Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch32 ( Chapter 32 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kiri: well, seeing as EVERYONE ditched us, i'm gonna call over some friends!

itachi: *to deidara* i think i'll stay a little longer and check out the competition.

deidara: *to itachi* ooohhh, for the lovely kirika-chan? well, tough luck! she's mine!

itachi: *bad cover up* no..... i can sense a great power from her. i want to make sure the akatsuki get it without much difficulty.

deidara: psh. yea right. and reindeer do exist.

itachi: um... yes, they DO exist.

deidara: what? who honestly believes in flying deer?

itachi: your a fool

kiri: heya! what's going on?

deidara: *points at itachi* this idiot beleives in reindeer! HAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!

ed: um, reindeer DO exist.

benitora: yup. that's teh truth.

deidara: your pulling my leg! Deer can't fly!!!

kiri: well, they doe exist, but they can't fly. *gets out paper and pencil from magical carpet bag* they look like this. *draws a crappy reindeer* their DNA is different so their specs are different too; that's why their classified as seperate species.

deidada: really?

kiri: yep.

deidara: ...........

random crow: AHA! AHA!! AHA!! AHAAAA!!!


itachi: whatever you say.

benitora: i di'int know some folks were so dense...

ed: just goes to show what happens when you dont study science.

kiri: i love science!

ed: let me guess...... minerals? those have shiny things.

kiri: *dazed look* shinnyyyyyyy .... but no. that's not it.

ed: anatomy?

kiri: well, it's part of my favorite area, but not quite.... plus the "birds and the bees" section is well..... you know......

ed: what's so scary about seagulls and those bugs? and what do they have to do with anatomy?

benitora: you're jus' as dense as that fellow.

ed: well, anyways.... is it fossils and stuff?
kiri: no...

ed: um.... is it........ biology?

kiri: to an extent.

ed: is it....... chemistry?

kiri: to an extent.

ed: alchemy?

kiri: no, but i'd like to learn that.

ed: ok, i'll teach ya. so.... what feild is it?

kiri: FORENSICS!!!!!!!

itachi: *really interested, but doesn't show it* what's forensics?

kiri: bullistics, blood splatter analysis, fingerprint analysis, genetics, serology, footwear evidence, skid mark evidence, toxicology, pathology, odontology, entomology, tapphnomy, hand writing anaylisis, ....basically it can envolve solving murders with trace evidence.
hah! bet cha didn't kno all of those! BOOYAA!!!! the only one i didn't recognise was taphnomy, serology (but i think that one is like what Dale Hinnman does....)

everyone: whoooaaaa......

benitora: i reckon' i don't know what that stuff is, but as long as you enjoy it, meh

kiri: well, i think i like it all, except for disecting bodies for evidence. it makes me a little quiezy.

ed: humans?

kiri: well, yea. your solving murders.

ed: ok.....

kiri: ok, i'm gonna call up my band.

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