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Siloh: Where, oh were, has my Yukimura-sama gone? oh where, oh where can he beeeeee?

Kisuke: Why are you singing? *does that fan thing*

Siloh: no idea. oh, btw, have you seen a man about yay high *jumps up with armcompleatly extended* with a really cool haircut carrying a sword around?

Kisuke: Oh, you mean that guy? *points to ichigo on a medieval strechy machine*


Siloh: wtf r u doing to him????!!!!!

Kisuke: training.

Siloh: Don't worry, spikey! I'll save ya! soon as i find Yukimura-sama and you come into arms length....

Ichigo: Oh,gee, thanks! ur a lot of help!!! now, sereously, GET ME OUTA THIS THING!!! OOOWWWWW!!!!!!

Siloh: *already ambeling off to find Yukimura*


On the cart

Kiri: hmmm.... wonder where siloh is right now.... *cell phone rings* *picks up call* Ohlaaaa!

Siloh cell: Heya. I still cant find my Yukimura

Kiri cell: hmmm... did you try the local bar?

Siloh cell: OMG your a genious!!!!! oh, and i just ran into that Kisuke look-alike and the real thing.

Kiri cell: wow. sounds magical... annnnnd?

Siloh: he had to go to PE

Kiri cell: Kisuke has PE?

Siloh: no.... the kisuke-look-alike!
Kiri: oh. was ichigo-kun there? I haven't seen him since skool (which makes yu sooper learneded)

Siloh: yea.... he was strapped into a tortue device... i think.

Kiri: WHAT?!

Benitora: *tired from battle*..... huff huff..... hey...huff... i think... something is bortherin' meh.... Kiri-han... huff

Ed: *sarcastic tone* noooo...... huff huff..... realllllly?.......

Benitora: ain't cha..... at least.... a little... worried bout 'er?

Ed: what the hell do you think?!

Kiri: ACK! Why didn't you help him!? oh.... wait. ok. nevermind..... you have to find Yukimura-san.... anyways, i think i'd rather help him! l8tr g8tr!

Kiri: look! a noob-pwnage-monkey!! *points in random direction*

Every1 looks away

Kiri: *mad dash to ichigo*

Where Kisuke and ichigo are


Kiri: OK! *grabs random chainsaw and waves it back and forth*
Chainsaw: VRRRRRRMMMMMVVVVVRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kiri: awwww..... but i like it!

Kisuke: he's right, young miko. you might accidentally cut him. Use this *gives her Soul Caliber*

Ichigo: THATS EVEN WORSE, YOU @$$ HOLE! this is fairly hard to lift.... *Sword is in the indent from being to heavy on the ground*

Kisuke: here. let me help you. *pushes soul out of body (her soul has on a shinigami uniform with hair tied back with medium sized red ribbon)

Kiri: *body in slumped sitting position*

Kiri: What did you do?!!!!

Kisuke: try you weapon again

Kiri: WOW!!! ITS SO LIGHT! *remebers her goal* Dont worry Ichigo-kun! im coming to save youuu!

Ichigo: Be careful! I bruise easily!

Kiri: RAWR! *sucessfully destorys strechy machine thing in one blow*

Ichigo: im FREEEEEE!!!!

Lee: BEER! beerbeerbeerbeer! i cant remeber how much i have, i drank a 12 pack with my dad! what is the molten liquor, what gets you drunker quiker, what comes bottle or cans???? BEER!!!!!

Ichigo: WTF

Siloh: *draging Yukimura behind her* FOUND HIM!!! *looks at Kiri's body* HOLY SHIZZIT!!! WHAT'D YOU DO TO HER ICHIGO?!?!?!

Ichigo: But i didn't do anything!

Lee: *stands wobbily* now, hic, sakkkeee man..... hic, gurgle, give me myish sakeish backish..... *collaspes*

Yukimura: *unconcious, but talks in his sleep* no.... its.... hic hic, mine...... *snore*

Siloh: *hand that isn't pulling Yukimura is pointing at Kiri's body and shaking* .......k-ki-Kiri?....

Kiri: Im right here!!!! *waves both arms in teh air*

Siloh: *cant see spirits* NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoneone!!!!!!!!!! YOU MURDERED MY TWIN!

Kiri: Kisuke-san! put me back in my body NOW!!!!

Kisuke: just float into it

Kiri: thats all? ok.... *floats into body*

Kiri: *gasp!* air!!!!! ........ oh, hi Si-chan. hey! you found him!

Siloh: y-your alive?!

Kiri: um, yea. i was just having an O.B.E.

Siloh: a what-a-what?

Kiri: out of body experience. dont you study your paranormal terms?

Siloh: why would I do more work?
Kiri: good point

Kisuke: well, we're off now! Come along ichi!

Ichigo: WHAT?! no! you'll just torture me again!

Kisuke: *yanks ichigo's chain of fait*

Ichigo: ARRCCCHHH!!!!

Ichigo and Kisuke dissapear

At battle site

Kiri: Were baaaaaaaccckkk!

Benitora: Ah! my Kiri-han has returned to meh!

Ed: are you crazy? she came back for me! she obviously loves the fact she can find a guy that's as tall as she is!

Benitora: dont you mean as short?


Kyo: *face down on ground from passing out* *looks up* *grumbles* they're still at it....* face falls back to ground

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