Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch26 ( Chapter 26 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kiri: wow. that stuff worked wonders!

Kankuro: oh course! I made it! *smartass smile*

Siloh: yay kanuro!

Benitora: im so happy!, yay?

Kiri: lightheaded.... *faints again from allergic reaction*

Siloh: *OMG osaka face* OH MY AKITO!!!!

Sasuke: OMG, what happened to Nee-chan?! and akito...?

Siloh: Akito is god.

Sasuke: ...what?

Siloh: u heard me.....*looks over shoulder* OMA KIRI-ANE!!!!!


Deidara: UN! *helps kiri with taking antidote*

Kiri: nnn....*falls asleep*

Siloh: .....great.....she's asleep.....

Gaara: *shock wears off* why is it bad that she's asleep?

Siloh: we've gots stuff to do, and trust me. NO ONE will be able to wake her up now.

Gaara: so...? she's needs her rest.

Siloh: yea. that and two days. Her hobby is sleeping. and she'll sleep through anything.

Ed: well, i think your overexaggerating.

Gaara: yea.

Siloh: on no, trust me. She'd sleep through an atom bomb right now. She slept through a frickin airshow. She's NOT wakin up anytime soon.

Kyo: *walks in irritated from fight with Sessho* how's the woman?

Benitora: there ya go again, Kyo-han! treatin' her lika object!

Kyo: *evul eye*

Benitora: ug! *scared*

Kyo: so?

Siloh: well, she almost died, then Kankuro came up with a cure, but she then had an allergic reaction and almost died again, but deidara, ed, and tora-han had already got some antidote and then we gave it to her and now shes sleeping and knowing her, she wont wake up willingly for a really really long time. *gasping for air*

Kyo: wait, how long did we actually have to get the antidote?

Gaara: 3-6 hours. you took 7. *grim scary voice* she almost died in my arms.

Kyo: no way... *feels super duper trooper cooper guilty*

Kankuro: she actually survived alot longer than i thought she would. that poison was really concentrated and was given in a manner set to kill.

Siloh: Tora-han, get the cart ready.

Benitora: why?

Siloh: when she wakes up, we're goin somewhere.

Deidara: where to?

Siloh: u'll see.

Bonus Story!!!

Ed, kiri, siloh, tora, kyo, yukimura, and both sasukes: *walk into a bar*

all: OW! jk. this line isn't part of the minific

Sarah: *drunk* OMG, loooookeeey here, its eeeeddddd and eeeeeeedddddd!!!!! wwweeeeee!!!!! *falls on floor* I love you, Tobi!

Kiri: pfh-

Ed: what?

Kiri: wellll, outside the fanfic, my name was Sara. and since that sarah is older, she claimed the rights to it. so when i'm in that dimension, they call me Ed.

Ed: that's........really wierd........

kiri: c'est la vie!

Yukimura: *already getting drunk*

sdk Sasuke : yukimura *angry anime mark on forhead*

n sasuke: why am i here?

Kiri: cause ya wanna take a break from enviremental denterialism?

n sasuke: wtf......

siloh: hey, isn't that sarah?

kiri: and i though I was slow....

candicimo: whooooo!!! boom boom boom boom! i want you in my room, and can be friends forever, from now until whenever---

sarah: ---in my pants! lol

candicimo: damn strait! aaalllliiiiiiii!!!!!

ali: what?

candicimo: hi alliiiiiii!!!! *pushes ali down a hill* oops,

sorry aliiiii!!!!

ali: you did that on purpose! you know what? f u beeoch!

candicimo: oh, u didn't just say that!

ali: who cares?! i'm still gonna be raising ur nazi children in mexico!

Benitora: what's a nazi?

kiri: to save every1 the trouible w/ that, ur gonna go through 8th grade history!!!

siloh: nnnnooooo!!!!! that's even WORSE than death!

kiri: actually, learning about it wasn't bad at all. it's just that the truth is really overwhelming.

siloh: oh.

everyone: *in candice's house i saw in my dream... so it probably looks nothing like the real thing...-.-"""*

ali: ooouuuuu, look! magical vodka! *drinks it* watch meee! *cuts off head w/ ax* hahahah

Candicimo: holy $h1t dude!

kiri: ali?!!???!

ali: its alright! that vodka made it so i wont die!

candicimo: alright

kiri: wtf...

candice: lets go *pulls kiri*

Kiri: where?

at movies

ali: *appears out of nowhere* hey, why the f*** did you guys leave me at home w/ out my head on?!!!