Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch2 ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kiri: NNNOOO, come back my twin-separated-at-birth!!!!!

Benitora: When did that happen?

Kiri: what? me and si-chan being separated? no idea. it happened when we were newborns,....... or so we think. it's just odd that we have so much in common......

Yukimura: commonness has nothing to do with twinness *hic* saaaaaakkkkkeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! *collaspes on floor*

Kiri: *whipes sweat off forehead* whew. Si-chan is safe! ........for now.

Siloh: No! take me with you to your fabulous druken world too, Yukimura-samaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! i would go on my own... but. i. cant. quite. reach. the. sake. from. here! *waves arm up and down*

Kiri: I've never been so glad that Siloh was lazy!

Kyo: Oi, miko!

Kiri: *ears perk up* Hai, Kyo sama?

Kyo: .................. heheheh*insert """"""kyo-ness""""" ya..... you know what i mean. don't say you don't, cause i kno u do*

Kiri: AAAHHHh?!!!! What do i do?!!!! I love Kyo-sama, but not like this!!!!! Help meeeeeeeeee!!!! ACK!!! No touchy there!

Kyo: Why not? .... do you dare defy me?


Siloh: NNNOOO!!!! Leave her alone! Don't worry, Ed! I'll save ya! soon as you come into arm's length...... aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! you know what, f@#4 this! I shall send my Yukimura after you!!! GGOOOOOOO!!!!!! I CHOOSE YOU!! *A/N wtf are you on Si? lol*

Yukimura: *still collapsed on floor* saaaaaakkkkkeeeeee

Siloh: Stupid!!!! *gets idea and smirks evully* *sugary-evul-sweet voice* Oh, YuuukiMuuuuraaaaaa! Dearest Kyo-sama has more sakeeeeeeeeee!

Kiri: *hids behind Tora*

Benitora: What's wrong, my Kiri-han?

Kiri: Scary battle appraches, it does.

Siloh: *randomly laughs* why the hell are you talking like Yoda?

Kiri: Well, talk like Yogurt i can, or this one can talk like Rurouni Kenshin

Benitora: Yogurt? Who's Yogurt??

Kiri: Yoda. I rename all the peeps from star wars! For instance, i call Chubaka either Chimichanga or Chupocabra.

Benitora: then who's Rurouni Kenshin?

Kiri: no idea. but he's suppossed to be a really deadly samurai, but he acts more like the medicine man Kyoshiro Mibu.

Siloh: oh yea.... i kno who ur talking about!

Yukimura: I. want. more. Sake!!!! RAAAWWWWRRR!!! *attacks Kyo for sake*

I NEED IT TO GET KIRIKA DRUNK!!!!!! (for obvious reasons)

Kiri: Ummm... you do know that part of being a miko is staying "pure", right, Kyo-sama?

Kyo: So? who needs that?

Kiri: I do! without it, i will loose all my spiritual powers! then, i cant go into the soul society, purify, or sense and purify the jewel shards that you desire so much!

Kyo: damn. i dont know which i want more.

Benitora: what-cha talkin bout Kyo-han?

Kyo: the onna or the shikon....

Benitora: how dare ya think of my Kiri-han as a jewel detector and toy?! She's a human being too!!!

Kiri: ~thought~ ~uh oh. i wonder when i'll be able to tell that my body is cybernetically enhanced?hmmm... better leave those details out! Nyo!~

Siloh: hmm.... i want pizza...

Kiri: even more than Yukimura-sama?

Siloh: yup. *no, not really.* hey, lets go now!

Kiri: but what about Yukimura-sama and Kyo-sama? they're still fighting!

Siloh: so? they'll be done by the time we get back. and we'll get a doggy bag for them! *aka the akamaru bag*

Kiri: Okies! Tora-kun, do you want to join us?

Benitora: It's a date, Kiri-han!

Kiri: Whoop! There it isss! Kiri gets a date with Tora-kun!!!

To be continued....
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