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konoha high school resumed activities on the very first day of resumption.
Student who passed the promotion exams were busy trying to get comfortable in their new class.

A certain someone was busy celebrating resumption day by playing tricks on people.
Uzumaki Naruto, number one prankster in konoha high. He was loud and obnoxious and was always in trouble .

Naruto ran as fast as his legs could carry him. A girl called tenten was fast on his hills.she came to her locker to keep her shoes only to find spiders crawling inside she screamed running away from the locker she turned and saw Naruto laughing "Naruto!" she shouted. Naruto turned and ran away so began the hot chase so early in the morning.

Naruto quicken his pace when he saw the exit in sight. He soon ran into someone and they crashed against each other and were pushed backwards onto their ass.

"ite,te te"Naruto moan rubbing his ass he failed to notice the rope by the door post he touched it trying to get up and then he pulled at it a sound clicked when Naruto open his eyes and wished he hadn't . sakura, the pink haired girl of konoha high was covered in mud.

""Naruto said biting his nails and looking for a place to hide.
"Naruto "she snarled. Naruto knew it was over. Sakura had an amazing strength despite her size.why did sakura always falls for the traps he made for sasuke, Naruto wondered. He saw neji coming towards them and ran towards him.

"Naruto you better run cause when i get you, you are so going to get what's coming to you."sakura declared picking her self off the ground to wipe the mud off her face. Why did she always fall into Naruto's traps, she wondered.

Naruto made it to a safe refuge behind neji. "Naruto?..."neji tried he suddenly noticed a shadow overning over him
"sakura-san?"neji tried again.

"get out of my way neji or you are going to get what's coming"sakura growled

"um Naruto you are on your own "neji said and stepped aside this wasn't the first time Naruto has caused trouble and he has always come to the blonde's rescue but not today. Let him face the consequences of his actions. Neji thought.

"ah ah neji you traitor"Naruto shouted after neji untill sakura blocked his view of neji, she had devilish look on her face "sakura!"

A grey impala sped on. A certain blue haired boy stared out the window into space. This was his first time to konohagakure but he wasn't interested in the view, his mind drifted back to the person he had left behind in sunagakure.he sighed into the backseat as his sister and their mother started their usual routine of quarrelling.

kaname rest his head against the windshield thinking about his handsome boyfriend back at home

flash back

a red head bend over his work he was constructing robots and gadget. He had a degree in engineering after all and was highly recognised as a skilled man in that aspect. His boyfriend on the other hand was....

Sasori turned to see kaname hitting the new coffee maker he made four days ago it was his own model and it did others things as well as making coffee unlike the others.

"what are you doing "sasori asked amusemet in his voice.
"it won't start, have tried everything and the thing won't start"kaname complained.

"are you sure you ve tried everything"sasori asked
"i did, this whole new model thing is just screwed up"
sasori raised an eyebrow "kaname are you sure"

kaname was getting irritated by his boyfriend constant nagging.
"do it then since you are so clever"kaname said glaring at. sasori made his way to the coffee maker ever "thought to try this"he plugged the wire to the socket and the machine growled to life.

Kaname shrug "well it never crossed my mind "
sasori rolled his eyes "oh love, what will you ever do without"he said.
"but i still think the old coffee maker was better. Don't you think chiyo-baa-sama will find it difficult to use" sasori strolled back to continue his work
"she will have to improvise."he said

kaname sighed, he wanted to mention that the woman in question was ninety years old and can barely make out her own shoes. Chiyo was sasori's gran-mother but he swore the red head couldn't careless about her well being. He couldn't apprehend it but, he also didn't want to. He had his share of problem to worry about.

"oh, by the way, we are moving to konoha tomorrow since my dad got a job there just thought you should know."he said out of the blue. Kaname bit his lips as he mentaly counted down ' 4 3 2 1'

"What!"sasori exploded.
"don't be mad okay, i wanted to tell you two months ago but,..."

"two months!"sasori exclaimed again.
"you....what?...."he tried slowly this time.
"look, we had two months notice, i wanted to tell you then but, i was afraid you won't speak to me again."

"and i won't speak to you because....? i can understand you not telling me but for two months?"
"and you leave tomorrow no less so what im i suppose to do with all our plans for when you graduate from high school."sasori said. His eyes moved around as he thought about it.

