Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch8 ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kiri: lalalalalalalalaokuni'sdeadlalalalalalalalalalalalifeisnowgoodlalalalalala! !!!!!!!
*breaks out singing* For the first time in history, its gonna be raining men!!

Siloh: its raining men?! WHOOT!!!! VICTORY DANCE!!!!!

Kiri & Siloh: * Random disco dancing*

Kyo: *semiconcious* no.....she's mine, you men that rain from the heavens.........

Kiri: *idea*ahem*funny-trying-to-sound-manly-voice* Kyo, i am your concience. who is it that you speak of?

every one's attention on kyo

Kyo: sa.......sakuya.........

Kiri: *funny sound* Meatchk! *twitch* no..... Kyo! how could you!?!?!?! *starts bawling*

Ed: Oh, Kiri! *hugs*

Benitora: *glares at Ed*

Siloh: *stares @ Kyo in semi-disbelief*

Yukimura: Ohhhhhhh, Kyo's gone and done it now! hic!

Sasuke: Yukimura, you should stop drinking for today!

Yukimura: Wha---no! I shall NEVER give innnnnnn!!!!!! *collaspes*

Kyo: *mumble*

Kiri: *stops crying so she can hear kyo*

Kyo: ...i never loved sakuya........those men can have her...... but not Kirika.....she
belongs to ME......

Kiri: K-kyo?

Kyo: *sits up* ungh.... damn hangover..... cant tell reality from dream.......

Kiri: KYO!!!!! *breaks out of Ed's grasp and glomps Kyo..... but still holding hands with Ed*

Kyo: Were the f@#$ did that come from kiri?

Siloh: I knew it. I knew all along! NWAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

Benitora: well, i'm as happy as a squirll on pixie sticks now that Kiri-han's not sad, but i'm not likin the kyo glomp, ya kno?....

Kiri: *sees tora all moody* I cant leave you out, Tora-kunnnn!!!!! *glomps Tora*

Benitora: yay!!!!

Kiri: hey, um, Tora-kun?

Benitora: yea, meh Kiri-han?

Kiri: how good are you at double tasking?

random elapse of time used for comic relief

Benitora: *pulling cart with Ed* *giving Kiri a piggy back ride*

Siloh: Hey, Kiri-chan? Is that it up there? *points to place some distance from cart*

Kiri: Looks like it! We're almost there nyo!

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