra as he bit into a piece of sausage roll.


“I’m a vegetarian,” Twilight admitted as she dipped a piece of cauliflower into a small lump of ranch dressing before popping it into her mouth. Sombra nodded as he bit into part of a spinach roll slice.


“Vege-what?” Gnel asked.


“Vegetarian: means she doesn’t eat meat,” Sheik said as she placed a slice of pepperoni on top of a small slice of cheese before finally placing it on a cracker and popping it into her mouth.


“Everyone in Equestria is a vegetarian,” Discord said as he rolled up a piece of cheese in ham and ate it.


“Discord!” Twilight coughed as she choked on a carrot stick. She cleared her throat and added, “I thought you were a vegetarian too!”


“What gave you that idea,” Discord said as he popped a deep fried clam strip into his mouth and chewed.


“I’ve only seen you eat cucumber sandwiches!” Twilight pointed out.


“Well yeah. Fluttershy made them and I do like cucumbers, but that doesn’t make me a vegetarian. I wouldn’t make Fluttershy cook meat with all the animals she cares for. It would scar her for life,” Discord explained.


“Not everyone in this world eats the same thing as you Ponies,” Ahuizotl said as he bit into a piece of beef jerky.


“Don’t worry Twilight, I can’t stand meat either,” Butterfly said as she bit into a grape tomato. She then floated over to a cucumber slice and broke a part of it off so she could eat it. The group ate in silence for several minutes until Gnel let out a belch to break the silence.


“Oops, excuse me,” he said sheepishly before he took a handful of hey-fries and shoveled them into his mouth. Again they ate in silence as the TV screen spun the letters LCW around in the middle of the screen.


“That was amazing,” Sheik sighed in satisfaction as she patted her stomach.


“For once I agree with you. That was prepared beautifully,” Ahuizotl said. Gnel slumped in his chair as he let out a belch again, but only sighed in satisfaction as he smacked his lips and tasted the freshly eaten food on his breath.


“Everything was very fresh. Guess Rampage knows how to treat his guests,” Sombra said.


“I’m glad everything was to your liking,” the Minotaur in the suit said before he added, “The show will begin shortly. If you would please follow me and I’ll take you to your seats.” The group got up and followed him through hallways until they exited into the large arena with a large square wrestling ring. The Minotaur in the suit showed them to their seats which were in the front so they would be sitting on the other side of the barricade.


“Whoa, we got front row seats. Nice!” Gnel said excitedly as he took his seat.


“Thanks, Mr?” Twilight said trying to remember if the Minotaur gave his name.


“Canvas,” the Minotaur said before he bowed to them.


“Thank you Canvas,” Aeolus said as he reached into his pouch and produced three Bits.


“No tip necessary,” Canvas said before he added, “Oh, before I forget. The vendors here have been told that anything you order is comped so don’t worry about payment of popcorn or other snacks and drinks.”


“Are you sure?” Butterfly asked.


“Yes, Mr. Rampage likes to take care of his guests,” Canvas said before he asked, “Is there anything else you need?” the group shook their heads and Canvas nodded before he left the group.


“This is so exciting!” Gnel said as he hopped up and down on his seat before he added, “I’ve only seen these shows on TV. I’ve never seen them in person.”


“I’ve never heard of these shows before now. What are they about?” Twilight asked. Gnel stopped bouncing in place and looked at her in shock


“WHAT!” Gnel yelled.


“Damn it Gnel. Not so loud!” Ahuizotl said as his ears lay flat on his head from his scream.


“Sorry,” Gnel said before he turned back to Twilight and added, “Oh I can’t wait until you see this. You’ll love it!” he began to bounce excitedly again in his seat.


“I think I remember seeing a show like this once,” Sombra said as he rubbed his chin and thought before he remembered and added, “Yeah, it pitted two competitors together in metal armor. They fought one another with weapons until one of them couldn’t fight anymore. Then, one of the nobles either let the victor spare or kill the loser.”


“Wait. What!” Twilight said as she looked at the group in shock.