"we can work something out "hurriedly suggested when sasori didn't say another word after that.
"no"sasori said returning back to his emoness.

"no?sasori, i know konoha is far but-"
"no,no kaname cloud city is far, konoha is like half way across the world, so no we can't work anything out."
sasori turned back to his work.

"so what's this you are giving up"kaname asked though he knew the answer he still couldn't belive his relationship of two years was really over.
"obviously"sasori replied without sparing him a glance.
"okay then i guess i was right not to tell you. Goodriddance" heartless bastard.
And he left.

End Of Flash Back

he tried not to think of their last meeting but found himself reliving the day over and over again.

"we are almost there honey"his mother called from the frontseat.
"oh the nightmare begins"narin groaned.
"oh don't be like that it will be fun"her mother replied.

"are you serious?"narin shouted like the drama queen she was."you pulled me out of my paradise, away from my friends my room, my band and worst of all my boyfriend dan. That sounds like nightmare 101 to me"
her mother turned sharply to look at her twelve year old daughter appalled.

"narin-chan!"she gasped "you have a boyfriend"
narin gave her a look that said 'duh stupid'

"well im sure glad we got out of there"she said and turned away
"in any case, kaname make sure you watch your sister so she doesn't talk to anyone suspicious"
"mother i don't need anyone babysitting me "
narin protested.
"from what you just told me you do"

their father rolled his eyes as his step-daughter pouted and complainned about how unfair her mother was being.
"here we are, konoha high your new school. After school wait here and we ill come pick you up" he said cheerfully hoping to clear the tension between his children but that only made grimaced before she left the car to join her step-brother.
"well have fun, love you"
"god his cheerfulness is a curse"narin groaned as they watched the car speed away.

They both turned at once to see their new school.
The school was just like every other school . It was a three storey building that extended to a wide land coverage. It was painted white and had beautiful flowers decorating it's yard, it was a really good looking school and since they were well bred they could easily fit into it.
The school bell rang and narin groaned "oh kill me now"she said.

Naruto chuckled as he shut the door to the infirmary he pitied the first person to open the door...actually he was hoping to laugh his ass off at the look on his victims face. He chuckled again.

he turned quickly to see a indigo haired boy dressed in brown jacket and dark brown pants he was wearing a pair of glasses that covered his somewhat greenish blue eyes he wore a blue pearl earring on his left ear. He looked more like a hero of one of those romantic novels that girls loved to read.

"i didn't do anything"Naruto said quickly resting his back against the door where his trap lied.
The boy raised an eyebrow then sighed heavily.
"can you tell me where the homeroom is"he asked politely.
Naruto stared at him strangely then it hit him, this guy was a newbie why not play a joke on him

he smiled wickedly making the boy flinch"yeah it's right here actually"Naruto drawled for some reason the boy looked skeptical at Naruto and Naruto thought he would refuse but the boy shrug and open the door just as immediately a big boxer fist came out and punched the indigo, right in the face sending him sprawling to the other side of the wall.

Naruto yayed and danced around screaming 'it worked' over and over again.
He noticed the boy was getting up he wanted to ditch the newbie but for some obscure reason, he couldn't.

The boy adjusted his glasses as he tried to stand up Naruto came and help him up"what the hell was that "he asked dusting off dirt from his ass and clothes.
Naruto laughed sheepishly at the indigo.

"sorry i shouldn't have done that " he retrieve the boxer's fist and went to reset his trap.

"im uzumaki Naruto, number one prankster of konoha high don't you forget it he gave his famous fox grin.
"kuran kaname, i would have said nice to meet you if i didn't just have a huge boxers fist on my face" he massaged his nose"that hurt you know"he said.

"come i will show you where the homeroom is" they both walked for short while then they came to a stop in front of room. Naruto opened the door and went inside.

"oh Naruto you ve finally decide to grace us with your presence"iruka said
"gomen iruka-sensei i was just giving this new student a tour of the school"Naruto said. Kaname gape at him, only then did iruka as well as the student notice the blue head standing by the door.
"oh of course i ve been expecting you kaname-kun."iruka said smiling at kaname. He turned to Naruto"go to your seat Naruto-kun"he said. Naruto bowed like a good student and went to his seat. On his way, he caught sight of his partner and rival and glared at him.

"what are you looking at, dobe"sasuke said without even looking at him. Naruto closed his eyes "oh stop calling me that "he snapped.

