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Desert Lily
Chapter 1: Departure
(Miyuri's POV)

I was standing by the window, looking off into the distance.
It was still very dark...It's 4 in the morning for crying out loud!
I haven't slept for 4 days now; a lot of things were running in my head...
"...don't ever return to this village..."
"...go as far as you can... away from here..."
Words from the past were running through my mind...
I shook my head at the thought of those two words....
"I wonder if they've all forgotten about it... ", I murmured...
I was still lost in my thoughts when I heard voices outside my room...
"Are you sure she can handle it? I mean she must be really tired..." a man's voice said...
"She probably can... but I'm not sure if she can put her mind to it..." a woman's voice then...
"What do you mean..?" the man spoke again...
"I mean she hasn't been herself lately...." the woman replied, "She hasn't been talking too..."
"She starting to act like Gaara...." the man remarked, slightly chuckling.
I turned around, walked to the door and saw Temari and Kankurou...
"That wasn't wasn't funny, Kan - oh Miyuri!" Temari said, almost shocked.

We immediately left the village at dawn.
We were going through the desert, and I was trying to catch my breath in the dry atmosphere.
Although I've lived there for 4 years now, the desert was suffocating; I'm really tired too....
"Miyuri-chan, `something wrong?"
Temari noticed I was breathing very hard right now."No. I'm fine, don't worry about me..."
"You should've slept..." she said
"I'm fine..." I said sternly.
We were deep in the forest.
Jumping from tree to tree in a fast pace. Thoughts were still running through my mind.

(Temari's POV)It's been some time, we've been travelling pretty long but I still haven't heard a sound from Miyuri.She's pretty much of a loudmouth. Usually she'd be telling us about how fast well finish this mission. What she'll do and stuff. But right now, it's almost like she's not even there...
"Miyu-chan, you've been awfully quiet."
"Yeah, what's wrong Miyuri?" Kankurou asked too.Miyuri just took a glance at us then looked away.Her eyes were just as gloomy as Gaara all of a sudden.She really wasn't herself lately...

~4 days ago~
I didn't know but I woke up in the middle of the night, I couldn't even get back to sleep…
But just then just as I was finally about to drift off to sleep, I heard Miyuri scream.
I quickly rushed to her room and saw her crying...
"No, it was an accident! I didn't know it was her!"
I've never seen her cry, and this was the first time I did. She seemed like she's a little 6 year-old who was left alone.
I went to her and tried to comfort her but she kept crying...
"You have to believe me..." she sobbed.

(Miyuri's POV)We've finally arrived in Konoha.
It was very quiet, but the silence wasn't deafening.
We were crossing the gates while I walked behind them.
"I'll be back later. Don't cause any trouble, got it?" Baki warned and left."I'll be out for a while..." I said as as poofed out of sight.

I wanted to see what was new after four years while I was gone...
It's been four years since I left Konoha, It's practically my second home.
And just as soon as I reappeared, I quickly saw two familiar faces...
"It's pretty early this year, isn't it?" the guy with spiky hair said...
"I know, I wonder why?" the other said.
I couldn't help it but to call out their names…
"Izumo-san! Kotetsu-san! ", I yelled
"That voice..." the second guy said and turned to my direction, "...Yuri-chan?"
I ran up to them, and gave them a massive hug.
"Yuri-chan, it is you!" said the first guy and hugged me back.
"Not too tight, Kotetsu-san" I said and he let go. "It's nice to see you guys"
"You too Yuri-chan, are you participating in the chuunin exam?” he asked.
"Nope", I said it straight.
"...'no'...?" they said in unison
"I'm a Special Jounin now, my team is participating..." I said in a slight chuckle.
"NO WAY!" they yelled in unison, again. "...a s-special j-jounin...?" said Kotetsu, "...a-already...?" said Izumo.
"Is it that surprising...?", I said, although I already know why…
"That's awesome Yuri-chan!" Izumo said exitedly. "We didn't see you during your exam!"

“That was 3 years ago…” I said nervously laughing.
“And you didn't even tell us…” Kotetsu said, pretending to cry.
“You look like a dobe…” I said snickering.
“And you just disappeared back then…” Izumo added.
“Sorry I didn’t say goodbye.” I said scratching the back of my head.
"So where are they?" asked Kotetsu.
"Oh my team, they're just around the village, probably..." I replied.. ", Anyway, I gotta go, I just remembered that one of them's kind of a trouble-maker... Nice seeing you guys!" and I ran off to find my team, wherever they are…

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Author's Note: well... the story doesn't get interesting `till the chuunin exam arc.... well that's what i think^^, I love my own XD
anyway... you got a hint on how her life in her home village was... you'll know all of it in her flashback series which would be around chapter 17
or so.... that wouldn't be out for months^^
uhh.... almost all of the scenes and lines in the story are based on the manga^^' the ones in onemanga that is.... well some of it....

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