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Of Cats and Foxes - Chapter 3
By: Phule
Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 belongs to Rumiko Takahashi while Naruto and Shaman King belong to their creators respectively.
Done with his soak Ranma gets out of the furo and goes to his room. He lays on his futon unable to sleep, his mind still restless, he kept remembering more and more what happened, and the changes this will bring.
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“… so that's the Neko-ken…er not exactly what I was expecting…” Matamune states as he sweat drops at the sight of a small gray kitten playing with a ball of yarn. “It's… it's just so cute! How could you ever be afraid of something so sickeningly cute?”
“th-that monster is NOT cute! It is a life sucking demon from the pits of hell. Do not under estimate it Matamune. The minute you turn your back on it, it will pounce and it will ripe you apart with its claws and teeth and sink it's evil fangs into you and never let go! Says Ranma with a small quiver in her voice.
“Don't you think that's a little melodramatic? Here I was expecting some eight story tall Fiery Nine Tail Demon Cat with the way you always react to cats, but this, this is just a baby.” Matamune replies “We really didn't even need to merge for this. No wonder you act so playful when you go Cat, your nothing but a kitten!” sighing in slight disappointment at not getting to do anything fun. “Well you might as well get this over with, just go over there and pick it up, all you need to do, all you ever really need to do was accept it just like you did your other half.”
“NANI! That's it after all I've been through, all the work I went through trying to get rid of it, and that's it? Just pick it up, pet it, and accept it?” Ranma shouts in surprise.
Well yes… at least it think so, this is not what I was expecting. I was expecting to have to fight a demon into submission, not deal with something so young that it probably doesn't even know what is happening itself. You should just be able to pick it up and will it into yourself” Matamune says with a small amount of uncertainty in his voice.
“heh… yeah right just pick it up… easy for you to say! Your not the one who's scared…er I mean strategically cautious of the viscous little monster.”
Oh yeah there is that” Matamune says with a grin in his voice, causing Ranma to face fault. You're just going to have to have the courage to face your fear and then do it. You're the best are you not? This should be easy.”
After a lot of inter turmoil and some more friendly barbs from Matamune, Ranma finally built up enough nerve to approach the kitten. At his approach the cat finally turned its attention towards her and with a small meow allowed Ranma to pick it up. Bring it up to eye level she stared at it then said in a shaky voice, “There now, you're not so sca-scary after all; you're just a tiny thing aren't you.” So saying she brought it down to her chest and gave it a light hug causing it to start purring. With a small giggle the last of the stress and fear drained out of her and she welcomed it into her hart.
At that the kitten started to glow a light pink and take on a more transparent aspect before slowly entering her body. As the last of the glow started to disappear Ranma started to feel herself change. Like the feeling of the curse activating only more intense. When it was done she looked down at herself not really noticing anything different at first. Then she noticed that her nails look long, more dense, with a slight downward curve. Her hearing also seemed odd and reaching up she noticed that her ears were gone, starting to panic she darted her hands higher and with a start felt two fuzzy cat ears. That was when she realized that she felt something brushing against her back. With some trepidation she looked behind her and saw two slightly bushy tails.
“Wha-What happened? Mata! What happened to me why did I change like this?” Ranma said with a small hysterical edge to her voice. When no answer came she asked, “Matamune?” She paused then after still no answer, “Mata! Are you ok, answer me!”
“Sorry Ranma, I heard you the first time, I'm just so tired, something happened when you merged with the Neko-ken. When it started, it felt like I was being pulled in or drained of my essence. I think your merge somehow reacted to the Hyoi Gattai. It felt like a piece of myself was pulled into the change and that is why you are the way you are now. We are linked now I think, permanently. I do not think I am stuck in you, but I think we will always have a connection, also you seem to have picked up some of my Nekomata traits, maybe even some of my power.” Matamune weakly answered “You should be able to just will yourself back to normal, that is what I do when I want to take a more human form and to change back.” After a short pause he continued, “I'm sorry Ranma I didn't think something like this would happen, in essence you are now a Han. To be precise you are a half Nekomata HanyÅ.
“It's ok Mata; I was just surprised, I'm sorry I yelled at you. It's not your fault, I didn't think of it ether.” Ranma replied, now calmer and a little worried about her new friend. “Are you sure you're ok? You don't sound so good.”
“I'm fine or I will be with a little rest, and I thank you for you kindness. However I do not think I'll have enough energy to take on a more physical form, if it's alright with you I wish to stay like this until I can recover more.”
“Sure no problem, after all the help you've given me, how can I not help you when you are in need?” She says with a grin back on her face.
With those thoughts and a small grin on his lips Ranma finally drifted off into a deeper sleep.
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Author Notes: Well that's it for chapter 3, sorry they are so short, but I am not able to write as often as I had hoped at the beginning and I thought it would be better to give you what I have as I write it then to release it all once every week or two.
Anyways thanks for those that have left comments. Also this is going to be the limit of the Shaman King Involvement in the story; the rest will be just Ranma till he gets into the Naru-verse. Again no set match-ups yet, if you would like to see something specific leave me a massage and I'll see what I can do with it.
Oh and FYI, I am NOT a YAOI fan so there will be no male/male relationships. Deal with it. I might add a bit of YURI into it just because, but for now the plan is standard male / female pairings.
On a final note yes Ranma is a little OC, but he isn't really if you take into account that he just merged with his girl (better) side. Along with the more feminine traits being added also his lock down on his emotions and the rest of his suppressed and broken psyche was added.
“… so that's the Neko-ken…er not exactly what I was expecting…” Matamune states as he sweat drops at the sight of a small orange cat with black stripes eating a whole dish of lasagna. “Though that would explain why you eat so much.”
“What?” says Garfeild with a shrug before grabbing another slice, “I'm hungry.