"Naruto-kun please shut up and seat down"iruka said. Naruto grumbled then sat back down. He thought of how to repay the raven then he remembered his trap and sniker sasuke is going to be getting a reall treat when he tries to escape to the roof today. Naruto thought and snikered again sasuke to give him that superior look of his but Naruto didn't care he had the upper hand this time.

"okay class this is your new classmate kuran kaname."iruka addressed the class."kaname-kun, is there anything you would like the class to know"he asked
"nice to meet you all "kaname replied bowing his head politely.
"well then you can seat with gaara over there"

kaname looked up and saw the red haired boy looking at him, it quickly reminded him of someone else. Sasori.

After two other periods recess time arrived. Kaname placed his book neatly into his new locker he was sharing the locker with someone else so it wasn't entirely his.

"ah ah!"a loud voice interrupted kaname's thought, he turned to see a gaping blonde pointing at him.
"what"he asked.
"you are my locker partner?"Naruto shouted.

"do you have to shout, jeez you remind me of my sister"kaname complained. Naruto shut his mouth and pushed his books roughly into the locker grinning from ear to ear kaname twitched his eyebrow as Naruto pushed his neatly arranged books down. He liked his things neat but sharing a locker with someone who didn't care about his books and seems to like god awful orange colour, this has got to be a bad omen of some kind, he thought.

"so what say you and i become friends after all we are locker buddies" Naruto said putting his arm on kaname's shoulder and giving him his usual fox grin. ''what ever baka'' Naruto winced then suddenly pulled kaname along the hall .
'' stop pulling me''.kaname tried.

"welcome to the friends table"Naruto said pointing to a table were shikamaru, chouji, and kiba sat. The table was at the far end of the cafeteria isolated from everybody else.
'oh this must be the losers table he thought' kaname thought .
Naruto pulled him down to the a chair, "stop pulling me baka''kaname said glaring at Naruto.
"then stop staring jerk"Naruto retorted.

"now this is chouji, he likes eating a lot. This is shikamaru, he is just lazy. And last kiba he is cool but in the most annoying way."Naruto said pointing at one after the other.
"oi Naruto did you just compliment me or insult me" kiba said stopping for the first time since kaname got there to look at Naruto.
"pick anyone'' Naruto replied.waving kiba off he turned to the other side facing the rest of the cafeteria.

"um nice to meet you kiba um chouji and shikamaru. Why do you seat at the end of the cafeteria"kaname asked.
Naruto suddenly pulled his head sideways'' watch and you will find out"he said.
Kaname massaged his neck, was this Naruto person after his life or something, he wondered but still turn to look at what the blonde was looking at.
Down at the left side of the room sakura and ino sat with tenten and sakura sitting opposite them. Ino was holding a pink wrapped gift box in her hand and her friends were staring at her. curious to know who the gift was from.

Sakura snorted at how ino was looking at the box like it was some kind of new proof to her theory"im telling you forehead girl it's from sasuke-kun"ino said with glee.
"where does it say so"sakura asked.
"im sure there's a note somewhere"ino said turning the box to look for a name or card to identify who the gift was from.
"oh give up ino pig, there is no way sasuke-kun would go for a girl like you"sakura said opening her coke.

"and he will go for wide forehead girl like you"ino retorted.they stared angrily at each other.
"sakura-san, ino-san..."hinata tried.

Sakura sighed, she hated when her friend got like that."well if you are so sure it's from him open it"
she said.
" i was getting to that forehead girl"ino said she ripped the wrapper off and as soon as she open it a pie of mud sprung out and splash into her face.
"ahh!"she and everybody broke into laughter.

"you did that didn't you"kaname asked amusement in his voice.
Naruto nodded happily"that is one of my speciality''he said and laughed.kaname laughed a little then broke down laughing hard to his ribs the others just stared at him.

Narin and kaname waited for their parents by the park
"i don't believe this!"narin exclaimed after pacing around for thirty minutes and their parents did not come to pick them up.
"Argh! how can they do this to me"
"im sure they have a good reason" kaname said. He watched different cars drive by.
"what! They always do this even back at home. I wish i know the way i would have walked, it would be better than riding with that man''narin said kicking a stone.
"hey that's dad to you" kaname said.
Narin rolled her eyes.
"i just don't get it, if he wanted the job so much why didn't he come here himself"

kaname frowned he pulled his sister down"look dad is doing this for us we were going broke dad even had to use all our trust fund to get us here so be grateful you are not living on the street right now"kaname finished and wished he had not just revealed what their parents have been trying to keep away from them to his loud mouth sister.

