Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch29 ( Chapter 29 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
At the Akatsuki place:

Siloh: Deeeeeiiiiiidaaaaarraaaaaa! Saaaaaaaasoooooorriiiiii!

Deidara and Sasori: *walk from front door of Akatsuki place (which is labled "The Back Door" to confuse enimies 'cuz I say so...)*

Deidara: Un. How's it goin' Siloh and Kiri?

Siloh: *steals their coats*

Kiri: *wanders off* *finds Itachi* *steals his coat* OMA! (Kiri, like Sara (Ed) in the real world wanted to know what was under Itachi's coat, well...)

Siloh: *walks over to where Itachi and Kiri are* Itachi! OMG! Kiri! I didn't know you 2 were that close... *looks away*

Itachi: *doesn't wear anything under his coat* *hides behind bush*

Deidara: Un... What's goin' on here? O_o Kiri-chan, Itachi!?

Kiri: *gives back coat* AHHHHH!!! I'M SCARRED FOR LIVE!!!

Siloh: *salesperson voice* No! You're not! Not with our nifty memory eraser! *holds up thing that looks like a continuum transfunctioner (that took like a whole min to spell...) from "Dude Where's My Car?"*

Everyone: O_o wtf?

Siloh: Look into the light Kiri...

Kiri:*looks into light*

Everyone else: *look into light as well*

Continuum transfunctioner looking thing: *flashes bright light while making beepy noise*

Everyone: wtf? (no one can remember anything from five mins ago except Siloh)

Benitora: Where're we again?

Siloh: Only Kiri was s'pose to look into the light!

Itachi and Kisame walk up

Siloh: OMW! A walking fish! XD

Kisame: Grrrr...

Siloh: rofl! jk, jk!

Kisame: No one calls me a fish and gets away with it! *takes sword thing out*

Siloh: Landon! Sword! Now!

(Shelby's char) Landon: How the hell did I get here? *hands Siloh sword*

Siloh: Thank you. Now you shall die Kisame! You shall be my dinner!!! *weilds awesome looking sword with jewels in hilt and a line of gold running through the middle of it*

Itachi: Kiri, why'd you take my coat? O_o

Kiri: I what?

Siloh: Memories were erased. I'm the only one who remembers the last five mins ago. I sound like a robot =P Now everyone shut up and I shall kill dinner!

Kisame: You can start the fight. ('cuz on wiki it said he was polite)

Siloh: Ok. *wolf howl*

Pack of wolves: *run to Siloh*

Siloh: *cool whistle*

Dragon: *flies overhead*

Siloh: *points at Kisame and whispers to wolves* ...dinner...

Pack of wolves: *run toward Kisame*

Kisame: *jumps into water and swims away* I will not fight a girl!


Everyone: O_O wtf?

Siloh: I'm insane ^^

Yukimura: *finally sober ('cuz they ran outta sake)* But aren't we all?

Ed: Yeah, I'm in some weird world and I don't know where... I'm sure I'm goin' insane...

Benitora: Where're we anyway?

Siloh: We are in fanfic world!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The place where many anime/manga chars come and be in our story... and we RULE!!!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiri: Yeah, that's where we are... Siloh-ane... you really need to stay off the sugar... and caffeine... and crack...

Siloh: AND I WON'T SIT ON THE FIRE!! LMFAO!!! ...WoW joke...

Everyone: What... the... f...

To be continued... MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!