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Desert Lily
Prologue: Haunting…

(Miyuri's POV)

My name is Miyuri, but people address me as “Sunaarashi Miyuri”. A shinobi of Sunagakure no Sato of Kaze no Kuni, I'm only 12 but I've been a Special Jounin for a few months now. I have long blonde hair parted on the left, blue eyes and I wear a short-sleeved kimono tied with a purple sash. Also, I have a scar on my right eye. My weapon of choice is a pair of fans made of metal but I have other hidden weapons other than that.

"Is everything understood then?""Yes, sir""Miyuri, as team captain, I'm counting on you to keep an eye on every detail, got it?""Yes, sir" I answered.
The plan was set for and attack against the Leaf, but until now, I still had no idea why the Sand was involved. I know the Leaf and the Sand are good allies but why were we against our ally?"We'll leave tomorrow at dawn - dismissed!"As soon as Baki-sensei gave the order, the four of us left the room.
Later that evening…I was out the gates of the village, looking off in to the distance... just as I always did... Thinking everything over"Miyuri, you're later than usual..."I turned around to see whose voice that was and was none other than..."Temari-nee?"
"Is something wrong?" she asked."Not really...It's just that..." I trailed off."Ch...You better get some rest, Nee-san..." I simply continued."Miyuri, you haven't even slept yourself..." she said somehow in a worried tone. I just kept silent; I didn't want to say anything else…
“Miyuri, if there's something wrong, you know you can tell me…” She said after a few moments of silence.
Silence again….
“Miyuri, is this about—“
“I'm fine Temari-nee… I-I'm just a little confused…” I stammered.
“About what?” she asked.
I didn't reply…
“Don't try to hide it…” She said a little teasingly… “It is about then, right…?
I sighed, “Yeah, it is…”
“What was that about anyway…?”
“Just a little nightmare, t-that's all…” I said shaking a little…
Temari looked up in the sky, "It's really late, Miyu, we should head back..."
"Yeah... Y-you're probably right...." I turned around but I took a quick glance off the distance before leaving. The wind blew silently as I followed her back...

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Author's Note: I'm not a very good writer so the story won't be very good, but I'll appreciate if you continue reading. I used some Japanese phrases because I enjoy adding them. This story introduction/prologue is different from the one I published in Quizilla, I edited it so it would get longer, so would be for the rest of the chapters. I'll upload them as soon as I have enou

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