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April 8th, 1833, we welcome Saya to the Zoo. As far as I know it is the mummy of an unknown being, different from any creature on earth. It somehow resembles a human female, but it is vastly different from us because it has traces of a strange membrane extending from its arm to armpits and from the abdomen to the lower region. Web-like membranes between the fingers can also be observed, these characteristics are shared by Chiroptera such as bats.  
I almost feel we were led to the mummy for a reason. It may give us a clue about our own evolution. We have decided to dissect the body. It was such an exciting moment, like a child dissecting an insect for the very first time, bursting with uncontrollable intellectual curiosity. We decided to open up one of the two cocoons, but the cocoon would not let the blade penetrate.
It was as if the cocoon was almost making a mockery of our attempt. But then, it happened. The blade seemed to jump.
The drop of blood was quickly absorbed as if it were a baby desperate for milk. The more blood that fell the quicker it was consumed by the cocoons. They then started to pulsate.
August 4th, 1833, two newborn babies came out of the cocoons. At first glance they looked like two-month-old human babies. They were both females. One of them became a nameless test-subject, but the other was given the name Saya.  
June 2nd, 1863, the girls have not grown a day older for several years now. I have not been able to determine the reason why. Although I have known all along that Saya was different from humans, it still came as a shock when I finally accepted the fact that their time had stopped. Their blood miraculously heals their wounds at an extraordinary rate. One day I mixed their blood together. Their blood ferociously crystallized and scattered away like powdered dust. They were born from the same mother and I have exhausted all resources. I cannot find any human or any being on earth with these kinds of characteristics.  
I am beginning to believe these two girls are not connected to our chain of evolution. What in the world are they?  

Where… am… I? It's so cold… What is cold…? This.. is grey rain.. What is Grey?
What is rain? These were the thoughts that flooded the mind of the young raven haired girl. She's a young looking female of at least nine-years-old, she has pale skin, and blue eyes. Her hair was in a asymmetrical cut which is shorter in the back and longer in the front.  
She wore only a white dress with a ribbon under its breasts and puffed sleeves. She really hadn't counted the days, but if she had, she'd been out in the rain for two weeks. It was raining, but of course it was always raining in Amegakure where murder, starvation, and war prospered in the poor country that couldn't care for children such as herself.   
She had just woken up with no recollection of who she was and how she got where she was now. It took her a while to adjust her eyes to everything around her. No one bothered to notice her since they thought she had died, like so many others. I'm alone. I'm lost. I'm going to die… What does that mean? I… Her body was frail. She didn't feel any source of emotion other than hunger. She couldn't even remember the last time she ever eaten anything or if she had eaten anything at all for that matter.Who am I? What is this place? How did I get here and why? Somebody… anybody… help… please…. I'm scared. I'm so scared. My mind tells me to move but I can't. I'm so… weak. An eerie, soft melody pierced her ears. It was beautiful. This song… it's so lovely… wait… is it coming from me? Me? This is my voice? No can't be. This song… what's a song? I'm singing? Me? This is my voice? It is. Will I die here all alone with no name? No, I don't want to die. I want to live so much. I want to. But what is live? What meaning do I have? Please… help me… I'm too… young. I'm alone. No. I don't want to… This song…

Cano tasay noni cano nimonoKamay sitodo lada nibonimoeKahmen di sono soda nimoKahmen mayto no sildo hisa day astroMisa day niatoe(Various Ahhhs from 2:42-4:48)Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah no tashano ni to no nimonoValmay sahano nada
Just then, a shadow loomed over her. She no longer felt the rain but was still shivering. "I like your voice," came the voice of another young girl with short blue hair and amber eyes. The Unnamed Girl slowly turned an eye to look at her and a young boy with fair skin and red hair covering his eyes. There was also a dog with him who was licking her face. "Leave her alone Chibi." said the boy. Thank you and I like yours. She couldn't speak, instead was communicating telepathically with these two people before her.

