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~//~ hyper_hurricane :: junketsu_tsuta ~//~Desert LilyChapter 8: Konoha, SunaThe red-haired boy walked silently as he treaded the hallways of his home.Then, he ran across an empty room, the door was usually closed but why was it open now?He walked to the door and realized that it wasn’t empty anymore; there was someone in the room.He narrowed his eyes onto the girl sitting on the window sill.She seemed to be in deep thought as she blankly stared at the village…The sand began to form behind the blonde girl as quietly as it was.“You’re not very good at formal greetings, aren’t you?” She said suddenly.Young Gaara was taken aback, the girl turned to her as she stood up.“Same here. You must be Gaara, I guess?” She said monotonously.She wasn’t afraid? She isn’t showing any fear at all.“Who… who are you?” He asked.“I’ll take that as a yes, then.” She grinned, “The name’s Miyuri.”Silence took over as he continued to analyze her.It was then he realized that she was wearing the Suna forehead protector.“Why… why did you come here…?”Miyuri blinked several times before answering, “I don’t actually have any reason for coming here….”She paused, “But I do have a reason for why I left the other village…”
I opened my eyes to see the ceiling staring back at me.I slowly got up to prevent to blood from rushing to my head.“Ah, Miyuri, you’re awake.” A familiar voice said.“Where’s Gaara?” I asked not turning to Temari, since I could tell by her voice that it was her.“He’s resting. You have to rest too, that last jutsu drains too much of your chakra.”“I know that.” I snapped.Temari looked at me surprised at my reply. “Gomen, Onee-san...”
Temari was doing her usual target practicing when she noticed the new girl watching her.“Hey.” She called out, “What are you dong over there…?”“Just watching you train.” The younger girl said, “You have a very excellent aim.” she smiled.“Ummm… thank you.” Temari managed to say.“She’s a little awkward…” she thought.“Do you mind if I join you?” The younger girl asked.“Yeah… okay…” Temari replied, although still unsure.“Miyuri, right?”“Hai, you’re the eldest daughter of Kazekage-sama; Temari, is it?Temari replied with a nod.Temari and Miyuri spent hours hitting targets before sparring.“You’re better than I thought.” Temari huffed.Miyuri only grinned at her remark.“Strange though, you’re three years younger but it looks like you’ve trained longer!” Temari added.“I guess my early training paid off.” Miyuri chuckled, scratching the back of her head.“You’re from Konoha right?” Temari asked while Miyuri was chugging down a bottle of water.“Hai.” Miyuri replied, wiping her mouth with her arm.They had just finished their training and they were sitting in the metal railings on the roof of the Administration building.Temari looked at Miyuri whose gaze was focused on the sunset.“The sunset back home was always so pretty… much more than this…” she muttered out of the blue.Temari’s gaze never left Miyuri’s eyes; there were mixed emotions in those eyes.Sorrow… anger…pain…Why? Why those kind of emotions?There are things I can’t tell……I’m scared to tell anyone…Why would she be afraid?’ Temari thought.
“Glad you’re feeling better, Miyuri.” A voice said from behind.“Ah Kankurou-nii.” She said returning her gaze to the endless desert.“Someone’s nice today.” He taunted. “Don’t push it.”“Alright, alright. But really, what’s the catch?”“Catch? You’re so suspicious! I’m just not in the mood to thrash you or anyone!” she said annoyed.“Okay, I get it already!” Kankurou said defensively.“I just remembered something, that’s all.” Miyuri said after a moment of silence.“Good or bad?”Miyuri only looked at him, and then moved her gaze back at the horizon.She silently watched as the sun drifted out and left the sky to the moon and stars.“I miss the sunset back at home, it’s the same sun, but it felt so warmer back then…”
“Then why won’t you go back?” Kankurou asked.“You won’t understand.” Miyuri quickly answered.“And why wouldn’t I?”“Because!”“Because what?” he insisted.“Hell, stop asking damn it or I’ll break you into two!” she threatened.“Is it really this hard to talk to a 9-year-old?”“Only if they’re from my home village.”“And where is that exactly?”“Not gonna tell.”“Now I think I know why you actually got to be Chuunin at that age.”“Annoyed now?” she smirked.
“Still not.” Miyuri said before Kankurou even began to ask.“That was a quick answer.”“Uh-huh. I knew you were going to ask.” She stated, “You would always do every time I said that.”Miyuri turned around and walked to the door only to be faced with Gaara.“The elders wish to see you.” He said. She raised an eyebrow, “Did they say what for?”“’Top secret‘ they said.” He replied.“I see.” Miyuri nodded. She passed by Gaara, “Sorry about your Dad.” she muttered.“At least you had the chance to hate him unlike me.” She jested half-heartedly then sighed before walking inside the building.“She has the cruelest jokes.” Kankurou said, shaking his head.“You’re finally here.” A voice said as she entered the meeting room.“Miyuri, we have a special mission for you.” Another said,“And it requires a shinobi of your caliber.”“What mission is it?” She asked.“Investigate all activities of the Akatsuki and report to all allies of Suna.”“We trust you are able to accomplish this task?”“It shall be done.”
~//~ hyper_hurricane :: junketsu_tsuta ~//~
Author's Note: Late updates. I was having a hard time rethinking up the storyline when all my files got corrupted T_T I got a major writer’s block after that. Now it’s working again :DThis chapter is mostly flashbacks, as you can see with the center and italics ^^And to make things clear, Yuura wasn’t there, kay? Only a few of the elders, three or four maybe… maybe Chiyo, Chiyo’s brother and/or some other old dudes ;P Thanks for reading! Reviews onegai!And speaking of Chiyo and the dead… CURSE YOU KABUTO!!!! D:<
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