“How long ago was it you saw this fight?” Sheik asked.


“Over a thousand years ago,” Sombra said as he thought some more.


“Yeah, let’s just say those types of fights aren’t around anymore and these fights are more family friendly now,” Sheik said.


“Have you seen the Rage in the Cage match from last year?!” Gnel asked before he continued, “Mace lost almost a quart of blood!”


“Yeah, but that’s tame compared to what these fights were before,” Sheik said as she placed her right leg over the left.


“I’m guessing you're not a fan of this,” Discord said.


“Not really,” Sheik said before she ranted, “It’s nothing but large muscled brutes groping each other while they use the opposite sex as nothing more than trophies.”


“That’s rich coming from the exotic dancer,” Butterfly said with a sly smile. Sheik quickly shot Butterfly a glare as Butterfly shot her a glare right back.


“Not again,” Sombra said as he sighed and placed a hoof on his face.


The arena started to come to life as more beings started to pile into the stands and take their seats. Vendors started walking around yelling their products and seeing who needed or wanted them. Gnel called to a cotton candy vendor who saw him and started over to him.


“Do you really need more food?” Sheik asked before she added, “Especially more sugar.” Sheik then looked at the cotton candy vendor and shook her head. He stopped, nodded, and continued on his route.


“Yes mom,” Gnel said sarcastically before he folded his arms in front of him and huffed in frustration.


“You’ll thank me when you’re not puking your guts out,” Sheik said.


“Oh come now, let the kid have his fun,” Discord said as he handed Gnel some cotton candy. Gnel’s eyes widened as he greedily took the treat and devoured it.


“Thank you Discord,” Gnel said with a mouth full of melting sugar. Sheik rolled her eyes and sighed in defeat. More and more beings came into the arena as more and more vendors walked around the aisles calling out what they had. Discord called to three vendors and got the group warm pretzels, sodas, and cups of what the vendor called: Dip and Dots.


As the arena finally filled to capacity a Satyr walked out from the ramp and into the ring in the middle of the arena. He held a microphone in his right hand and looked around the arena before he started; “Good evening to everyone who has come to the Theseus Dome. I, as always will be your announcer for tonight. For those who are new here. My name is Jukebox. Now, who's ready for tonight episode of Labyrinth Championship Wrestling!” the crowd erupted into cheers. Gnel cheered as well and soon began to chant Rampage’s name. Soon, a few behind him chanted his name as well. Then, the whole arena was chanting Rampage’s name.


“Rampage, Rampage, Rampage, Rampage, Rampage,” the crowd chanted in unison. The Satyr in the middle of the ring nodded as they chanted the wrestler’s name.


“Oh yes, Rampage is here tonight and will put the title on the line against his archrival,” Jukebox said before he paused for dramatic effect and then added, “Car-ni-vore!” the crowd exploded into cheers just before the lights shut off. The titantron over the stage beamed to life as it showed the intro package for the wrestling show. Once over, the stage suddenly exploded to life as pyrotechnics shot from the stage, sides of the titantron, and rafters. Booms, screeches, and whistling filled the arena and overpowered the cheering crowd. When the pyrotechnics ceased, the arena was filled with white smoke, but the crowd didn’t care as they screamed and cheered louder.


“The Tag team match is scheduled for one fall!” Jukebox said as the crowd fell silent. Music erupted from the speakers around the arena and the crowd began to cheer loudly as Jukebox continued, “First, they weigh in at a combined weight of eight hundred and fifty pounds. Devastator and Crush, the Swines of Doom!” the entrance to the ramp filled with fog and as it grew thicker and the music hit its crescendo. Two large anthropomorphic boars stormed out of the fog to the cheers of the crowd. The two stood seven feet tall with ragged, ripped pants and on their shoulders were pads with three diagonal spikes shooting from each pad. The right boar had face paint over his right eye. The face paint resembled a large red Dragon’s Claw. He had body paint on his large gut that hung over his pants. It was a description of a boar’s skull with the same face paint over its right eye socket. The left boar had face paint as well, but it was a depiction of a star spider between his eyes. Its legs dangled down to the top of his lips. He too had a boar’s skull with the same face paint as he did on it.


