My Neighbor Totoro Fan Fiction ❯ My Neighbor Totoro 2 ❯ Our Story Starts ( Chapter 1 )

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My Neighbor Totoro 2
By Blake Ferronetti
Part 1
Satsuki: Mei, If we wait long enough, corn is going to grow.
Mei: Wow!
Dad's Voice: *calling them* Mei! Satsuki!
Satsuki: Dad's calling.
Mei: Whatever happened, you did it.
Satsuki: Hey!
They run over to Dad.
Dad: I'm going to the university. I want you to pick up some bread at the market. Your mom is coming back from the hospital today, too.
Satsuki: Really?!!!!?
Mei: Oh boy!
Dad: So pick up some bread. Ok?
Satsuki: `K.
Satsuki walks Mei to the bus stop.
Satsuki: Wait. The buses don't come today.
Mei: But, how do we get to the market.
Satsuki: I got an idea.
Satsuki starts running.
Mei: Hey!
Satsuki: Follow me.
Mei starts running and she falls.
Satsuki: Oh my god. Are you ok?
Mei: *gets up* Uhm.. I'm fine.
Satsuki runs more. They lead up to a Camphor Tree.
Mei: Ready?
Satsuki: Uh huh.
They crawl thew the tree. They see Totoro inside.
Satsuki: Can you help us get the market? We don't have a ride to get there.
Totoro smiles. He picks up Mei and Satsuki.
Totoro: ROOOOAAAAR!!!!!!
The Cat-bus arrives.
Voice: Next stop, The market.
Mei and Satsuki: *in unison* Yay!!!!!!
They walk in. They find a seat.
The Cat bus starts running. It runs through people's yards.
Mei: Why don't the people notice the bus?
Satsuki: I don't know.
Minutes later, they get to the market.
Voice: Watch your step.
Mei and Satsuki get out of the bus.
The Cat bus leaves.
Mei and Satsuki get the bread at the market and pay for it.
Hours later……………………..
Mei and Satsuki get home from the bus. They see their mom.
Satsuki: Mommy!
Satsuki and Mei run up to mom and hug her.
Mom: It's so nice to see you girls again. Where did you come from? I was just looking for you two.
Mei: We went to the market.
Mom: Oh?
Satsuki: Daddy made us go get some bread.
Mom: I'm sure it's going to be a great addition for our dinner.
Satsuki: Mei and I are going to go outside.
Mom: Ok.
Satsuki and Mei where playing outside until, Mei noticed a sign.
Mei: Satsuki!!!!
Satsuki ran over.
Mei: *pointing to the sign* What does it say?
Satsuki: *reads the sign* I think a company is building new houses near the tree and the forest.
Mei: They can't do that. Where's Totoro gonna live?!?
Satsuki: He's probably going to move.
Mei: BUT WHY?!!?
Satsuki: Mei, he can't always stay here. That's the way things work.
Mei walks over to the garden.
Satsuki: *talking to herself* But who would want to harm the home of a living creature?
To be continued.
How is it so far?
It'll get better later in too.