Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ 30 Loving Hates ❯ Beach ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Title: Beach

Author: Saku (arizonaicerose)

Pairing: Itachi/Neji

Fandom: Naruto

Theme: #29 The sound of waves ²¨Òô

Rating: G


A/N: Another AU since I didn't know how else to use this one and this sounded cute.


"Where are we going?" Neji asked as he reached up to his eyes.

"Don't touch that," Neji's boyfriend, Itachi, taunted lightly as he swatted the boy's hands away from the bandanna

"Then where are we going?" Neji whined. It took a lot to get him to whine, but the excitement of a surprise was starting to get to him. And he was starting to get impatient waiting for the surprise to come. Especially being blindfolded.

"Na-uh, I'm not going to tell you after all the trouble I had getting that thing over your eyes." Itachi laughed as the sour face beside him. "Aww why such a face."

Stopping at a red light the taller boy leaned down, his long black hair lightly tickling Neji's neck. Smiling he pressed his soft lips against his boyfriend's in a chaste kiss before straightening up again. Leaning on his left hand Itachi continued driving, as the light changed to green. "Now, now you have to learn patience. After two years you're still as impatient as the first day we met."

"Yeah, yeah..." Neji muttered, choosing to ignore his boyfriend now. Sighing he reached up, moving away from swatting hands as he replied, "I'm not taking it off I'm just adjusting it a little. It's starting to dig into my skull."

The bandanna that had been tied around his eyes was starting to annoy Neji; he never liked having anything cover his eyes, never liked the whole idea of tying something over the eyes of another then leading them out of their comfort zone to surprise them. It could be just as romantic to just drive the person to where ever and show it to them, watching their eyes light up as they realized where they were going.

Sliding down until he was almost lying in the soft seat, Neji turned his hearing to outside the small car. Straining he tried to place the sounds that he heard. Brow furrowing he listened as hard as he could, but the scenery outside was not helping any. Neji decided it was too quiet for the boardwalk. There was not booming stereos so it wasn't in the south side of town. 'Darn,' Neji thought sourly, 'I was wanting to get a couple of drinks. Maybe loosen Itachi up a little.'

Crossing his arms, the boy sunk lower into his seat, his ears pricked to the outdoor sounds.

Itachi could not help but to smile as he stared at his lover's perplexed face. He knew that the boy would never be able to guess, even if he did state two weeks ago that he had wanted to come to this place.

Two weeks ago, while lying in bed with his lover Itachi watching tv when a scene of a beautiful sunset on a glistening beach came on. Sighing Neji curled into a tight ball against the warm body next to him.

Sighing he watched the commercial play, his eyes watching the scenery before him.

"Hey Itachi," Neji whispered, at his lover's grunt the boy continued, "Is the beach really that beautiful?"

Itachi leaned up on an elbow staring into the white eyes that stared at the tv. "What do you mean?" he asked, confused. "You've never been before?"

Neji shook his head. "No, my family was never big on trips and well..." Shrugging he paused his eyes never leaving the screen before them, "you know. What they say goes."

Yeah, Itachi knew. Smiling he hugged the boy close. Neji had been brought up in a sheltered environment, though he was not as naïve as what many thought, but there was still many things he had yet to experience. The beach, even though it was only an hour away, was just one of many things that he had never gotten to see in his life.

Smiling the taller teen laid back down, the snowy pillow cradling his head. "Yeah it's that beautiful all the time."

Now that the commercial had finished Neji tore his eyes away snuggling next to the warm body. "I would love to go," he whispered, "just to see how beautiful it really is."

Outside the small red car the beautiful scenery passed by as Itachi slowly left the city, taking the scenic route outside the city. The long road curved around the mountain side. To the left was the intricate carvings of multi-colored rocks. Long bushes twisted around the cracks sliding along the side, as if reaching out for the beach on the other end.

Itachi breathed deeply, almost tempted to tug off the makeshift blindfold just so his boyfriend could see the breath taking site too. Yet twitching fingers remained on the steering wheel. It would be better to completely surprise his lover later.

Crimson eyes stared off to the right, as he watched the shimmering water and the beautiful beach come closer to view. The sun was still high in the sky, promising that they could still have a wonderful time.