The two walked down the ramp towards the ring not giving the crowd a glance. They parted and walked up each of the steel stairs on the corners of the ring before they climbed into the ring and raised their arms up to the cheering crowd. After parading around the ring, they unhooked the straps and took off the shoulder pads as new music exploded out the speakers as Jukebox announced, “and their opponents: Weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred and thirty pounds: T-bone and Razor. The S.W.A.T Kats!” a roar of an engine erupted through the speakers before a guitar riff and pyro exploded from the stage and two anthropomorphic cats were propelled from under the stage, through trap doors, and into the air. They landed back down on the ground and kept crouched down for several seconds before they stood up straight.


One cat was an orange tabby while the other was a tan tiger with light blond stripes. Both wore the same large black jacket with tan pants and their paws were wrapped in athletic tape. Both wore aviator goggles, but the orange tabby on the right had them resting on top of his head while the tiger had them around his neck. As they walked down the ramp they high-fived each claw, hoof, and hand of the audience that sat near the ramp. They stopped in front of the ring before the hopped up onto the apron. They pointed to one another before they hopped over the top rope and onto the second turnbuckle in opposite corners. They saluted the crowd as a mixture of cheers and boos erupted from the crowd.


As the two cats took off their jackets and goggles a Unicorn Pony stallion galloped from the stage and down to the ring. He wore a black and white striped shirt and an earpiece in his left ear. He slipped into the ring as Jukebox climbed out of the ring and looked at each of the four competitors. The boar with the star spider paint who Gnel said was named Devastator went through the middle rope and let his partner Crush face off with the Tiger cat named T-bone. Gnel told Twilight that the Pony with the striped shirt was the referee. The Pony pointed one hoof to Crush who nodded before he pointed to T-bone who nodded as well. The referee then pointed to Jukebox who used a small hammer to hit a ring bell.


T-bone and Crush grabbed one another in a collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring. Crush was able to place T-bone in a headlock for several seconds before T-bone was able to escape and deliver a standing dropkick which caused Crush to stagger back, but not fall. Crush snarled before the two once again grappled in another collar and elbow tie up. Twilight watched in shock as the two continued struggle and Twilight saw that T-bone was a little more built than his partner who was thin with a bit of muscle on him. Crush was able to grab T-bone and pick him up before slamming him down with a scoop slam.


T-bone lay on the mat as Crush rushed to one side of the ring, letting the ring ropes spring him forward before he leaped into the air. His senton hit an empty mat as T-bone rolled out of the way of the maneuver. Crush started to get up, but T-bone was able to get to his feet first and deliver a superkick to the side of Crush’s face. A loud smack echoed as Crush fell back to the ground. T-bone helped Crush to sit up before he ran to the ring ropes. He bounced off them and delivered a running dropkick. Crush’s head snapped back as his body fell to the ground again. T-bone hopped back to his feet and dragged Crush towards the corner where Razor waited with an outstretched hand. T-bone smacked Razors hand and Razor quickly climbed the turnbuckle as T-bone positioned Crush on the mat. Razor leaped from the top turnbuckle and slammed his feet into the stomach of Crush. Crush gasped and rolled around on the mat as he clutched his stomach in pain.


T-bone climbed between the ropes and stood on the apron as Razor helped Crush to his feet. Razor then quickly jabbed his right forearm into the side of Crush’s face before Razor ran to the ropes, bounced off them, and slammed his shoulder into Crush’s chest. Crush staggered back before he fell into one of the side corners. Razor ran to the opposite corner before he ran full speed at t Crush before he flipped forward and slammed his back into Crush’s body. Gnel said that that maneuver was called a cannonball. Twilight nodded as she continued to watch the match. She took a hoof of popcorn and popped it into her mouth as the match continued.


 Razor got back to his feet before picking up the limp body of Crush. He tried to fling Crush into the ring ropes, but Crush seemed to not budge. Razor tried again, but Crush quickly whipped Razor into the ropes. Razor bounced off the ropes and towards Crush who performed a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.