"My name's Konan and this is Nagato and that's Chibi. Here; you're able to survive two whole weeks without food and collapse from hunger, then you're a pureblood Chiropteran Queen." A loaf of bread hovered in the Girl's face. "Eat up. I don't mind. What do you remember?" Konan asked. Confusion crossed the Girl's face. Remember? What am I suppose to remember? Do you want me to remember? My greatest apologies, but I have no idea what you're talking about.Konan smiled. "It's okay, we'll take care of you. Nagato, carry her." The red-haired boy cautiously lifted the young girl's body and over her back. Fear uncurled within her which Konan sensed right away. "We won't hurt you. We're family since we come from the same species. You must have amnesia. We did too yet we still can't remember much of our pasts. How about you?"
I… don't know. I woke up not too long ago. Do you know who I am? Konan shook her head. "Once you come live with us, I'm sure you'll be able to speak right away. You don't' have to be scared of us. What about your parents?"Parents? I don't know what that means.
"I'm talking about two people that may have raised you when you were an infant. I was raised by humans until they were killed by shinobi here. It's a good thing we picked you up when we did. Anybody could have gotten you."
Momentarily, Konan arrived with three others in a cave. Inside, there were dishes and food stacked here and there. The Unknown Girl took in the view and didn't know what her new surroundings were. She was still having trouble with her memory. "Konan, who are the newbie’s?" that voice made her jump slightly. Konan assured her it was alright. From what the Girl could tell, the boy was upset that Konan had brought people with her.
"I couldn't let them die, this girl was starving and they're both chiropterans." Konan said. The boy had spiky orange hair and brown eyes. He turned glances from the three. "Yikes, and a dog to boot. Who are you all anyway?" "Chibi." "That's a weird name.""No, that's the dog's name. I'm Nagato.""What about her?" Attention turned towards the Girl who was smiling. "Do you have a name?" There was a long pause. Name? "Oh, you're amnesiac. You sure you don't remember? Not even your name? This could be a problem."Am I the problem?  
Yahiko shook his head. "No, I'm not saying that you're the problem. I'm Yahiko. We have to give you blood as soon as possible. You're hungry aren't you?" Without hesitation, She shook her head as Konan grabbed her arm. "We have lots of food here since the boys don't eat like we do. I'm glad that there's another Queen like me." Konan hooked arms with the Unknown/Unnamed Girl. Yahiko reached inside for an IV and poked a hole through it. "Drink up." "She doesn't know what blood is I'm afraid." The Girl took a small step towards Nagato reaching for his face. "Hey, not too close." She was touching his fangs, which he allowed. What are these? She turned towards Konan.

"Fangs. We all have them."Fangs…. I… have fangs….? "Let's get you out of these clothes." Konan tugged on the Girl's dress before pointing her towards the back. Much, much later, IV after IV, after IV, after IV, after IV bag was being consumed by the Girl. All color was returning to her face, though her skin tone was still pale, her skin was warm at least. She switched her dress for a large T-shirt and shorts. Instead of wearing shoes, she walked around barefoot."So far, you're doing well in the past couple of hours you've spent with us. Now, do you remember your name? Can you speak?" Yahiko asked. Her blue eyes locked onto his after she smiled at him. "I'm doing great now. But… this blood… I can tell it's fresh. I've been having these images surf through my mind lately and all I can remember is "Diva", which I don't know what is. I believe it's a name."
"Alright then, so from now on, your name will be Diva." Konan said. "Diva? I'm…. Diva?" The girl sounded slightly cheerful. Konan assumed it was over being named. Diva was happy to know that she knew who she was at least instead of being referred to as Girl in conversation. She had been eating a lot, which was no surprise since her appetite was unusual. She and Konan had pretty mush devoured everything that wasn't nailed down. Even the blood packets. Yahiko and Nagato didn't mind since neither one could eat or sleep.
"My name is Diva. That's all I remember. I have no parents. I have no idea what's going on in this world that I'm in. But I don't like fighting."

"This is the ninja world, you have no choice but to fight. It's common logic and instinct Diva." said Yahiko, scratching the back of his head. Diva smiled.  "But all I want is to live in a world where we can co-exist with everybody." "That's what we're working on," Yahiko told her. Diva turned her gaze towards the opening of the cave.
"I'm so glad that I'll be living with you guys. At first when I was just lying out there all alone, I believed that I would die all alone. Then I was fortunate to have Konan and  Nagato to find me. I saw only the world in colors of black. Now that I'm here with you guys, I know that I have a chance out there when I'm all grown up. I've never felt like this."
"Like what?" asked Konan.
"This warm feeling inside my heart. I'm…. happy? I'm happy. I don't believe I've ever felt like this." Diva scratched Chibi's fur and laughed like a child. "I love it here. I want to stay with you all forever and always like a comet. That way, I'll know that I am not alone." The four gathered around holding hands.
Nagato blushed slightly at the touch of Diva's hand, then shook it off.These people are full of so much promise for me. she thought

I want to share everything with them. I want to be happy. No more pain, no more war, no more suffering.
I am not alone. I am not alone. I am not alone.

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