"how do you know all this"narin asked
"i over heard them not that i was eavesdropping or anything don't tell them i said anything"he informed his wide eyed sister.
"well...that explains a lot"kaname glance at her then returned to watching the cars, this time with too much intensity as if he was trying to avoid what his sister was about to say next.
Seeing that her brother won't reply her she continued.
"that's why you didn't support me when i said i wanted to stay cos i know you want to stay for sasori-"
kaname scowled deeply " i don't want to talk about that heartless bastard"he said his lips in thin line.
"uh did something happen"narin asked her interest peaking.

"yo!" a voice called and narin turned to see a blonde boy about sixteen wearing a grey T-shirt and orange jacket over it with blue pant. His blonde hair was spiky and wild and he seems know them since he was running towards them.
"no way"kaname said as he sighted the smiling blonde coming towards them.
"do you know him"narin asked still studying the boy.
"just ignore him maybe he would just walk right by us" he said hopefully but damn his luck.

"yo! Kaname"Naruto said as he got near them.
"what are you doing here, i thought you had left already"Naruto asked.
"i am baka"
"ehh!"he exclaimed.
"don't make that into a name for me like that sasuke- teme."Naruto said pointing vigorously at kaname.
"but if the name fits baka"
"konoyaro"he said between his teeth. He noticed the blonde girl sitting next to kaname, she was dressed in sleeveless red top and blue jean trouser, and had too much makeup on her face.

"who is this kaname-yaro ( i don't know if thats correct so just go with the flow.) your girlfriend"
kaname's glare could have toast him alive.

" actually onii-san fancies guys."
narin said.
"ehhh!"Naruto screamed his eyes wide as saucers, a little shade of pink on his cheek.
"kaname are you gay"Naruto said gaping at the indigo.
"narin!"kaname said glaring at his sister who had a mischievous grin on her lips.
He turned to Naruto a dark look on his face "not a word about this or you are dead" he threatened darkly hoping to scare the blonde. The said blonde only gaped at him.
"why are you so suprised, it's a common thing"narin said. Naruto snap his mouth shut and rack his brain for an explanation.
"it's just i thought he was you know straight since there is a lot of his fan girls."he lied. He didn't want them to know he resented gay.... And he also didn't know why he didn't want them to know. Maybe it could read into what was happening at home.

"so you two are siblings" he changed the subject to a safer topic that didn't include his family or himself. " hard to tell you look nothing alike"Naruto said inspecting them.
"actually he is my step- brother . Im narin by the way "narin said giving Naruto a warm smile.
"uzumaki Naruto" he said smiling back at her.
"so what's up why are you guys still here." Naruto asked. It was already one hour after closing, he normally went to ichiraku to while away the time before going home but he had to stay behind and discuss some really depressing matter with his mother's childhood friend and principal tsunade.
"we are waiting for our parents. Since we moved to konoha last night we didn't get a chance to see our new home"narin explained.

"ah just as i thought you are new to konoha" just then a thought hit Naruto. Why not hang out with this guys untill late in the hour he definitely couldn't go home now for fear his mother might be at home.

"hey why don't i take you guys to the best place in konoha and then give you guys a tour of a some places while you wait for your parents"Naruto said it sounded like the perfect plan but, just when kaname was about to tell him where to shove his offer, his sister took off.
"great idea Naruto -kun lets go"narin said and sprung off the chair in that instant.
"narin, what if they come and didn't find us here."kaname asked scowling deeply as his sister tangled her hand with Naruto.
"it's their fault for keeping us waiting, let them look for us when they are ready."
"let's go Naruto-kun" she said and began to pull Naruto along.
Left to kaname he prefered to sit and brood untill their parents came to pick them up, but he didn't want his crazy twelve year old sister to do anything crazy with that extra psycho blonde after all, his mother told him to watch her.
He sighed it has been almost eight years since he became big brother but he still couldn't get use to the idea especially when that baby sister was narin.

"hey kaname- yaro you coming or what"Naruto called to the indigo.
"don't call me that baka" kaname said getting to his feet.Naruto flinched."teme!"

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