The sudden move caused Crush to fall back into his own corner as Devastator slapped Crush’s chest before he climbed through the rope and grabbed Razor who was trying to crawl his way to T-bone. Devastator deadlifted Razor before he delivered a backdrop. Razor bounced off the mat and rolled around in pain as Devastator slowly started to get back on his feet. Devastator quickly grabbed Razor and Irish-whipped him into one of the corners before charging towards him. Devastator performed a scorpion splash and found nothing but turnbuckle. Devastator stumbled back as Razor leaped and tagged in his partner. T-bone, surprisingly was able to leap from the apron to the top rope and jump towards the staggering Devastator. T-bone drove his forearm into the side of Devastator’s face.


The two fell to the mat before T-bone quickly got back up and ran towards Crush and dropkicked him off the apron. T-bone got back up again and quickly helped Devastator back up before quickly slamming his fore-arms into Devastator's face before he spun and slammed the back of his right hand into the side Devastator's face. The large boar staggered as T-bone quickly tagged Razor who had just now climbed back onto the apron. Razor quickly climbed through the ropes and help T-bone with Devastator. The two powered Devastator into a suplex and slammed Devastator into the mat. Devastator arched his back as pain shot through his lower back as T-bone and Razor quickly got back on their feet. The two nodded towards each other before they went to different sides of the ring.


The two climbed on opposite turnbuckles before they pointed to one another. The two jumped off their respective turnbuckles and in unison slammed into Devastator’s body as T-bone hit him with a body splash and Razor landed a leg drop across his chest. T-bone rolled off Devastator as Razor rolled on top of Devastator for the pin. The Pony referee started his count. His hoof came down once, twice, but before it could come down for the third time. Crush seemed to come out of nowhere and push Razor off Devastator to break up the three count. Crush got back up and both him and T-bone started punching one another. They began to draw closer to the ropes. T-bone staggered back towards the ring ropes as Crush clotheslined him and they both tumbled over the top rope, onto the apron, and down onto the concrete floor below that had a thin padded mat covering it.


Razor and Devastator slowly started to get to their feet. Razor threw a punch and Devastator staggered back before he threw one of his own. Razor staggered back but then threw another punch. The two did this for several seconds before one of Devastator’s punches caused Razor to fall back onto the mat. Devastator picked up Razor and slammed him down onto the mat. According to Gnel, the move Devastator performed was a spinebuster. Twilight simply nodded as she didn't take her eyes off the match. she sipped her drink without looking at the straw.


Devastator got back to his feet before he slowly walked over to one of the turnbuckles. He climbed to the top and raised his arms up as the crowd cheered just before Devastator leaped from the top of the turnbuckle and performed a frog splash. His large frame slammed into Razors body and Razor let out a gasp. The Pony Referee quickly started his count. His hoof went down once, twice. T-bone began to crawl back into the ring, but Crush quickly grabbed his leg to keep him from stopping the count. The Pony Referee slammed his hoof down a third time and a bell rang out as the crowd cheered. Twilight suddenly let out a cheer of excitement before she stopped mid-cheer and saw Discord snickering at her. Her face went red as she composed herself and sat back down in her seat.


“Here are your winners! Crush, Devastator: The Swines of Doom!” Jukebox announced. The Referee’s horn glowed and his magic raised both Crush and Devastator’s arms. Twilight watched as the two large boars climbed between the ropes and jumped from the apron to the floor and walked up towards the ramp. Razor and T-bone soon followed as T-bone helped Razor walk up the ramp.


“Did you see it?” Discord asked with a sly smile.


“See what?” Twilight asked. Discord snickered a little before he snapped his fingers and a small screen appeared in front of Twilight.




Chaotic lay in the massive throne room of his castle atop a large pile of bones and ash. Smoke shot from his nostrils with every exhale as he slept. His eyes suddenly shot open as he lifted his head and looked up towards the ceiling. A toothy smile formed on his face as he chuckled, “There you are.”