Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch27 ( Chapter 27 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
2 days later:

Kiri: *opens eyes, sits up, and streaches* Ah, nice nap...

Everyone else: -_-

Siloh: Finally, Kiri...

Kiri's claimed peoples: *hugs and kisses and etc.*

Siloh: Look what me and Deidara made... Kansu!

A dragon walks in

Deidara: Un. Impressed Kiri-chan?

Siloh: *big grin* Kansu is awesome ^^

Kiri: Wow! That's cool!

Siloh: Hell yeah! Look what else we did while you were asleep... *waves hand from left to right of room*

Room: *is covered in paintings, drawings, and sculptures*

Siloh: I even beat 5 games while you were asleep... *holds up 5 video games* Learned to speak/read Japanese... *takes out Japanese language manga (or non-translated manga if you prefer)* and learned how to do a cartwheel! *does cartwheel*

Kiri: O_o wtf? Twin-chan, you didn't know how to do a cartwheel before?

Siloh: =( No... But Yukimura taught me ^^

Benitora: Everyone ready to go?

Kiri: Yeah! Let's get outta here and continue on our adventure!

Kankuro: Yes! I'll finally get some quiet time to myself!

Siloh: Not if we take you with us...

Kankuro: *lok of horror* O_O

Siloh: jk. Relax Kankuro-san

Kankuro: Phew... *leaves room*

Jaken (from outside): *looks into room* Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! The girl is ok!

Kiri: *walks outside* *whacks Jaken in the head* Now, I feel better

Siloh: *falls on ground laughing* Ok! Now, my turn! *whacks Jaken* Yeah, that always makes me feel better!

Kiri: OMA! O_O

Siloh: *looks where Kiri is (which is at the cart btw)* Ya likey?

Cart: *being all high tech looking and everything*

Siloh: Oh yeah! That's another thing we did while you were asleep!

Kiri: I call the computer!

Siloh: Hey! I call the other computer!

Kiri: There's 2? OMW! (omw = oh my wow)

Siloh: This will make everything better! And it's twice the size of the old one ^^

Benitora: And me and Ed don't have to pull it either!

Ed: Yeah! *good guy pose*

Lee and Gai: *they appear, do good guy pose, then leave*

Ed: *scared look on face* wtf?!?!?!

Siloh: LMFAO!!! That was hillarious!

Bonus story:
What happens when my (Shelby) Landon meets some random anime chars (version 2):
No dif colors 'cuz I'm to lazy also:

Balmung & Reki (he's special 'cuz he gets to be in this one):

Balmung: I am one of the Decendants of Fianna! And I will protect the World!

Landon: You should try taking the stick outta your ass... Like in the Legend of the Twilight manga.

Reki: Trust me, it's better when he's like this than what he's like then...

Kite & Blackrose (the real versions ['cuz I'm bored I made them different than they always act]):

Blackrose: Kite! We need to go to Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground! Now!

Kite: O_o Calm down... We're going there.

Landon: Heh heh heh, you seem to be whipped by that girl

Kite: *nod*

Blackrose: *whacks Kite upside the head*

Landon: *rofl while pointing at Kite*

Kite: -_-"""

More to come...
All hail to the mighty Anti-Milkness!!!! ^^