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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kankuro: hmm....

Siloh: is she gonna be ok?

Kankuro; I don't know. if i can't find how to make an anitdote soon, or if the others don't return soon with an antidote, she's gonna be in serous trouble......

Temari: *non-sarcastic* oh, poor Kazekage's pet.... Gaara-sama's is gonna be REALLY pissed if she dies.

Siloh: *imaginary ears perk in annoyment* she not his pet!

Temari: *not listening to Si-chan* how much longer do you think she has left?

Kankuro; can't really say. anywhere from three hours to six hours. Man, who thought that this Naraku could have such potent miasma?

Siloh: No! She can't die! I wont let her!

Shikamaru: calm down Siloh, Sheezsh. *puts hand on her shoulder* look, the others have probably already found the stuff and are coming back.

Tsunade: *walks in* Anyone care to explain why KOHONA CITIZENS are in The Land of Sand?

Siloh: Hokage-sama, Kiri-chan's deathly ill! She was poisened at the ramen eating contest! Gaara-san brought her here since Kankuro-san is good with poisens and antidotes.

Tsunade: i see. So, what's so great about the Kazekage? All he does is mope around all day.

Kankuro: hey, dont you be critizizing our leader in our villiage. *mixing stuff*

Shikamaru: well, he IS a pain in the neck... *rubbing neck*

Siloh: hey! don't you guys be talking about him like that! Cause if you haven't noticed, kiri-chan really likes him!

continue talking about Gaara for 15 minutes

Gaara: ....... you do know i've been in here since we first brought Kirika in, right?

everyone: oh.....@.@;;;

sorry, its kinda short !

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