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Smiling softly to myself
I watched my four year old daughter
trying to climb up into her bed

The look of determination on her face was priceless
She'd insisted on doing it herself
Saying she was a big girl now

Why were children always in such a rush to grow up..?

I wish she could stay this small forever
''Alright Emmy, let mama help you''
I told her
Using the tone I always do when I don't want any fuss
Emily pouted
Staring up at me with her big green eyes
They were like mine

''But mama, I really CAN do it. I swear!''
She told me again

He black pig tails bouncing as she did so
I think Naruto has rubbed off on her..

Smiling to myself
I lifted the tiny girl up into her bed
She giggled

Your little hands wrapped around my finger

''Don't fuss Emmy, mama loves helping you''
I whispered
Kissing her forehead

She grinned
Showing a mouthful of pearly whites

''I know mommy, I love you''

''I love you too, pumpkin''

And it's so quiet in the world tonight

Giving her one last hug
I stood up straight and turned on her pooh bear lamp

''You can turn it off mommy, I'm a big girl''

Raising an eyebrow
I shook my head

''Last time you said that, you woke up me and Naruto with nightmares''

Emily pouted
''I said sorry..''

''And we forgave you, now off to sleep''

''Yes mama''

She crawled under the covers

Your little eyelids flutter 'cause you're dreaming

Kissing her forehead
I flicked the lights off and headed for the door
Making sure to leave it open just a crack
I went back to mine and Narutos room
Where he lay on the bed readingWaiting for me

So I tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light
Emily squealed with delight
Running into the kitchen and hugging my legs

In her hands was a small rock

''It looks like a potato mama! doesn't it!?

She giggled running around me
As I did dishes

I picked her up
Sitting her on the counter

''It sure does, why doesn't mama give it a wash?''

To you, everything's funny

She sat there
Watching intently while I held the rock under hot water
Brushing all the dirt and grime away with my fingers
It was amazing what could fascinate this child
She was definitely a handful

You got nothing to regret

''Mama, when is daddy coming to visit?''

I frowned a bit
Handing her back the rock
I honestly didn't know what to tell her
How to tell her something I didn't know

''I'm not sure, cupcake''

Her face fell

''But, Naruto will be home soon and he's bringing dinner''

Her eyes got big and wide


I'd give all I have, honey

I smiled

''He's going to bring your favorite, so be a good girl and go wash your hands okay?''

''Yes mama!''
She hopped off the counter
running full speed towards the bathroom

''Be careful Emily! don't hurt yourself''

I called after her
but I was laughing

If you could stay like that
Walking Emily to the park
It was hard to keep her from running off and getting into things
She wanted nothing more than to explore

''I promise to be careful, mama!''
She whines
pulling on my hand

''Be patient, Emmy. You can play when we get down to the park''

''But mommmmyyyyyy you're so slow''

I chuckled at my five year olds hyper active nature

Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up
don't you ever grow up
Just stay this little

''Mamas about to have a baby, Emmy. She can't run''

Suddenly being serious again
Emily nodded
Patting my tummy

''I'm gonna have a little brother!''

I smiled
Me and Naruto were having our first child
Emily's half brother
We were going to name him Michael

Holding on to my hand
Emily helped me the rest of the way

''I'll protect baby Michael mommy, I promise''

I smiled
Watching her very serious face
As she gazed at my tummy
picturing her baby brother

She was becoming such a big girl

Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up
don't you ever grow up
It could stay this simple

Sitting down on a park bench
I watched over her carefully as she ran to her friends
pointing to me and bragging about how she's going to be a big sister soon

How could Sasuke be missing all this
She's getting so big
And he isn't even here

Trying not to let that bother me
I patted my belly lightly
Feeling a little kick in response
He would be here for her

I just knew it

And I wouldn't let Sasuke ruin it for her

I won't let nobody hurt you

Emily ran up the slide with Inos daughter Melody
Laughing and playing
Not a care in the world
making silly faces
And playing childlike games
How I wish I could go back to those days

Won't let no one break your heart

I didn't like how much in a rush Emily seemed
She was only five
But the truth was
I didn't want to see her end up like Sasuke
Naruto would tell me I worry to much
And try to console me
Maybe I did

No, no one will desert you

Even so
I loved her like this
mostly things her father never was
but as I watched her tell Melody all the grown up things she was going to teach Michael
I felt a little sad

Just try to never grow up
Never grow up
Sitting in the back of the car
Emily watched the road as we drove
Micheal sitting next to her
eager to be going out
curious as he was

''Mom, are we almost at Melodys..?''

Emily asked
popping her chewing gumShe tried not to make eye contactI embarrassed herShe was at that age I suppose

I nodded

''Soon honey''

''Good, I'm allowed to sleep over right?''

I nodded again
trying not to feel sad that she no longer clung to me
As she had before she turned 14
she grew too fast

I missed those days

You're in the car on the way to the movies

I felt a little selfish
but she was my first child
my baby girl

Now she seemed embarrassed to be in a car with me

And you're mortified your mom's dropping you off

But glancing back at them
I saw Emily happily showing Michael how to play her new game
And smiled at the bond those two shared
Even with the nearly 6 year age difference
Emily loved her brother

And you can't wait to move out someday and call your own shots

''Mum you can stop here''
Frowning I looked at her in the mirror

''It's still two blocks away''

She blushed a little
And bit her lip

''Melody has friends over.. friends who are really popular and I want them to like me''

''Oh.. I see''

pulling over the care, I watched her get out
And wave

''Bye mom''She mumbles without waving backEager to rush away from the carIt was enough to make me want to cryMy little baby got big too fast

But don't make her drop you off around the block

''What time do you want to be picked up?''

''Oh um, Melodys mom will drop me off''

I tried not to pout
And instead smiled at my daughterShe'd come back aroundSomeday

''I'll see you tomorrow, love you honey''

''I love you too, mom''
She smiled a bitAnd waving to MichealTook off running around the block

Remember that she's getting older, too


Forcing the brush through my long black hair
I checked myself over in the mirror
Putting my hair up in a pony tail
I started getting my things ready

And don't lose the way that you dance around
In your PJs getting ready for school

Hopping down the stairs
I saw a lunch my mom had left for me
Smiling to myself
I stuffed it in my bag
As silly as she was

I owed my mom everything
I loved her

Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up
don't you ever grow up
Just stay this little

Throwing the bag over my shoulder
I kissed my brother goodbye
And ran out the door to catch the bus
Only to find mom waiting out front


She smiled from the front seat of the car
"It's your last day of high school.. it's special, can I drive you?''

Grinning from ear to ear
I nodded

''I'd love it mom''

Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up
don't you ever grow up
It could stay this simple

Jumping in the passengers seat
I looked at all the familiar places
Knowing that next fall
I'd be off to college
Off on my own



I looked over at her
Trying not to cry

''I'm going to miss you''

No one's ever burned you

She looked almost surprised
But smiled right back at me

''I'm going to miss you too, baby''
Nothing's ever left you scarred

''Is it okay if I visit?''

She laughed

''Anytime you want pumpkin''

My heart warmed at the nickname
She'd called me that since I was a baby
It made me realize
I was leaving everything behind

It was scary growing up

And even though you want to

Leaning into my moms shoulder
I took in the warm, comforting scent
And kissing her on the cheek
Got out of the car
And raced up to my high school
For the last time

Just try to never grow up