Pulling the car into the small outlook, Itachi turned in his seat smirking at his lover's form. Neji was curled low in the seat, legs crossed tightly at the ankle- a trademark sign that he was impatient. His arms crossed tightly around his chest and his head leaning against the door handle.

Any other person would have suspected the boy of being asleep, but Itachi knew better. Neji refused to sleep in cars, even when blindfolded.

Feeling the wind still the boy sat up, his ears perked again listening for sounds. Still hearing nothing to help he turned to Itachi.

“Where are we? Are we there?” Neji straightened, clasping his hands and pulling them behind his chair. Sighing he arched his back, popping the tense muscles in his back. His shirt slid up slightly revealing the perfect, porcelain skin hidden underneath.

Itachi swallowed hard as he stared, breathing deeply he forced himself to stay in his seat, to keep from jumping the boy right there. However he could not stop himself from leaning down, placing a gentle kiss on the well toned abs.

Gasping Neji jumped, behind the blindfold his eye widened as a blush stained his cheeks.

“I-I-Itachi,” Neji whimpered as he reached out blindly trying to find his boyfriend.

Pulling away the older boy grabbed his lover's hand pulling him over for a second kiss. “Not now, maybe tonight. I have a surprise first. Stay here.” Itachi whispered before sliding out of the door on his side.

Walking around the front of the car, he opened the passenger side door. Unbuckling his lover he pulled he boy out, standing behind him as he kicked the door shut.

Grasping the boy's shoulders he led him forward.

"Careful," he breathed hotly into Neji's ear, "you have stairs here." Holding the thin arms tightly he led Neji down the stairs counting each one that they had to go down.

Neji's feet shook slightly as he stepped down the stairs, trying to keep his footing while trying to listen to Itachi's warnings. The last thing he wanted to do was fall and end up in a hospital.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs Itachi suddenly tugged on Neji, a yelp escaping from the younger boy's mouth as he fell onto the warm, sturdy body behind him. Again his cheeks flushed crimson as he pulled himself upright, waiting for why he was stopped so suddenly.

"Sorry love," Itachi brushed his lips against Neji's neck, smiling against the flesh as he felt the other tremble. "But if you go any further you'll guess your surprise. I want to see your face when you see it."

Circling around Neji, the crimson eyed boy stared at his flushed lover. Leaning down he pecked the lips lightly while reaching around to untie the bandanna.

Pulling back he took the black cloth with him while watching the white eyes before him.

Blinking Neji rubbed at his eyes with the palm of his hands, trying to get used to the sudden light and weight off of his eyes.

Pulling his hands away the boy glanced around his eyes widening. Gasping he stepped forward, wide eyes taking in the sight around him. A hand slid up to his mouth as he took in the sight around him.

Before him was an immaculate, wide, sandy beach. Seashells littered the perfect sand, adding to the beauty. Further away the waves roared tossing the glittering water onto the sand, only to slide back to the giant ocean. White foam gurgled as the water was tossed around.

Swallowing Neji turned to his boyfriend, his eyes glittering with joy. Smiling widely he jumped, tossing his arms around Itachi as he wrapped his legs around the thin waist.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" He whispered, his lips teasing Itachi's ear. "It's so beautiful."

Itachi wrapped his arms around his lover, holding the teen as though he were two and carried him out into the sandy beach.

"You're welcome." Itachi smiled as he set the teen down, watching as Neji ran for the water. It was as though he had reverted in age, falling back ten years younger then what he really was.

Laughing Neji ran after the waves chasing them out into the ocean, only to run back as they came roaring back onto the beach.

Smiling Itachi watched his boyfriend play on the beach, hands stuffed in his jean pockets. He was just happy to be able to give Neji a surprise that he wanted. And something so easy too. Sometimes it surprised the dark haired teen just how easy he could please Neji.

If everything worked out right, they would stay out till sunset and maybe even later. Perhaps they even could build a small bonfire out on the beach and stay a while.

'Maybe,' Itachi thought a dark smile coming to his face, 'even have some fun tonight before heading back home.'