Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Addiction ❯ Sasuke's And His True Feelings ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter Five

Sasuke's And His True Feelings

She's so beautiful, so elegant, yet stubborn. How do I find my way in her heart with him around. With him to comfort her when I'm gone she will never be mine. That man is her shining knight and I'm simply just a brat. I could hold it together and fight for her, but he would only win. His carved face against my perfect beauty and he will still win. How can I compete. Although I have no right to want her for he was there for her when I wasn't. I remember the first time Sakura and I met with Kakashi in a defensive pose. Even if he was married at the time he still treated her like his angel. I walked up to her and asked her name and Kakashi pushed me aside in a ally. Explaining how if I hurt her I would find myself in the most pain a person could be. I could understand that, but he didn't know my real intentions, such a fine body. Yes I mostly wanted her for that reason, but now I find myself fighting over her.

Sakura awoke from her strange dream. Only a narrator and a black screen fell into her dream. It seemed to be Sasuke's thoughts, but lets face it that was crazy. Sitting up with the sheet covering her torso she glanced at her lover. Laying completely and utterly straight on his back Sasuke seemed happy. Sakura admittedly rolled her eyes and slipped off the bed. Sasuke being easily waken captivated her wrist. Wide eyes of a long awake worker.

"Sasuke, I have to get dressed for work." Sakura told him in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Sakura don't leave me here alone for him." Begged Sasuke.

This was quiet unusual for Sasuke. His voice was hoarse and his eyes full of fear. Normally Sasuke would pull out a comical joke and laugh it all off, but now he was on the verge of tears.

"Oh Sasuke."

Sakura dropped back down on the warm fragrance filled bed and held his head in her lap. Sasuke's tension fell at ease and his muscles relaxing. The sweet sigh was joined with Sakura as she admired his relaxation. She didn't mind taking a look into his fears, but it was unlike him to show her them. Such a bold man, Sasuke just never wanted Sakura to feel his pain.

"Depression has not yet befallen me my love. Please forgive my outburst."

Sasuke and his poetic words. Sakura didn't smack him this time, no he was to entangled within her feelings now. It would be like smacking herself. Although with the little time they've spent together you would figure that they would be overly lovey dovey. Only dating for six months not counting the three he was gone.

"Sasuke there are days I could just stare at you and listen to those words."

"Really. Sakura your sweet."

"Don't get your hopes up lover boy."

"No, I actually mean it."

"Oh Sasuke, you bring back such great and goofy memories."

"Is that a good thing?" Sasuke asked, while gazing up at her smiling face.

"Considering 25% of them are of you when we met."

"Yes, I remember. I walked straight up to you after getting hammered out of my mind and Kakashi..."

"Are you jealous of Kakashi?"

Sasuke became uneasy, he looked away. A forced smile appeared across his lips before lifting his head out of her grasp.

"Sasuke, tell me the truth."

A tone of pity is all that Sasuke could here. Pity, how annoying. He didn't want pity. No, Sasuke wanted to be admired for his status in society. His great find of a beautiful woman. His lovely unmarked body. He wanted to be seen as a authority that people could admire.

Hearing the sorrow for him in her voice Sasuke stood up and out of the bed. The sheet falling around his feet, this was his way of showing her that he was perfect; with his unmarked body in her sight. Snorting at his reaction Sakura turned with her arms crossed.

"Are you going to pout all day?"

"You act as if everything is OK, like nothing his bothering you. Just tell me, what does Kakashi's pain feel like? It must feel interesting coming from a different genders perspective. The sorrow, the mourning of a lover. Do you every imagine me in that casket, can you? You probably don't, but lets face it if your to close to Kakashi all your lovers will be killed off too. One day you will see me in that casket. You'll cry from death it's self, but you won't really know if it's a really pain. "The Slicer" will morph your thoughts into his own twisted thoughts." Sasuke took a deep breathe, a sniffle was heard. "You'll forget everything about me and "The Slicer" will take everything from you!"

Sasuke forced himself to move from a slumped standing position and ran into the restroom. Sasuke just couldn't let her see his tears. He couldn't let her see his weakness like a opened wound. All she could do was sprinkle salt on that wound.

"Kakashi is merely a friend, just a sad friend."

The wet moist lie that was drenched in her voice was heard even in the restroom. I may have been a lie, but she certainly did not see Kakashi a potential lover. In fact she saw Kakashi as a big brother; annoying yet protective. Only this big brother had a bad past, bad present, and everything in between.

"Lying will get you no where Sakura." Announced Sasuke through the muffling of the door.

"I know, but it's not like I see him as a lover."

"Save it."

Before Sakura could make her well deserved comeback her phone went off. Swiping it from the bedside table she lifted it to her ear.

"It's Kakashi isn't it?" Asked a gloomy Sasuke.

"Hey Sakura, it's Deidara." Stated the man on the other end.

"Oh hey Deidara!"

A chipper burst of words flying out of her mouth. Deidara had been on leave to care for his pregnant wife. Lets just say she was so emotionally unstable that Deidara Ted feared for her life.

"I wouldn't be so excited."


"Well I just called to see if you heard the news about Kakashi."


"He's wasted out of his fucking mind. He's upsetting my wife and newborn. He keeps calling for you like a lost puppy."

A pause was heard before Deidara put the phone on speaker and woes were heard.

"I need Sakura." Moaned a tired man in the background. "I know that bastard Sasuke has her all to herself. He can't protect her and "The Slicer" will get her."

The phone was put of speaker and back to Deidara.

"Oh yeah that too, who is Sasuke anyways?"

"It's nothing, just a my boyfriend. So how are you besides the annoying brat in the background?"

"Well I'm fine. Donna has settled down, no more hormone rage."

"Hah, sounds fun." Sakura teased.

"You know it, more fun then getting hit by a train." Deidara teased as well.

"Well I'll come over and drag that nuisance away."


Hanging up Sakura turned to her left. Sasuke sat neatly in his suit by her. Sakura nearly jumped out of her skin from surprise. Sasuke looked over to a pale Sakura. Her eyes large and her lips turning slightly blueish.


No answer.

"Sakura, breathe!" Sasuke shouted finally.

Sakura opened her mouth like a fish nice and wide. Gulping in every bit of air that could satisfy her hungry lungs from the deprivation she had caused them to suffer. Quickly her overreaction died down and she looked down to her hands laying on her lap.



"Why do you think that "The Slicer" will take you away from me?" Sakura asked with a smeared tone of tears and anger.

Her throat burned her eyes blurred as she fought the never ending tears that were forming. Sasuke was still trying to answer her, but couldn't come up with a answer that wouldn't sound like a whine.

"Sasuke just tell me!" Sakura shouted finally letting the tears come and spill out of her cool hard shell.

Something about "The Slicer" just started to make her tear up. She thought that maybe for a second that it was Kakashi, but it was not. Something sad and uncontrollable about the situation "The Slicer" put her in was what scared her.

"Sakura, I don't want you to be upset with me."

"Just tell me."

"As I said the day you first told me about the case. He's heartless, thoughtless. He wants to tear people apart. Throw them into the garbage and laugh at their sorrow. If he were to finally take down all of Kakashi's close people you would be last. Only so you could watch him lose everything and die in his own misery and then when he does get called by god. He will come for you, you will be his last target, just so he could make suffer like Kakashi. With that I will be taken from you by "The Slicer." I knew that's how it was probably going to end when Kakashi started losing people close to him."