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some place in the forest

Ed: Stupid Kyo, stupid demon, stupid frog, stupid kid (although she DOES make me feel tall...-.-"") and STUPID BENITORA! If they all keep slacking and wasting time, there's no tellin what'll happen to kiri-chan!

with Kyo-sama!

Kyo: who the hell do you think you are?

Baltan: Oh shizzit! * PC goes fuzzy and bleops and dissapears*

Rin: Lord Sesshomaru! That strange man just dissapeared!

Sesshomaru: (A/N hey, how'd his name get pink again? 0.o lol) hmp. not worth my time anyway.

With Kankuro-

Kiri: *starting to writhe in pain*

Kankuro: this IS NOT good...*keeps mixing stuffs together*

Siloh: rrrrrhhhh..... if those peeps don't get back soon, she'll die for sure!
RAAARRR!!! *goes outside*

Shikamaru: whats she doing?

Siloh: *yells super duper loud with a magical loudspeaker thing she made appear(wait.... that's not good english... oh well)* DEIDARA!!!!!!!!

Deidara: *shows up on clay bird thing*(i found out on wikiiipedia it wasn't origami.... go figure) Un! Yes, my lovely Siloh? *looks inside and sees Kiri* HOLY F***ING $H!T!!!* rushes to b `edside* *grabs Kiri's hand* oh, my poor art-understanding Kirika Hyuga! What has happened to you?!

Siloh: Dei-kun, she's been poisoned really badly! Look, i need you to go find
Benitora and peeps and tell them that she only has a few hours left!

Deidara: UN! *to teh twins* don't worry, loves, i'll get them! *flies off*

With Kyo-sama

Kyo: *to sessho* we still haven't finished our battle

Sessho: yes... *pulls out sword*

Kyo: *holds up Muramasa*

Benitora: hey ya two! Look, Kiri-han's our Firs' prioritay! who knows how long she has left!

Kyo: She's strong. She'll be just fine.

Benitora:do wat ya want kyo-han, but i'm gonna go n' join the shrimp and save meh Kiri-han!

Ed: *in the distance* IM NOT SHORT!!!!

Benitora: *runs off*

Ed: *comes across villiage* *sees an old lady working in her herb fields* well, i guess i gotta start somewhere...


Ed: *turns around* WHO'S SHORT, YOU OVERLY TALL BASTARD???!!!!!

Benitora: *runs out of the forest and catches up w/ Ed* JEEZ!

Ed: What'd i do wrong?!

Benitora: nothin'. you just gained alot of ground in that short period of time since you left!

Deidara: Hey! *jumps off clay bird*

Ed: oh. its you

Benitora: what? ya got news on miss Kiri-han?

Deidara: UN! she's deathly ill! she only has a few hours left! we HAVE TO get that medicine for her before it's too late!

Tora and Ed: walk up to old bag

Ed: hey, miss, could you help us?

Benitora: ya, we're a lookin' for a antidote for meh girl.

Ed: She's not you girl

Benitora: last time i checked she was.

Ed: well, as much as i'd like her to be mine, i think she belongs to Kyo.

Benitora: Kyo treats her like crap! Why would she like him?!


Old Lady: an antidote, you two say? * rubbing chin* hmm... if its demon
miasma...then i might have something...

Deidara: un! she was poisoned by Naraku!

Old Lady: then i have just the thing. *goes inside hut*

Dedara, Ed and Tora follow

Old Lady: Genenji, get some miasama antidote right away!

Genenji: yes, mother *makes medicine* *hands it to old lady*

Old lady: *hands it to Ed* here you go

Benitora: whada we own ya, ma'am?

Old Lady: for first time costomers, its on the house.

Deidara: alright! now, lets get that to Kiri-chan before it's too late!

Ahem. may i now present, the bobobo annoncer guy voice!
Will our heros make it back to the lovely and ill kirika before it's to late? Will Deidara ever get his dream of having both Kirika and Siloh? What will become of Kyo and Sesshomaru? Will i ever get my job back for bobobo?

Find out next time with another exciting new adventure of, BoBoBo-Bo-BoBoBo..... oh wait. wrong title. *starts crying* I miss my old job!... Oh, btw, do you guys even have a title for your fanifc?

Authoresses: Nope! Weve gots nothin!