Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch11 ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
They arrive in Konoha

Naruto: *walks by Kiri*

Kiri: Naruto-kun!

Naruto: Huh? *looks at Kiri* How d'ya know my name?

Kiri: Naruto-kun? Why shouldn't I know your name? *sad face*

Naruto: Because I've never seen you before.

Siloh: Kiri-chan, what's up? *jumps off the back of Deidara's bird*

Kiri: *disbelief* Naruto doesn't remember me...

Benitora: How couldn't he remember you? *smile*

Naruto: *walks off*

Kiri: *hugs Bentora and Ed* Fine! You guys are still mine!

Siloh: I wanna explore! *runs off dragging Yukimura behind*

Deidara: I guess my work is done for now, un! *flys away*

Yukimura: Si-chan where're we going <3

siloh: To find Shikamaru! *innocent smile*

Yukimura: Who-what?

Kiri:Why doesn’t Naru-kun remember me?! We’ve known eachother FOREVER!!!

Kyo: Should I kill that Nar-guy?

Kiri: Nope.

Back to Siloh ^-^:

Yukimura: *not being dragged anymore* Maybe we should ask someone?

Siloh: Ok, go ahead.

Yukimura: How 'bout that guy with the book? *points at Kakashi*

Kakashi: *reading and giggling at his book*

Siloh: Holy $4!T! That's Kakashi!

Yukimura: How do you know everyone here? *confused look on face*

Siloh: Just 'cuz. *smile*

Yukimura: *goes and talks to Kakashi*

Kakashi: *says something* *shows Yukimura the book*

Yukimura: *starts reading book with Kakashi*

Siloh: *already knows* Yukimura-sama, what you doing?

Yukimura: Asking for directions <3 *smile*

Siloh: *on ground laughing* Bull$4!t *stands still laughing*

Yukimura: *walks back* The closest bar is at the end of the block <3 ^-^ Ahahahaha he hasn't had a drink in a while

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