Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch10 ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Deidara: ok.....

Kiri & Siloh : in daze

Benitora: You there! Yea, you blondie! What did ya do to meh Kiri-han?! She's all daze-like since ya sho'd up!

Deidara: I didn't do anything, un!

Benitora: *what's up with this guy?!*

Kiri: *wanders off*

Siloh: where da hell are you goin'?

Kiri: *governater imatation voice* Awll beh bak. *Doots mission: impossible theme with hands in sign of a gun*

Ed: *grabbed by kiri* Huh?

Kiri: *sneaks w/ gun shaped hand while pulling Ed's hand with the other**sneaks into some trees*

Kyo: hrm..*casts death glare @ Ed*

Benitora: What's going on, Kirika-han......? *left out look w/ arm extended into air* *puppy dog eyes*

Siloh: What's she planning?

Yukimura: Hey, Shel-chan? if your not gonna use my muramasa, can i have it back?

Siloh: Is this sword more important than me? *puppy dog eyes*

Yukimura: Well, frankly, yes.


Yukimura: AAAAARRRACCCCCHHHHH!!!!!!! *gets hit w/ attack; which would never happen if this wasn't a fanfic*

Siloh: WHAT ABOUT NOW?!!!! IS IT MORE IMPORTANT NOW?!!!!!! *scary phsycotic look on face*

Yukimura: Oh, Si-chan! You know i was just KIDDING, right? nothing is more importabt than you! *except maybe sake......hmmm.....sake....*

Siloh: ok, now since that's settled...* licks sword* MINE

Yukimura: Siloh. that's MY muramasa

Siloh: not anymore it isn't.

Yukimura: Siiloh... *reachs towards sword*

Siloh: *mowr growls like a cat*

Yukimura: EEK! *pulls hand back*

Kyo: what's that sound?

Benitora: yea, it sounds kinda like when Shorty made that sword for meh Kiri-han

Ed (in the distance): Im not SHORT!!!!!

Kiri & Ed: come out of forrest

Kiri: *places eisel on ground**gets out paint**gets out brushes**starts to paint* heheheheheheh

Siloh: AK! no fair! I cant paint!......but i CAN draw....* walks over to Ed with evul smile*

Ed: *starting to freak* wh-what do you want? i belong to her! *points to Kiri

Kiri: *doesn't look up from painting* damn strait you do

Siloh: *holds up muramasa* transmute paper and pencil for me, or ill KILL YOU

Ed: EEP! *transmutes for Siloh*

Siloh: *flopps on ground and starts drawing*

Deidara: *looks at Kirika's painting**walks over to Siloh and looks at drawing* you---you two-----

all eyes turn to Deidara

Deidara: YOU TWO UNDERSTAND ART!!!!!! *glomps both*

Kiri: well, i guess we can share.

Siloh: ok!

Benitora, Kyo, Yukimura and Ed cast death glares @ Deidara

random elapse of time used for comic relief

Benitora: *pulling cart*

Ed: *pulling cart*

Yukimura: *on cart drinking sake*

Sasuke: *on cart **chiding Yukimura for drinking so much in one day*

Kyo: *on cart sleeping in a sitting position*

Siloh: *on cart looking up at the sky* *yells to sky* Kiri-chan! it's my turn now!

Deidara & Kiri: Ok!

Deidara: *brings giant bird origami down and gently helps Kiri off, and Siloh on*


Kiri: *jumps on Tora's back* TORA-KUUUUUUUN!

Benitora: Heya, meh Kiri-han, welcome back to Red Tiger Express!

Kiri: *cute anime girl smile* Nyaha! *star*

Sasuke: So, Ne-chan, where are we off to next?

Kiri: The place i grew up in half my life! Kohona!

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