Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch31 ( Chapter 31 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Siloh: We have to get them back!!! No, no... We will get them back!! *good guy pose*

Kiri: My bishies! You can't touch! Only me!

Siloh: Wait a minute... You're touching them?! O_o Kiri! You're not s'pose to tell people that!

Kiri: -_- Siloh-chan...

Siloh: Yeah? XD

Kiri: Pervert! You should go join Yukimura and Kyo and them!

Jiraya: Did I hear pervert?

Siloh: Yeah! That's me! Give me back Yukimura!

Jiraya: All you have to do is sign this scroll...

Siloh: Hmm. Wait! I saw this on TV once...

Kiri: *expects Siloh is talking about that Disney movie where someone signs something...* (I don't even remember which movie that was... lmao!)

Siloh: *bites thumb and signs scroll in blood* Muwahahaha! That looks cool!

Kiri: Siloh-ane! You weren't s'pose to sign it!

Siloh: Guys, come with me! *grabs Shikamaru and Sasori*

Siloh, Shikamaru, Sasori, & Jiraya: *dissappear*

Kiri: Siloh!!!

Benitora: Better go after 'em, eh?

Deidara: Un! *sad look* Why didn't she take me too? T-T

Itachi: Maybe because you were ten feet away...

Deidara: Un, makes sense.

Ed: Kiri-chan, can you remove the handcuffs?

Kiri: No! My bishies shall stay together!

Meanwhile at the Legion of Perverts...

Siloh, Shikamaru, Sasori, & Jiraya: *poof!* *they appear*

Yukimura: Siloh-chan! Glad you joined us!

Everyone else: Female... *stare*

Siloh: Heh heh heh, I'mma have fun here! >=) *evil look at the guys*

Kakashi: *reading in book* *grin* Hmm, good book so far, Shigure... *continues to read*

Shigure: Glad you like Kakashi-kun.

Miroku: Siloh, will you bare my children?!

Siloh: Uh, I'm good... If I did, I'd feed them to my wolves... =P

Miroku: O_O What?! Are you a wolf demon like Koga?

Siloh: Nah, just got in good with some wolves and dragons.

Yukimura: *hugs Siloh* Mine... *cuddles*

Siloh: Heh heh... *dirty thoughts (j/k)* Only if you pass me the sake!

Everyone: *holds out sake to Siloh*

Siloh: *rofl!* Ero-sennin, I have two more people we must recruit! Tall Sarah and my char Landon!

Jiraya: Then, let us go!

Sasuke: Wait a second! I'm going with you two, nee-chan. I don't think Yukimura would be very happy if you didn't come back...

Siloh: Kk, Sasuke.

Yukimura: *drunk again* AHAHAHAHA! THAT RYHMES!!

Siloh: Let's go!

Siloh, Sasuke, & Jiraya: *poof!*

In my char Landon's world:

Siloh, Sasuke, & Jiraya: *poof! in front of Landon*

Landon: wtf...? Siloh?

Siloh: Yo! You're coming with us! *grabs Landon*

Landon: Where the hell did you guys come from?

Siloh: Thin air ^^

Landon: *rolls eyes*

Siloh: Now, to get Sarah!

Siloh, Landon, Sasuke, & Jiraya: *poof! yet again*

A random place where Sarah would be...

Siloh, Landon, Sasuke, & Jiraya: *poof! in front of Sarah*

Siloh: Hiya!

Sarah: Omg! Shelby! Anime people! *looks around* Where's Ed?

Sasuke: What is she talking about? Shelby? The blonde guy?

Siloh: You are now in mine and Ed's fanfic! Prepare to be freaked out! Muwahahaha!

C'mon! *pulls Sarah into the transporting place*

Landon: wtf?