Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch23 ( Chapter 23 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
As the fight begins:

Sesshomaru: *flies toward Kyo* *swipes sword at Kyo*

Kyo: *blocks with his sword* *tries to stab Sesshomaru*

Sesshomaru: *dodges to side*

Kyo: *tries to swipe Sesshomaru's left side with his muramasa*

Sesshomaru: *dodges* *whips Kyo with green glowing whip thing*

Kyo: *dodges* Heh, missed... *jumps* *tries to ram sword on Sesshomaru's head*

Sesshomaru: *dodges*

Benitora: Hey, this is a good fight...

Ed and Benitora: ~thinking: I wonder if Kiri's okay...~

Balmung: *walks up to fight* Stop! What are you doing?

Kyo and Sesshomaru: *stops fighting*

Sesshomaru: Who are you talking to mortal? *cold stare*

Kyo: Do you know who the f*ck I am? (Heheh, Kyo cussing ^^)

Balmung: No, and I don't care... Stop this useless fight. I will not let you destroy The World!

Jaken: *runs up to Balmung* What are you talking about? You are a simple mortal. You shall not talk to Lord Sesshomaru that way!

Ed: *punches Jaken in the head* It's things like you who give short people a bad name... *vein mark (ya know when anime chars get mad...)* WAIT! WHO YOU CALLIN' SHORT?!?!?!

Everyone: *gives Ed weird look*

Kyo: Idiot, you called yourself short, shorty.


Benitora: Yeah, don't call the shrimp short or anything like that or he'll go crazy on your @$$.


LMFAO!!!! Ed calls himself short... Benitora didn't make that much better either... =P

Ed: *makes the earth rise beneath everyone but himself 50ft into the air* *wipes hands* *walks away* I'll save Kiri myself!

Everyone but Sesshomaru: O_o

Rin: *still hiding in trees* *looks up* Lord Sesshomaru? Are you up there?

Bonus story:

When Si-chanís Char Landon Meets Some Random Anime Chars (InuYasha Chars):

Sesshomaru and group:

Landon: *passes by Sesshomaru*

Sesshomaru: *walks by Landon*

Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru!

Landon: *whacks Jaken*

Sesshomaru: Thank you.

Landon: My pleasure, really...

Everyone: *continues to walk as Jaken complains to Sesshomaru*

InuYasha and group:

Landon: ~wondering: Why the fuck am I so far in the past anyway?~

InuYasha: *fighting with Shippo about something* *almost runs right into Landon*

Kagome: InuYasha, SIT!!

Landon: *steps across InuYasha's back*

InuYasha: OWW!!

Miroku: *trying to touch Sango's butt*

Sango: *slaps Miroku*

Kirara: *sniffs Landon and follows him*

Sango: Kirara, where are you going? *grabs Kirara* Sorry

Landon: No problem.

InuYasha: Owww... *rubs head* Kagome!

Kagome: You were about to run into him, InuYasha. Pay more attention!

Kikyo: *walks pass Landon*

Landon: *walks pass Kikyo*

Kikyo: *feels imense evil pressence* *aims bow at Landon* Halt, demon.

Landon: Who are you talking to woman?

Kikyo: I'm sorry, I seem to be mistaken.

That's it for today...
Si-chanís next bonus story will include some people from Naruto or the original .hack games. Probably the latter...

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