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Kiri: ..... Silohhhhhh?

No answer

Kiri: puurrrrrfect! now, she can't do anything about me changin' teh past! YAY!

Benitora: Wha'cha mean by that, meh Kiri-han?

Kiri: Watch. *holds up scroll*

Kyo: So, is THAT what you used to get rid of Yuya?

Benitora: who's Yuya?

Kiri: ...your.... your not mad, are you? *worried look*

Kyo: naw. Your way your way better than that b1#$%. you actually obey me.

Kiri: Nyaha! *peace sign* ok, down to business. *opens scroll* *pulls overlarge pink eraser from carpet bag** erases something on scoll* *gets out good art pen and rewrites something in scroll*

Bright Flash

with Shikamaru and Siloh

Siloh: What was tha--- KIRIKA!!!!!!

Shikamaru: wait, did you say kirika?

Siloh: yea, why?

Shikamaru: are you related or something?

Siloh: yep! we're twins!

Shikamaru:...but you two look nothing alike....

Siloh: DOH!, well..... we're feternal twins, not identical!

Shikamaru: oh. i guess you two do look similar... but she has black hair and she's half Hyuga, isn't she?

Siloh: ~ what kind of f'ing history did she rewrite?!~

At bar:

Benitora: that was wierd...

Kyo; you didn't change the SDK history (which you've already changed), did you?

Kiri: NOPE! it's just now, im a ninja!

Yukimura: *singing song w/ lee*

Kiri: well, i don't think Yukimura is going anywhere anytime soon. I'm gonna go for a walk! but just to be safe, Tora-kun, why don't you watch Yukimura for Si-chan; and Kyo, you look partched!

Kyo: well, i could use a drink...

Benitora: are you sure you'll be ok?

Kiri: yup! i'll be fine! *leaves bar*

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