Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch33 ( Chapter 33 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
kiri: *cells rings* *looks @ caller ID* speak of the devil.

deidara: who is it?

kiri: landon. *answers phone* abortion clinic! you make em, we scrape em! no fetus can beat us! oh heya Landon! waz zuuuuup? *sorry. couldn't resist* nothing much. just hanging with my bishies. geez, i'm grown up! i can choose who i like and how i act can't i? don't worry. they're not wierdos. well, call vince, have vince go over to jack's to see if he can go then have vince call me, ok?
alrighty then. see you soon. love ya too. bye! *hangs up*

benitora: l-l-l-l-ovve?!!!!

kiri: calm down tora-kun! not like that! in america, teens say 'love you" in a term that means, 'thank you for being a friend'.

benitora: o-ok.... so, no romance between you and your band, right?

kiri: nope. when we first got together, we made a pact...well, more like a blood vow the way we use it. we promised eachother to have no relationships in the band, as a safty precation to help keep the band together.

benitora: whew. i was scared dere fora minute!

itachi: *inward sigh of relief*


deidara: that must take A LOT of self restraint on their behalf!

kiri: well, not really. over time we became more like family, and our bondage is like that of close siblings.

ed: i see. that's kind of like winry with al and i.

kiri: well,.... i think winry has a thing for al,...bbbuuuuutttt thats just my opinion.

ed: WHHAAAAAATTT???!!!!!

kiri: *cell rings* *answers* *super happy high-pitched voice* Azian heart hotel! we love you long time! ohla chico! so, wazzup Vince? you can? what about good ol' jack? YOUPI! sugoi! meet us at hermans, ok? don't worry, we'll be there on time. ok then! see ya taco!

benitora: so, where are we going now?

kiri: to the red neck hillbilly hic town of templeton! to the chocolate lab!! GGGOOOO!!!!!!!!

all at chocolate lab


landon: you sure she's going to be here at this time?

vince: she said she'd make it. *cell ring* Alo? hey Cos. we're all here. huh? lets see...... i think it my turn..... let me check. *to landon and jack* it's my turn, right?

landon: hmmm.... yes.


vince: that's an affirmitive. see you then. *hangs up*

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *running at full speed*

vince: here she comes! *gets into position*

kiri: VINCE!

vince: *kiri jumps onto him (think of a backwords piggyback ride) * oof! Ohla chica! how's it hanging?

kiri: i missed youuuuu!

vince: *lets her drop to ground on her feet*

landon: hey Cosette! * side hugs*

kiri: landon! *side hugs back*

jack: .......*goes up the kiri and hugs*

kiri: *hus back* hi jack! =^.^=

benitora: she ran so fast!!!!

ed: where did she go?! we're still handcuffed together!

deidara: isn't my kirika just amazing?

itachi: yes. the akatsuki could use someone of her potential. *thinking~ OMFG. SHES ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!!!!!~*

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