Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch28 ( Chapter 28 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
kiri: *asleep on cart*

benitora: *kiri's personal pillow*

kyo: *walking*

siloh: *sees someone* STOP THE CAAAAART!!!!!

cart: stops

yukimura: sakkkeeee *passed out on the side of the road*

naruto sasuke: *leaves note on yukimura* *dissapears*

naruto: *runs up to yukimura* hey, i know this guy... believe it.

sakura: *right behind naru* you do?

kiri: *eyes flash open* *jumps up* ninjastreakglompjutsu!!!!!! *while running like the flash, glomps naru* *singsong voice* NAAARRRUUUU-KKKUUUUNNNN!!!!! *looks down* oh. *turns to cart* *singsong voice* it's yuukimuura-sannnn!!

siloh: no shit sherlock. thats why i stopped the stupid cart! *walks over to
yukimura* *kicks his side*

yukimura: ugphm! *starts to snore*

siloh: *starts kicking like yukari and her bike- azumanga daioh, ep. 1* WAKE UP YOU STUPID DRUNKARD!!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I WAS WORRYING ABOUT YOOOOUUUU???!!!!* starts rapidly kicking him*

yukimura: nnnaaaaaaaannnmmmmm

benitora: wtf....

kyo: just put him on the cart and lets go. i need to have kirika find more jewel shards for me.

siloh: *still kicking yukimura*

sakura: hey,... hey,........ HEY! STOP KICKIN THA DUDE!


kiri: narunarunaruuuu!!!!

naruto: *ignoring everyone but kiri* so, how r u feeling? i see your not food poisoned anymore! believe it!

kiri: *tells whole story without taking any breaths* *gasp*

kyo: WOULD EVERYONE JUST GET ON THE EFFING CART AND JUST GO ALREADY???!!!!! *still feels bad about not getting the meds to kiri in time and is angry w/ self*

everyone: OK *gets on cart*

siloh: *stabs sakura* i hate you.

sakura: *falls off cart and no one notices*

kiri: hey, what's this? *pulls note off of yukimura*

naruto: who's it from?

kiri: sasuke....

sasuke: but i didn't write anything....

kiri: different sasuke

sasuke: you mean... someone shares my name?

kiri: un!

sasuke: i shall fight, defeat, and kill this so called "sasuke", whom i shall call, *funny invader zim style voice*"the name stealer"

siloh: okkkk

benitora: what's teh note say, meh kiri-han?

kiri: it says, "sorry about getting this to you so late. i meant to give it to you, team 7, before i left." now that original note," dearest kakashi-sensei, naruto-kun, kirika-chan and that weird girl with that pink hair that never leaves me alone:
i hate you all. i'm leaving with orochimaru to go live on the 'UPSIDEDOWN-PURPLE-BOW EMO FARM'. i hate you all still.
much love, your most loyal friend,
sasuke uchiha"


kiri: LOYAL MY @$$!!!

siloh: * looks around* hey, we're back the akatski place....

kiri: yup! we're goining to steal their coats!!!! WWWHHHHOOOO

this was brought to you by, shelby's and ed's anti-milkness!!!!!