Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch13 ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kiri: *in singsong voice* Tora-kun, Ed-kun, help me find my twin and Yukimura. *starts to walk in direction that Siloh walked off in*

Kyo, Benitora, and Ed: *follow*

They walk for a minute and then see Kakashi ^^

Kiri: Kakashi! *runs over and shakes his hand*

Kakashi: Huh? *closes book while thinking ~ what will Junko do next~*

Kiri: Kakashi, have you see my twin? She might've walked by with a taller guy with longish hair... *jumps with arm extended high in the air*

Kakashi: They went that way -->

Kiri: Merci!

Kakashi: ?O_o? <-- He doesn't know French XD

Kiri: nm *walks they way Kakashi pointed (that way in case you forgot: -->)

They hear music and loud, horrible, drunken singing...

Kyo: 500 yen and a bottle of sake says they're in there. *points towards door of bar* <-- he's not that drunk anymore.

They walk in.

Kiri: *sees Yukimura, Siloh, and Sasuke at bar* Yukimura! Did you do any thing to my twin!

Yukimura: *smile* Who do you think I am? Get a girl drunk just to take advantage? <3 *thing with hand and hair*

Siloh: No worries Kiri, the only people I would get drunk with without you are the guys on WoW. *grin*

Kyo, Benitora, Ed, Sasuke, and Kiri: O_o

Siloh: *big grin* Can I have a drink, now?

Kiri: No!

Siloh: Fine! *evil plan in head* Heheheheh

Sasuke: Nee-chan, I wouldn't do that if I were you... Course I'm stronger than you all and smarter and.... *continues to mumble about how much better he is than us*

Benitora: Hey punk, shut up. No one's better than my Kiri-han! *smiles at Kiri* It seems like he thinks that he's gonna get a treat if he keeps saying things like this... ehem... *cough, cough* *wink, wink* ^^, <-- sweat drop

Siloh: Yukimura-sama, you hold your sword. *hands Yukimura his sword back*

Yukimura: *puts sword back in sheath*

Siloh: *randomly wanders off a few mins later*

Yukimura: Sasuke-kun, watch after her for me. <3 *smile*

Sasuke: All right, boss. *follows after Siloh*

Few mins later...

Shikamaru: *staring at clouds*

Siloh: *pops out from bush behind him*

Shikamaru: This is such a pain...

Siloh: What're you doing? Staring at the clouds?

Shikamaru: Yeah... I'm s'pose to be practicing my jutsus, but it's too troubling.

Siloh: *lays next to Shikamaru*

Sasuke (in trees watching): ~thinking: If Ne-chan there gets any closer than that, Yukimura's gonna get pissed.

Siloh and Shikamaru: *stares at clouds*

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