Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch25 ( Chapter 25 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Deidara, Ed, and Benitora flying back to the Sand Village

Benitora: Lemme hold the medicine, Ed *puppy dog eyes*

Ed: NO! And only Kiri's puppy dog eyes work on me

Benitora: *by the power of anime/manga... turns his face to Kiri's face*

Ed: WTF?!?! O_o

Deidara: Beni-what's-your-name and Ed, stop messing around, we gotta save Kiri-chan, un.

Benitora: *changes his face back* Right! Now shrimp, gimme the medicine for Kiri! *pushes Ed*

Ed: *almost falls* HEY! Your gonna make me drop the medicine bottle!

Benitora: *reaches over Ed and grabs bottle* Haha!

Ed: Give it back!

Deidara: Stop fooling around... You 2 are gonna drop the medicine...

Medicine: *falls*

Deidara: See? *makes bird fly low* *grabs the bottle as it is falling* Now I will carry it, un.

Benitora and Ed: *glare at each other* *glare at Deidara*

In the Sand Village:

Siloh: I wonder if Deidara found them yet...

Kankuro: YES!!

Siloh: *imagunary cat ears perk up* What? What happened, Kankuro-san?

Kankuro: I found a cure! ^^ *dances with Karasu ('cuz his puppet was there... just 'cuz...)*

Siloh: *dances with Kankuro and Karasu* XD YAY!! Kiri's not gonna die!

Gaara: WHAT?!?! (note: Gaara had been waiting outside the room Kankuro was mixing stuff in) She's going to be okay?! *almost starts dancing with Siloh,
Kankuro, and Karasu, but then remembers that he's Kazekage and he probably shouldn't be seen dancing ^^;;* Kankuro, stop dancing and give her the potion then!

Kankuro: *gives Kiri the potion*

Kiri: *opens eyes*

Gaara: *holds Kiri* 'Cuz I know she wants him to XD

Kiri: *looks around* Thanks everyone! *smile*

Deidara: *flys down* Un! We got the medicine... *sees Kiri is ok* Kirika!! *hugs*

Everyone: *group hug* =P

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