Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch5 ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kiri: Uh, Siloh, you okay?

Siloh: Nope! ^-^ Go Tora! Go Ed! *stands and wanders off* Where'd Yukimura get to.......?

Kiri: Hey, Siloh! You're gonna miss my bishies fighting!

Siloh: *still walking*

Benitora: Prepare to die! You dare touch my Kiri-han!

Ed: I'M NOT SHOOOOOORRRTTT!!!!!!!! *Makes auto mail arm into blade*

Tora pushes his spear toward Ed. Ed dodges and runs around behind Tora's back. Tora flips behind Ed.

Benitora: Not half bad.

Ed: I'd say the same for you... except YOU CAAAALLED ME SHOOORT!!

Kiri: *claps* No killing each other!


Siloh: Yukimura-saaaamaaaaa! *kicks something*

Drunk Lee is laying on ground.

Siloh: Lee, you seen Yukimura?

Lee: *sleep talking* Saku....raaaaaaa *snore*

Siloh: Uhhhh....kay *??wtf??*

The Ed .VS. Tora fight:

Kiri: Kyo? *pokes Kyo*

Kyo: *falls over* ^-^
(A/N Kyo had too much to drink XD)

Ed and Benitora: *talking about Kiri*

Ed: ....and she is the same height as me....

Benitora: ....yeah, and she's.......much better than Yuya-han....

Back to Siloh ^-^:

Siloh: Yukimuraaaaaa-saaaamaaaa!

Kisuke-look-alike: *walks in front of Si*

Real Kisuke: *walks in front of Kisuke-look-alike*

Siloh: HOLY f%^#ing $H1t!!!!

Both Kisuke-like people look at Siloh (^-^ that sounds funny) with wtf looks on their faces.

Siloh: You guys look exactly alike!

They look at each other....

Real Kisuke: Nope. This guy looks nothing like me.

Kisuke-look-alike: What the f#%K am I doing here... Need to get to P.E. ^-^ (I couldn't think of anything else)

The Kisuke-like people look at Siloh, then each other, and then walk away in different directions.

Siloh: O_o This is one weird F#c43d up day... $H1T!! Should've asked them if they'd seen Yukimura-sama... *continues to look for him*
Siloh(again): *turns on "Hero's Come Back" on radio in head* "3, 2, 1 make some noise!!" ^-^ Ahahahahaha!!

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