Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch34 ( Chapter 34 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
At the Legion of Perverts:

People with Siloh: *poof!*

Yukimura: Si-chan! *hugs*

Landon: *hand on sword*

Siloh: *without looking* Landon, put your sword back. *hugs Yukimura back*

Landon: Where the f*ck are we? And what's with all these guys staring at you and this other girl?

Siloh: You ask a lot of questions, my friend... You shall soon know... Sit! Now! *points at chair*

Landon: *sits in chair*

Sarah: *talking to all the guys* *agrees to bare Miroku's children*

Siloh: *to Sarah* Ed's gonna have your head for that one!

Sarah: Yeah! In my pants! LMFAO!!!!
(OMFG! That's hilarious! And disgusting at the same time...)

Landon: *shakes head* So, Siloh?

Siloh: Heh heh heh. You are now officially in mine and Kiri's fanfic. You are, at the moment, in the Legion of Perverts H.Q. Any questions?

Landon: Yeah, about 50 or so... *scowl* And what's with the guy all over you there?

Yukimura: *cuddling Siloh* Mine! <3

Siloh: He's Yukimura! I own him, too!

Yukimura: Yeah. You can own me anytime you want, Si-chan...
(Ahahahaha!!! ROFL!!! That was extremely perverted! )

Landon: You don't stop, man, I'm gonna chop you to pieces! *hand back on sword*

Yukimura: *all of a sudden sober...* Wanna fight? I'm up for it! Of course, you may lose more than a bit of blood... *thing with hand in hair*

Landon: Just draw your sword *draws his sword*

Sasuke: Aren't you gonna stop them, nee-chan!?

Siloh: Nope ^^ I've always wanted to see what would happen if my Landon and

Yukimura fought! Go guys! XD

Sasuke: *sigh* You know I'm gonna have to fight too don't you? I can't let

Yukimura lose to some albino freak like this!

Landon: Watch what you say about me kid! *so fast he suddenly appears behind Sasuke*

Sasuke: *look of terror* How'd he--?

Yukimura: ~thinking: I didn't even see a muscle flex before he moved! And he moved so fast! Not good!~

Siloh: Oh man, Sasuke! You shouldn't've insulted him like that! And Landon, don't kill either of them! And Yukimura-sama and Sasuke-kun, don't kill Landon either!

Everyone: *watching fight* *cheering* *drinking* *popcorn* lmao! This sounds like a sport or something... only it's actually interesting...