Nabari No Ou Fan Fiction ❯ Sacrifices ❯ Ambush ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Yokohama sat at the table, absentmindedly twirling a kunai between her fingers, her chin propped up in her other hand as she stared into space. She looked up as Miharu walked in. She nodded to him as he sat down and she sighed, putting away the kunai. Running a gloved hand through her hair, she sighed and slammed her forehead on the table, startling Miharu as he stared at her. She lifted her forehead from the table and stood up, grabbing her double bladed scythe and strapping it to her back before walking to the door.

" I'm going out for a while. 'Kay, Miharu-san ?" she said, turning the green eyed boy.

" Okay." he said and Yokohama left, shutting the door behind her before her eyes narrowed as she held up a kunai in a defensive stance as she walked out into the clearing.

" Alright, stop hiding." she said. She moved her head to the left to avoid a shuriken that embeded itself in the ground behind her as 4 Shikyo ninja's appeared on each side of her and she smirked. " An ambush, eh ?" she said before putting the kunai away and taking out her double bladed scythe. Holding it in a defensive stance she barely blocked the scythe of one of the ninjas. She dug her heels into the ground as the ninja put more pressure down on the scythe.

" It's you ! You're that brat !!" hissed the ninja and Yokohama smirked.

" Yeah it's me. So surprised to see I'm not dead yet ?" she asked as she shoved the ninja off of her, making him stumble back.

" This time we'll make sure you're dead !!" he roared before swinging at Yokohama, who dodged it easily. She blinked as two dead hands sprang from the ground, latching onto her ankles.

' Kuso ! It was a trap and I fell for it.' she thought, her eyes narrowing as the ninja came at her with the scythe. She closed her eyes, moving her scythe as she concentrated.

~*~ With Miharu and the others ~*~

Miharu blinked as the ground began to rumble, then stopped.

" What was that ?" asked Kuichi as he walked in with Raimei,Kumohira and Yoite.

" I don't know." answered Miharu. Seiryuu came in, blinking sleepily.

" What's going on ?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.

" The ground started rumbling, and then it stopped." said Miharu as Seiryuu's eyes widened and he rushed to the door, throwing it open.

~*~ With Yokohama ~*~

Yokohama smirked as she pulled her scythe from the ground. Large fissures had been created from the shock wave, and the hands let go of Yokohama's ankles. She shifted her scythe to her back and grabbed an oncoming ninja's fist with both of her own and swung him around before throwing him into the air. She dissapeared in a flash, reappearing up in the air, beneath the ninja as she placed her hand under his chin over his neck and over his knees, his back splayed against her shoulders as she dropped towards the ground with surprising speed and landed on the ground, smirking as she heard a sickening crack from the ninja before he went limp and she threw him away from her.

" Yokohama-san !" cried a voice and Yokohama turned to see Seiryuu in the doorway. She turned back around only to get kicked in the stomach and thrown back against a nearby tree, and her head slumped down, a trickle of blood running from her lips down her chin.

Seiryuu's eyes narrowed as the ninja that had kicked Yokohama faced him.

" Hand over the Shirabansho holder." he hissed, his two other companions coming up behind him, the dead ninja's body forgotten on the ground from where Yokohama had thrown him.

" No." answered Seiryuu and the ninja's eyes narrowed as he took a step forward before the cold blade of a scythe was pressed to his neck.

" Not another step." came the cold tone of Yokohama from behind him, her pupils now cat like slits. The glove to her left had was gone, and an intricate red design on her hand was glowing, shining like a beacon against her tan skin. The Shikyo Choushi had spread to half of her face and over her right eye, giving her a sinister look.

" Or what ?" asked the ninja smugly before Yokohama dissapeared, reappearing in the air, twirling her scythe like a shuriken before tossing it at the ninja, slicing through him in a spray of blood. She landed on the ground before smirking at the ninja's that were left, who stared at her in fear.

" Who's next ?" she asked coldly, twirling her scythe.

" We'll be back !!" hissed one of the ninja's before they both dissapeared. Yokohama's eyes reverted to normal and the Shikyo Choushi receeded before she stumbled, landing on her knees as she coughed, blood seeping through her fingers before she fell forwards unconcious. Seiryuu sighed before moving forward, picking her up and bringing her back into the house.