Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Addiction ❯ Sakura's Sad Secret ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter Six

Sakura's Sad Secret

Sakura kept her eyes on the road. Watching lights and blurred images of vehicles pass by her sight. Keeping her thoughts to herself. Sakura would never fight with a drunken man; especially Kakashi. Suffocating the bitter words on the tip of her tongue.

"Sakura, I'm sorry. You know how I get when I'm plastered."

Before Kakashi could start his next sentence he reached for a paper bag by the floor. Picking it up and emptying his stomach content with sickly sounds. Sakura herself nearly emptied hers at the smell, but lost all sickly thoughts.

"I don't mean the words that I say during my drunken period."

"Does that mean you don't mean these words."

"That's not funny."

"Neither is picking up your old friend from a detectives home fucked up as hell. Smelling the horrible stench of alcohol on your breathe. Your words cruel, weak, sad, and just pathetic.

"OK, OK, I get the point."

Glancing over Sakura felt something strange. No matter the smell, the ill sounds, he made her feel a attraction. She felt a overwhelming amount of lust just by glancing at his unruly hair. The mess on his head, the carved experience face. Looking back at the road her heart started racing. Sakura, Sakura get it together. Just because his hair looks much like Sasuke's at the moment gives you no excuse to feel that way. Kakashi unaware of the alarms waving signals in her thoughts. Sakura started to make excuses for herself just encase it happened again. Just for now she needed to do something to show her superiority.

"Your going to rehab." Sakura said knowingly.

"Wait what!"

"You heard me."

"Sakura, no it's not that big of a problem."

"Fine will just make it group sessions everyday."

"OK, when do you want me to start."

"You gave in easy."

"I can't fight when I'm drunk and I don't want to get the shit beaten out of me by a chick."

"Well that's slightly sexiest."

"Like I said I can't do shit when I'm wasted."

Sakura shook her head with a smirk. Laughing at the thought of even thinking Kakashi in that way.


Sakura's voice low and cracked as she readied herself for the question. Just his very being was becoming a question to her.

"Yes Haruno." Kakashi said as an attempt to tease her.

"Do you think we're close?"

Kakashi realized she wasn't being her normal self; she was serious. The only thing that stopped him from straightening his posture and holding her hand for support was the blurred vision and common sense. Kakashi would certainly listen to her though.

"Sakura, what do you mean 'close?'"

Making sure not to let to much emotion to leek out Sakura kept her vision on the road. With the road she was at peace; like the nuisance next to her was not there. It was as if Sakura was in a major meditation state.

"I mean like good friends."

"Well, of course! After all we've been friends ever since I joined the team. Um.. lets make that a week since I joined the team. We have a locker full of secrets together like most frien-"

"No, maybe are we more then that?" Sakura interrupted.

"Sakura, what are you getting at?"

"It's just Sasuke is worried that you'll take me away from him. I'm more afraid that he's right about everything else other then that."

"Oh man. I should of known that was about Sasuke. You guys are together and I won't fuck with that and whats this everything else."

"It's nothing."

"Tell me."


Sakura's grip on the wheel was becoming tighter at each persistent word.

"Just tell me."

"I said no."

"Just tell me."

"Kakashi stop." Sakura almost cried.

"Sakura, tell me."

"That's enough Kakashi!" Sakura screamed.

She pulled over and barricaded her face within her hands. Why can't I just have a normal life. Corpse free with only gawking men. I never planned to fall in love, I never planned for my partner to infuriate the man I love. I never planned to gain another being.

Kakashi unbuckled himself and reached over for her shoulder. He felt bad, he didn't mean for this to happen. Kakashi didn't even know what was bothering her so much. Neither did Sasuke, they both knew something was up.

"Sakura are you OK?"

"No" Sakura snapped back immediately.

This wasn't just a pissed payback biting word though, it was drenched in the emotion that Kakashi knew all to well; sadness.

"Why Kakashi? Why is this happening to me?" Sakura looked up to him. Her eyes watered down with streams arriving from them. Sakura's eyes piercing into his own. "Why won't all this pain and confusing thoughts go away?"

Kakashi knew what would come next, so instinctively he unbuckled her. Sakura dropped down into his lap and wept Kakashi started to flatten her hair down the back of her neck with his hand, soothing her with a small humming of Beethoven fifth.

"Sakura, I will always be here for you, same as Sasuke."

"K-K-Kakashi." Sakura cried.

"Don't speak, just indulge in the silence while you can."

The silence. That precious statement that everyone seeks and never obtains. Even with silence we all know someone will eventually ruin it with a simple hi or greeting. It may be a nice greeting but with the hope for that silence we will see them as a annoyance. Kakashi, if only you knew my dark secret. If only you knew what you and Sasuke meant to me.

Once again that annoyance broke their silence. The phone in Sakura's pocket began ringing incessantly. Sitting up and pulling it out of her pocket she looked at the name scrolled across the screen. Choji, this isn't the time you moron.

Sakura unwanted flipped it open and waited for the static to clear.

"Yes." Sakura echoed through the phone.

"Hey Sakura it's Choji. You know Choji Akimichi?"

"Yes Choji, god knows you won't let me forget."

A a humph was heard over from his side.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means your as bad as Kakashi."

"That's mean."

Kakashi over hearing the conversation gave glare toward her.

"What do you need?"


Great, so you wasted my time with Kakashi for no good reason. I had him touching my hair for god damn sakes.

"Then don't call me."

"Why not?"

"I can't listen to your calls all the time. I'm a Detective now just like you only my main case is constantly being brought back into another murder."


"Don't ask." Sakura frustratedly bit back.

She could never just listen to Choji, he was worse then a preteen boy. As strange as that sounds it was true; it's like he never grew up. At least he thinned out.

Quickly Kakashi stole the phone from Sakura's grasp and slammed it shut. Normally she would of smacked him, hard, but it was Choji.

"Kakashi, what was that for?"

He smirked slightly and looked down to his feet. Kakashi was of a guilty concision.

"Didn't I say to just enjoy the silence?"

A deep red flooded through his face. He remembered something at that moment, something he had forgotten for his intoxicated state.